• Published 27th Jun 2017
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Hello From The Other Side 2 - FoxMcCloud7921

Princess Twilight Sparkle feels the need to get away from her royal duties for awhile. Her counterpart wants to see Equestria for herself. This whole plot seems rather familiar...

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Shimmy ShimSham


Twilight was pacing back and forth in the throne room as her wings twitched. She was used to having wings before, but to actually have them fully attached to your person was a whole new experience. Not to mention that they were itching like hell.

“Ugh, why are these things so itchy?” she grumbled. That got a sudden giggle out of both Sunset and Starlight who happened to be watching the entire scene. “What!?”

“Well...maybe you need to preen them?” Sunset suggested.


“You know...like birds do?” Starlight said. She got met with a blank stare. “You have to clean them.”

“What!?” Twilight almost shrieked. “But that sounds so...unhygienic!”

“It's what pegasi do,” Sunset stated.

“...You know what I'm just going to go shower then.” Twilight got up and went through the door...only to pop her head back in a few moments later. “Um... where's the bathroom again?”

Starlight smirked slightly. “Here I'll show you. I was in your hooves once too.” She and Twilight headed down the large hallway as Sunset stayed behind.

It was pretty impressive to see six thrones in one room. Sunset guessed that Starlight hadn't gotten her own throne yet. Apparently that was a common theme in Equestria since Luna commented (jokingly of course) that Celestia had yet to give her her own throne.

She walked outside of the room as her thoughts returned to her former teacher. For so long she had thought she'd be branded a criminal if she ever stepped foot in Equestria ever again, and ironically they had reunited in the human world.

“Well, she didn't smite me on the spot, even though I guess she couldn't at the time,” Sunset told herself. “She really missed me and I... missed her too.” She paused as she realized her voice was echoing. “You're talking to yourself Sunset…” She chuckled slightly as she continued down the hall.

Starlight was leaning against the wall right outside the door of the bathroom as Twilight took her second shower of the day. Normally Starlight had no issue watching or even bathing next to a fellow mare but Twilight insisted she stay outside, mentioning that in her world bathing together was usually frowned upon, at least in public places. And something about nudity in public as well.

“You do realize you've been naked this whole time right?” Starlight asked.

“I know I just... I'm just not used to it yet,” Twilight replied as she tried shampooing her mane.

“It's fine, I understand,” Starlight replied.

It was quiet for the next few minutes. “So...what was it like? Having Twilight as a teacher?”

Starlight glanced towards the door. “Well...there wasn't much to teach. I mean, magic wise. She realized how powerful a mage I was. I was however lacking in the friendship department.”

“I know the feeling,” Twilight said. “It's not that I didn't want friends I just...was in a difficult environment at the time.”

“Yeah...I was too busy trying to better myself than take the time to make new friends,” Starlight sighed.

“At least you didn't turn into some she-demon.”

“Is that common over in your world?”

“It's starting to.”

Both mares giggled. “You know, I think we're going to get along just fine Sparkle,” Starlight said. “Don't take this the wrong way but...I think it's because you're not, well, a princess that I can relate to you better.”

“Yeah...it does sound like Princess Twilight comes off as spotless doesn't she?” Twilight asked.

“Pft, hardly.” Starlight glanced over and saw Sunset approaching them. “Is she taking a shower?”

“Yep, apparently she wanted full privacy too,” Starlight replied.

“Twilight, you realize you've been naked-”

“That's what I told her,” Starlight added.

“Well excuse me if I feel weird if someone was watching me,” Twilight huffed.

Sunset facehoofed. “Okay, this is ridiculous. Twilight, I'm coming in.”

“Sunset, don't you dare-!” But Sunset already opened the door and walked in.

“Seriously, what's the big deal? Are you really worried everyone's gonna stare at your-?”

There was then a small flash followed by a small boom followed by a small yelp as Sunset was flung out of the room. “I think she was being serious,” Starlight stated.

“I see she's adjusting to alicornhood already,” Sunset grumbled.

Once Twilight was cleaned up, the three of them made their way outside into town. “Wow it's so... different compared to Canterlot,” Twilight said.

“There's a Canterlot here too,” Sunset pointed out.

“Oh...does it have skyscrapers too?”

“No, that's more Manehattan but eventually Canterlot will get to that point,” Starlight replied. “By the way, you're going to be greeted so just wave and say hello.”

It didn't take long before the greetings came.

“Hi Twilight!”

“Good morning Princess!”

“Top of th’ morning to ya Twilight!”

“H-Hello!” Twilight said as she waved, a nervous smile creeping along her face.

“You'll get used to it,” Starlight said. “Now let's see... where's Trixie?”

The two other mares stopped in their tracks. “Did you say Trixie?” Sunset asked.

“You're friends with her?” Twilight asked.

“Yes...why?” Starlight asked, narrowing her eyes.

“It's just...well the Trixie we know…” Twilight started.

“...Has a bit of an ego,” Sunset finished. “Plus she's kind of hard to be around…”

Starlight suddenly started laughing. “Well of course she has an ego!” she said. “But I can assure you this world's Trixie is a bit more mellowed out. Her wagon is...oh there it is!”

There was a small wagon on the main street and Starlight happily trotted over before knocking on the door. “Trixie are you awake? I have somepony here you'll want to meet!” There was no response. Starlight sighed slightly and looked at her friends apologetically. “She's probably sleeping in...she tends to uh...she takes a big nightcap before going to bed.”

“So she's an alcoholic,” Sunset stated.

“No! She just...has a busy schedule.”

Suddenly the door on the wagon suddenly burst open. “Who the hell has disturbed the Great and Powerful Tri-!” The mare suddenly started coughing loudly as she stuck her head out. She then looked up and her face softened. “Oh... Starlight. You should've told me you were coming.”

“Hi Trixie, how are-?” The smell suddenly hit her like a magical blast. “T-Trixie is that-!?”

Trixie suddenly smirked. It was then that Sunset noticed her eyes looked slightly bloodshot. “For my first act this morning…” She then magicked over a small joint. “I'm going to make this joint...disappear!” She suddenly lit it with her magic and took a deep puff. “... it's gonna take a bit.”

“So...she's a druggie too?” Twilight whispered.

“Trixie why are you smoking that!?” Starlight snapped.

“Because Trixie can.”


“You didn't know?” Trixie looked at her confused. “Mayor Mare passed a law yesterday legalizing cannabis.”

It was silent for a few moments. “Really?” Twilight asked.

Trixie grinned. “That's right, Princess, and they didn't even need your approval. So shove that up your pipe and smoke it!”

“You know, maybe we'll just go and leave you at it…” Sunset said.

Trixie looked at her. “Have we met?”

“I don't believe so...I mean I know who you are of course. I'm Sunset. Sunset Shimmer.”

“A pleasure,” Trixie said as she shook Sunset's hoof. “By the way Starlight~” she said sweetly. “I got some extra just for you~”

“That's...sweet Trixie,” Starlight said. “But I shouldn't-”

“I mean, considering you are my bestest friend…” Trixie gave her a wink.

Starlight suddenly felt herself blushing. “...Fine,” she said. She looked to Sunset and Twilight. “I won't be too long... hopefully. And Twilight doesn't hear about any of this!”

“My lips are sealed,” Sunset promised.

Starlight hesitated slightly before she and Trixie went back inside the wagon. “So…” Twilight said. “Are those two a-?”

“Oh yeah, they're totally doing it,” Sunset said. “Anyway, let's get out of here before things get more uncomfortable.”

The two of them made their way towards the market square. “You know...I could get used to it being quiet around here,” Twilight said.

“Twilight look out!” Suddenly a pink mass appeared and crashed into Sunset.

“Ah! Pinkie!?” Sunset snapped as she looked at the pink pony on top of her.

“Oh! Sorry! I forgot you were totally a good girl now,” Pinkie said sheepishly as she got off. “Did you just get here? I bet you haven't seen Ponyville before have you?”

“Nice to see you too Pinkie,” Sunset said as she got up.

“Ohhh right because you know the other Pinkie,” Pinkie grinned. “That's fine, we're practically the same!”

“Wait...how…?” Twilight began.

“I'm just going on based on what Twilight told us,” Pinkie said. “By the way, nice to meet you Sci-Twi!”

Sunset and Twilight froze. “You...know that isn't Twilight?” Sunset asked.

“Well of course she's Twilight, she just isn't our Twilight,” Pinkie giggled. “I could easily tell that.”

“Right…” both Sunset and Twilight said.

“This calls for a Welcome Party but I'd have to get set up! And I need to introduce you all to the others!” Suddenly a rainbow streak flashed across the sky. “Oh there's one! RAINBOW DASH!”

The pegasus suddenly stopped mid-air and zoomed back. “What's up Pinkie?”

“Say hi to Sunset Shimmer!”

Rainbow looked at the unicorn for a moment until she recalled the events from a few years back. “Oh yeah!” She then landed next to the unicorn. “Long time no see Shimmy.”

“Shimmy?” Sunset asked.

“Just made it up on the whim,” Rainbow grinned. “It was either that or ShimSham.”

“Pft! ShimSham! I love it!” Pinkie giggled.

“Don't worry about it, there's no bad blood,” Rainbow said, offering a hoof. “Twilight told us all about what you've done.”

“Glad we're all on the same side then,” Sunset smiled as they brohoofed.

“By the way Dashie, that's not Twilight. Well, not our Twilight,” Pinkie said.

“Oh yeah?” Rainbow smirked, glancing at Twilight. “So...that makes you a newbie huh?”

“Newbie?” Twilight asked.

“Your wings! You haven't used them yet have you?”

“Oh...well…” Twilight flashed her wings self-consciously. “No. I haven't.”

Rainbow grinned widely. “Well then that settles it. As of right now, I'm gonna work your flank off to be the best Royal Flyer you can be! Well, not as good as me of course…”

“Um...do I have a say in this?” Twilight asked.

“Nope! My place, twenty minutes. And don't even think about chickening out! I know where you live!” She then zoomed off.

“She... can't be serious about this, is she?” Twilight asked.

“Knowing Dash, it's serious alright,” Sunset commented.

“Well...it's not that bad...right?”

“Oh it's not bad,” Pinkie said with a grin. “It's brutal.”

“...Gosh you know I think I have Royal duties back at the castle and-”

“Oh no,” Sunset said, using her magic to drag Twilight along. “This is good for you Twilight. Besides, you already have the basics down.”

“I'm going to hate all of you after this, aren't I?” Twilight grumbled.

“You know Dashie, maybe you did push her a little too hard,” Pinkie said two hours later as Twilight laid on Rainbow’s bed, covered in ice packs.

“Oh come on, it was just the first day,” Rainbow replied. “It's always the worst day.”

“Actually, the second day is the worst,” Sunset pointed out. “The one time I actually tried out for soccer had us doing two-a-days and by day two I was taking aspirin at least three times a day.”

“ ...Fine maybe you're right,” Rainbow sighed. “Well, we can always start again tom-”

“Oh no!” Twilight suddenly stormed up, wincing slightly in pain. “I appreciate the help Dash but I'm going to put this as nicely as I can: No.

She then slowly limped out of the house. “Yeah... better go with her,” Sunset said. “Nice to meet you again Dash.”

“Ooh! Maybe we can go see Fluttershy! She's really good with muscle massages!” Pinkie said as she bounced after them.”

Rainbow sighed as she looked up at a poster of Commander Firefly. “She’ll thank me later for this someday. This I know or my name isn't Rainbow “Crash” Dash!”

Author's Note:

Weed never killed anyone.

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