• Published 27th Jun 2017
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Hello From The Other Side 2 - FoxMcCloud7921

Princess Twilight Sparkle feels the need to get away from her royal duties for awhile. Her counterpart wants to see Equestria for herself. This whole plot seems rather familiar...

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Author's Note:



Three hours ago...

Canterlot Mall was the go-to place during the warm months and today was no exception. It was supposed to be another hot day, and the cool interior gave anyone an excuse to come by and hang out. But for one, it was just another day for shopping.

Rarity was currently window-shopping, looking at the new dresses that were currently on sale. Oh sure, maybe she'd buy a few but mostly she was looking for inspiration. Currently, short dresses and cropped pants were the stylish trend going around.

“Honestly, you couldn't ask for a better day,” Rarity said as the thermometer outside read the temperature at eighty-four degrees. The material, the pattern; the ideas were currently building up in her head. Of course, that was until her phone suddenly vibrated.

Rarity grabbed the phone out of her pocket and looked at the screen. Applejack had just texted everyone to meet up at Sugar Cube Corner at ten to talk about the fundraising deadline. Rarity sighed; she'd probably have to throw in an idea this time, something that unfortunately doesn't involve modeling or runways.

She looked at the time, realizing she had a lot of time before then. Well, guess now is a good time as any… Her sudden passion gone, she left the store and went down to the food court to grab some breakfast. But as she was just about to pass a certain kiosk, a voice suddenly rang out.

“Hey you! Yeah you! Do you like to sing?”

“Yes I do.”

“Do you like to dance?”

“But of course!”

“And above all else, do you like having lots of money!?”

“Now that's just a silly question darling, but yes, very much!”

“Then come right over and sign up for the 'Chance to Prance’ music video contest! Each group must produce a video with an original song and the winner will win $25,000!”

“$25,000!?” Rarity almost shrieked.

“So don't delay! Sign up now and dance the night away!”

“$25,000…” Rarity repeated. “This is perfect! That's more than plenty for the funds we need! Oh goodness, even with a share of that money I could give my studio a complete overhaul!” She giggled happily as she went over to the kiosk and filled out the application. Little did she know that there was a group of girls standing behind her.

“Rarity, is that you!?” Rarity suddenly turned around and saw four girls dressed up in school attire. The girl that had spoken Rarity recognized as Sour Sweet. “What a pleasant surprise to see you!” Sour said. “Not.”

“Sour Sweet?” Rarity asked, going over to them. “And...wait I got this. Sunny Flare, Lemon Zest, and Sugarcoat?”

“Glad to see we're still remembered,” Sugarcoat said dryly.

“Wait...there was a fifth girl...Indigo Zap? She's not with you?”

“She's on vacation apparently,” Sunny shrugged. “Didn't bother telling us where she was going for some reason.”

“Are you signing up for that music video contest?” Lemon asked.

“Why yes,” Rarity said. “We need the money to help pay the funds for Camp Everfree.”

“Wait, the same Everfree that everyone used to go to back when they were little?” Sour asked. “It's still around?”

“Well...if we don't meet the deadline probably not for much longer,” Rarity sighed. “We were just there for our school trip.”

Sour and Sunny gave each other a glance before Sunny snorted. “O-Oh really?” Sunny asked.

“That must've been a fun trip then,” Sugarcoat said, glaring at the two girls. “We're entering because we need the funds to have our spring dance on a fancy yacht.”

“Oh my, that sounds lovely!” Rarity exclaimed.

“Yeah, and someone insisted to Principal Cadance that our class could provide the money,” Lemon said.

“What!?” Sour snapped. “I knew an opportunity like this would come up so what's to worry about? That $25,000 is as good as ours.”

“Well, we'll see,” Rarity said. “I already have some ideas of course.”

This time Sour and Sugarcoat glanced at one another. “Like what?” Sugarcoat asked as innocently as she could.

“Well if you're really curious…”

Present time

After another trip on the bus, Twilight was now convinced that public ground transport would need to be expanded throughout Equestria. Of course, that would have to pass through the Council before Princess Celestia could sign the bill into law, meaning it would probably take months before the thing would even pass.

“Twilight, are you zoning out again?” Spike asked once they got off the bus.

“Sorry Spike, just something to think about when I get back to Equestria.” The two then made their way down the street towards Sugar Cube Corner. Right before she got to the door, it opened and someone came out at a quick pace and knocked her over. “Ahh!”

“Twilight?” She recognized that voice instantly. She looked up as Flash Sentry stared down at her.

“F-Flash?” she responded.

He chuckled, looking a little embarrassed as he helped her up. “We got to stop-” He was suddenly cut off as Twilight hugged him. “Um...it's nice to see you too.”

Twilight stepped back, blushing slightly. “Sorry I haven't been visiting recently.”

“No, it's fine, really,” Flash waved it off. “I know you've probably been busy with all the stuff you're doing back home and…”

Twilight giggled. “Well, consider this a vacation for myself. I think I've earned it at least.”

“So...does that mean you're free right now?” Flash asked.

“Well... actually I have to go see the others,” Twilight explained. “We're meeting about a fundraiser or something like that…”

“Oh right, for Camp Everfree,” Flash said. “Well...maybe we can meet up for lunch somewhere?”

“That...sounds good,” Twilight smiled. “But uh...I don't have a phone.”

Flash chuckled. “It's fine, I'll text Rainbow and she'll let you know. So...see you then?”

“Yeah...see you then,” Twilight grinned as Flash walked off, waving goodbye to her. Once he was gone, she started hyperventilating. “Ohmigosh, I can't believe I'm actually going on a date!”

Spike, who kept himself quiet during the conversation finally spoke up. “You sure you can fit Flash into your schedule today?”

“My sched-oh very funny.” She then took a deep breath, recalling all the exercises she'd learn with Cadance. “That's later, for now I need to see if I can help out my friends with...wait did he say Camp Everfree?”

“Sure did.”

“Huh.” You definitely don't want to camp in our world's Everfree… She finally opened the door and the sound of about twenty different conversations filled her ears.

Twilight could easily identify everyone in the cafe at the moment, but it was the four girls she saw in the back that she was focused on. Applejack was the first to see her and was about to wave her over when she suddenly paused. Of course, Twilight pretty much expected that reaction.

“Uh... Twilight?” she asked as Pinkie, Fluttershy, and Rainbow looked in her direction. “Yer uh...wait are ya our Twilight or Princess Twilight?”

“The latter actually,” Twilight smiled.

The reaction was instantaneous as the four girls gave her a hug. “So um... where's the other Twilight?” Fluttershy asked.

“Oh that's obvious,” Pinkie said. “This Twilight and our Twilight switched places because Twilight wanted to get away for a bit and partly cause she wanted to get back at Princess Celestia for pulling the same trick before so she and Sunset came over here and brought our Twilight over to Equestria (and she's totally an alicorn too!) before Princess Twilight came back and eventually met our Twilight's parents.”

“Yeah, you lost me at 'switched places’,” Rainbow commented.

“In other words, my Twilight is playing princess and this Twilight... actually I'm not really sure what she's doing.”

“Thanks Spike,” Twilight rolled her eyes.

“So... yer this world's Spike?” Applejack asked.

“Yep. Someone's gotta keep Twilight out of trouble.”

“Thank you, Spike.” Twilight sighed. “Wait, where's Rarity?”

“I guess she's running late,” Fluttershy suggested.

“Knowing her, she's probably still in the checkout line,” Applejack said, rolling her eyes.

“So Twilight, I noticed Flash left right before you got here,” Rainbow said with a grin. “Did you 'bump’ into him as usual.”

Before Twilight could answer, the entrance door opened once again as Rarity came in with one of those battery operated fans. “Honestly, if it gets any hotter out there I don't know what's going to melt first, me or my mascara.” She walked over to where the girls were sitting and once she saw Twilight she hugged her immediately. “Darling it's so good to see you!”

“You...knew it was me right away?” Twilight asked.

“Of course!” Rarity replied. “It was quite simple.” There was a long pause. “Your hair is down and you're not wearing glasses.”

“Oh...yeah I guess that was obvious,” Twilight grinned sheepishly.

“Aren't her detective skills amazing?” Spike asked dreamily.

“Anyway, I apologize for running late but I believe I just found us a way to finally pay off the rest of the money for Camp Everfree!”

“Honestly, Ah'm afraid to ask,” Applejack said. “But considering Ah'm the one who called this meeting Ah think Ah get to go first.”

Rarity scoffed. “Well, then by all means, go ahead. I'm assuming Twilight's been brought up to speed with all this?”

“Don't worry, Sunset explained everything to me the last time I was here,” Twilight assured her.

“Good. Now Ah know our past attempts had little success but Ah think this might seal the deal for us.” Applejack paused for a moment. “We do a car wash.”

It was silent for a moment. “A car wash?” Rarity asked.

“Eeyup, a car wash.”

“Well... that could generate a lot of money, depending on what you charge,” Twilight pointed out.

“Maybe three dollars. The cheapest most places charge is five bucks.” Applejack glanced over at Rainbow. “So Ah’m sure that'll be enough to lure some people in.” She glanced at Rainbow again.

“Why do you keep looking at me?” Rainbow asked.

“Cause Ah'm waiting for you to make some silly remark. Like 'Yeah, but you know how we'll really lure the guys in? Swimsuits.’”

Rainbow rolled her eyes. “Why bother? You'd object to it anyway.”

“Yeah, cause no one's comfortable with that!”

“Why are you even bitching at me I didn't even say anything!” Rainbow's anger took everyone by surprise.

Applejack pulled her hat down apologetically. “Sorry Dash, got a little carried away there…”


“A-Anyway,” Twilight continued. “What was your idea Rarity?”

“I thought you'd never ask,” Rarity grinned. “I just signed us up for the “Chance to Prance” music video contest! And...if our video gets chosen we'll win $25,000!”

$25,000!?” Everyone almost yelled.

“Yes, $25,000!” Rarity repeated. “Of course there's one-actually two small problems. The first is that apparently our old friends from Crystal Prep are competing as well.”

The rest of the girls groaned. “Well there goes that idea,” Rainbow muttered.

“Those are...human me’s former classmates right?” Twilight asked.

“Yes,” Rarity said. “Surprisingly, they apparently mellowed out a little since the Friendship Games. Still, they want that money as much as we do since they want to have their spring dance on a yacht.”

“Ooh fancy!” Pinkie exclaimed.

“So what's the second problem?” Fluttershy asked.

“Well you see...I need to purchase supplies for the video so...I'd have to use the money we have saved up.” She put out a hand before anyone could object. “Now, even if I somehow used up every dollar, the money won would be more than enough for Camp Everfree. I know it's a big gamble, so I'm letting it be put up to a vote. I wish Sunset was here as well but I would assume she'd go for it.”

The girls looked at one another. “Well, I say why not?” Rainbow stated.

“It could be kind of fun,” Fluttershy added.

“Ooh and we can come up with ideas!” Pinkie said. “I have some props of my own!”

Everyone then looked at Twilight. “Oh um...I'm not sure if I'm in a position to vote.”

“Of course you are darling!” Rarity insisted. “You are our friend and as such you have as much say as we do.”

“Well...I think we could pull it off,” Twilight said. “Not sure how exactly but this wouldn't be the first time we were in this position.”

Everyone then looked to Applejack, who sighed deeply. “Alright fine,” she said. “BUT, Ah still think we should give the whole car wash idea a try.” She saw Rarity give her a sour look. “Look, all Ah'm saying is if this works out, we won't have to worry about using the money. Just give it a chance.”

Rarity thought for a moment. “Very well, you have a deal.” They then shook on it.

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