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The home of the Shadowbolts Adventures and various other stories, mostly related to Equestria Girls.



This story is a sequel to Shadowbolts Adventures: Ask Sugarcoat

Discord just wants a vacation from his friends in Equestria, and decides to take a sabbatical in the alternate universe Princess Twilight told him about. But things begin to go awry in both universes as Chaos erupts in one and World Peace erupts in the other. Can the girls convince him to go home before the human world falls apart? And will Princess Twilight allow him to come home and lose the serenity that has overcome Equestria?

Rated T for adult language

Chapters (4)
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Comments ( 88 )

Oh, Sunny, that wasn't nice to do to Adagio.

She froze when she saw Sunny, staring straight at her as Sunny looked her over with a stunned look on her face.

Sunny sees herself?
And just to clarify:
Pony Sunset was in topless steak restaurant and human Sunset in cardboard burger restaurant, right?:rainbowderp:


Yes, that's right, which is why I specified that the one in Happy Burger was "her nemesis from Crystal Prep".

And that was Sunset stopping when she saw Sunny, not Sunny stopping when she saw Sunny. Could've been worded better, but I thought it being Sunset Shimmer would be funnier as a "surprise reveal" in the last paragraph.

Ooh boy. Things are gonna be hectic. Who knows what Discord will throw at them next?

Also, wouldn't Discord transform into a human when he entered the portal or does that effect happen on ponies only? I know he has chaos magic but that's my theory.

Poor Sunny, constantly running into things that offend her.

And poor Adagio, being...

If you harass me I can legally hurt you.


Woah...Discord reminds me of Pennywise the clown in this fic. Are you sure he's reformed???


Lemon Zest's pet dog from the "Puppy Love" story.

Okay, loving the story so far. And I love Twilight's new clothes in that cover art photo. She looks pretty good.

as always I love this series and the continuation from past shadowbolt stories

Interesting. Not sure I agree that removing Discord would remove all chaos from the world of Equestria though. But, I do like how his mere presence causes excess chaos magic to occur. Lots of hilarity, I see.

Well I guess we now know how Sunset managed to make a living while in the EQ world.

Although it did sound more like she was a cook rather than a waitress, and if the latter it's not mentioned what the dress code includes, or doesn't include.

I'm also wondering if Spike might be responsible for Mina suddenly starting to put on a few pounds?


A cook wouldn't be bringing the dishes out to the main floor under normal circumstances. That's precisely what a waitress' job is.


Ah, well I guess that answers that question then.

The Adagio part actually made me chuckle. Yeah, she would have a note about harassment and hurting prepared on her. She'd also have a "fuck off" note, "not on your life" note and "double it, and we'll see" note. hm-hm-hm... But it bothers me to no end that they drew her with no breasts...a girl of this type would have a pretty ample body form.

Also, I expect that you did not add the Sirens just as a nod, and that they will be integral to the story. They should be able to recognize Discord from the past.


I actually kind of like that Adagio's breasts were so small. It says a lot about her that she can be so slick and confident with an extremely small breast-size, and it's a good message, even if she's a bad guy. Granted most girls don't have magic to make up for such a physical "failing", but it's still a nice message. Also the Equestria Girls characters were all so uniform up to that point, and the Dazzlings broke that up by running the gamut, at least as far as bust size. With Adagio being small, Aria being medium, and Sonata probably having the biggest breasts of any student-age character in the franchise so far. They even put Adagio in shorts and Aria in pants.

So, were those "bugs" actually parasprites? Because if so, lol.

7048268 I'm pretty sure Sunset's breasts are the champions.

Ooh, so much going on!:pinkiehappy: And finally the (long-forgotten) mystery of Sunset's employment is answered... even as another Sunset-related mystery is introduced....

Sorry for posting a link, but I need to get this off my chest.

I don't care if I get banned, just please read this.

First of all, I'm happy to see you bring some genuine magic into your Shadowbolt series. I know it's supposed to take place in the (mostly) magic-free human world, but it's nice that you remember the fandom's roots. Also, I was going to beg for the Sunset shown here to be the evil bitch one, but then I remembered a conversation way back in The Sound of Silence, and now I'm sad.

7048210 Some writers like MythrilMoth actually believe that Adagio has awesome breasts; of course, they wouldn't actually be able to show it on the actual show because it's a kids' show.


I'm also wondering if Spike might be responsible for Mina suddenly starting to put on a few pounds?



... But literally every other character has bigger breasts than her. Pinkie is even wearing the same kind of vest she is and hers are more noticeable.

Though for the record, "small breasts" and "awesome breasts" are not mutually exclusive. Small ones can most certainly be awesome.

Awesome as always! And please tell me the Dazzlings will be communicating Wil-E-Coyote style again in the future. That's hilarious!

... Wait, are teenagers still listening to Linkin Park these days? (:trollestia:)

Will read when more chapters are posted.

7049452 Has anyone ever written a de-facto scale of 'size' for E.Q verse? Other than the general assumption that Rainbow's on the small end not sure I've ever seen a consensus on it.


Various artists make their own, but I don't think anyone has done a direct shot-for-shot comparison. Me and one of my prereaders have buckled down and tried to figure it out a few times, but their size really seems to depend on the angle and the outfit (basically, it comes down to animation inconsistencies). The only consensus is that Adagio is extremely small, since she is the only girl in EG who is consistently washboard flat no matter the angle or the outfit.

Rainbow is considered small by most people just because she's an athlete, and small chests are normal for athletic girls.

"When you're an almighty nigh-omnipotent lord of chaos."

Those words are synonyms.

Did i miss the story where Sunset and Adagio got their jobs? Because i need to find that one


"The Sound of Silence". Sunset already had a job, and offered to help Adagio get hired there.

Another cute chapter, as usual.^^

Looking good so far. Keep it up!

Indigo Zap was sitting on the ground, looking a lot like the other ponies Twilight had seen, but with neither horns nor wings.

Seems like you are the only one who thinks that Indigo would be not a pegasus.
And which types are Twilight and Sunny (except crystal)?

And things continue to get weirder....

The whole "things are running eerily smoothly thing" doesn't seem as sinister as it does in other stories, considering it's a natural response to one being's absence instead of something actively interfering with the ponies.

awesome new chapter. for some reason this one didn't show up as unread. I only found it with the link in your blog


Twilight is a Unicorn (naturally).

Sunny Flare is a Crystal Pony.


It's probably because this is actually the second time the chapter has been published, I just unpublished it before I submitted the story to save it for the right time.

So, you mean Sunny is an earth pony, because crystal unicorns and pegasi do exist.


I'm pretty sure we have seen Crystal Ponies with wings before, but yes, she is a Crystal Earth Pony (for lack of a better term)

Kind of surprised Indigo is an earth pony instead of a pegasus. But Sunny as a crystal pony is inspired!

Twilight and discord Bahahahaha:rainbowlaugh: oh and what will happen to Equestria. Will the girls get home why is Pinkie normal she is not normal for being normal. Poor Pinkie she is NOT herself it's so sad.:raritydespair: I am going :pinkiecrazy: love the chapter.

Sugarcoat at the end :rainbowlaugh:

Great chapter, as usual. :raritywink:

"Maybe Spike's magic is rubbing off on her!"

"I didn't rub anything off on her! Honest!"

Holy CRAP, Spike! Learn a thing or two about phrasing!

Also, :twilightoops: at Sunset and Adagio working at X-rated Hooters. :twilightoops:

Moving on to the next chapter shortly! Or longly. *checks* ...no, shortly. :raritydespair:


... Nipples are X-Rated? Is it 2016 or 1816?


I'm gonna be honest here:

I don't really like the premise of this story as of this chapter.

"Discord takes a vacation to the human world", yeah, that was fun. "Discord unintentionally makes things weird", yeah. "Discord plays a few harmless pranks to annoy Twilight and friends", even that I could go with.

"Discord immediately reverts to an evil sociopath because there is nothing to keep him in check"? No.

I like to think it's because he now back on top that he starts reverting back to his old ways. Even in the show he has relapses every now and again.

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