• Published 27th Jun 2017
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Hello From The Other Side 2 - FoxMcCloud7921

Princess Twilight Sparkle feels the need to get away from her royal duties for awhile. Her counterpart wants to see Equestria for herself. This whole plot seems rather familiar...

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Meet the Parents


The alarm next to Luna's bed went off, waking her from the little sleep she had gotten the night before. She groaned before she managed to sit up, her hair a tangled mess. She got up slowly as she yawned and everything suddenly became autopilot for her.

After making her way towards the bathroom, she started brushing her teeth for the next two minutes, making sure to swish some mouthwash afterwards. After that, she undressed and hopped into the shower. The sudden cold water made her a little more alert but the feeling of tiredness refused to let go.

She spent the next ten minutes showering and lathering herself with her favorite blueberry-scented body wash. She hoped Celestia had already showered because she was hogging all the hot water.

Once she was finished, she quickly got dressed. Considering it was going to be another warm day, Luna opted for a simple t-shirt and shorts. She then headed towards the kitchen where she could hear her sister making breakfast.

Judging by the table, Celestia had started early. There were plates of bacon and eggs and sitting on her side of the table was a large stack of pancakes-

Wait a minute.

Luna stared at the stack, which greeted her with a large smile from blueberries and whipped cream, with a much sour look. “Sister...what is this?”

“Oh good morning Luna, I made pancakes,” Celestia said cheerfully.

Again. Luna grumbled slightly. “But we just had pancakes the other day.”

“Oh but these are blueberry, much different from your favorite dark chocolate with vanilla whipped cream.”

“They're still pancakes! You could've made...biscuits or waffles or something.”

“Luna, they're all practically the same recipe,” Celestia deadpanned.

“Whatever.” Luna took a bite of bacon, which seemed to make her feel better. “Sorry... didn't sleep very well last night.”

“Something on your mind sister?” Celestia asked as she sat down.

Luna decided to take a bite of pancake and her opinion quickly changed. Her sister's pancakes, moreso rather her cooking, was rather good. Luna on the other hand couldn't even make grilled cheese. “I...had a strange dream last night.”

“...Go on.”

“I...rather not.”

“Luna, we all have messed up dreams every once in awhile and believe me I've had my own share.”

“Fine…” Luna sighed. “So apparently I was in the tub…”

“Was there a giant spider?” Celestia teased.

“That's not funny.”

“Oh come on now, it could be the size of a grain of rice and you'd start screaming.”

“Can I continue or are you just going to repeatedly tease me?”


“Anyway, I was bathing and...the door opened.”

“Ooh is this going to get steamy…?” Celestia cooed.


“I mean, you can go into details if you want but I don't see how getting ravished in your dreams is a bad-”

“You know what, forget it.”

“Wait... I'm listening now, I promise. What happened next?”

Luna then hesitated. “It's bad...like morally bad.”

“Like 'I can get arrested for this’ bad?” Celestia asked.

Considering she's a minor at the moment yes. “Y-Yes…”

Celestia stared at her sister before picking up her cup of coffee. “Well again Luna, it happens. We don't always know it, but our subconscious has... certain wants.” She then took a large sip of coffee.

“It was Rainbow Dash.”

Celestia suddenly choked on coffee and practically coughed it all over the table. “E-Excuse me!?”

“You heard me.”


“I told you it was bad!” Luna was now looking away.

“So you're saying…”

“Rainbow Dash and I had hardcore lesbian sex in the bathtub? Probably, I woke up just in time,” Luna deadpanned.

“I... actually didn't know you swung both ways.”

“Seriously, that's what you're concerned with!?”

“I'm trying to keep out the picture of you having sex with a minor,” Celestia groaned. “Look, it was just a stupid dream, that's all.”

“Well... there's something else,” Luna said. “I could be wrong about this but...I felt as if we were both having the same dream.” She could already see her sister's look of doubt. “Just hear me out: I was fully aware of my actions and... Rainbow was acting super shy. Don't you think if this was a dream based on...lust that she’d be a little more...open?” She then winced slightly. “Poor choice of words.”

“I think it's kind of cute you apparently have a thing for younger women,” Celestia grinned wickedly. Her face and tone immediately then turned professional. “But I think for obvious reasons it just won't work out.” Luna was silent for a moment. “Wait... you're not actually developing feelings for her are you!?”

“Don't be ridiculous!” Luna then stuffed her mouth full of eggs. “Ah 'ave nu feelins fo’ 'er!”

“Well that's good. At least now in the future I have source material to use as blackmail against you.” She wasn't quite quick enough as she suddenly got a pancake flung into her face.

Meanwhile, Princess Twilight again experienced the now familiar sensation of traveling between dimensions. At least she was getting better about not losing her balance. Spike fared worse, but at the very least he didn't have to worry about transforming.

“Is this something you just get used to over time?” Spike asked.

“I guess,” Twilight shrugged. She looked up and saw the giant clock, part of the school's main building. It was just after nine. “Well, the meeting isn't until ten so…”

“Feel like stopping by the house for a bit?” Spike asked.

“Oh gosh...are my-I mean, are her parents home?”

“Yep. They're going to be wondering why you're not wearing glasses.” Of course, Twilight originally had thought of wearing glasses that contained simple lenses but she didn't feel good about trying to fool her parents...even though they weren't her parents. Not to mention Twilight Velvet was hard to dupe. Nothing ever got past her.

“Well, stranger things have happened over here.”

After managing to catch the bus (she was thankful that Sunset had managed to provide her with currency from this world) and enduring the somewhat uncomfortable ride (who knew buses could have such horrible fumes?), Twilight stood outside her human counterpart’s house. “Nice place she has here,” she commented.

“You haven't seen the inside yet, or the lab,” Spike replied.

“How did she even convince her parents to set up a lab in the basement?”

“Well, you know how parents can be.”

“Yeah…” Twilight smiled slightly. Once this was over, she told herself that she would pay her parents a much-needed visit. “Alright, let's meet the parents.”

She went over to the door, surprised that it was unlocked. Well, as long as it was her… She opened the door and was greeted with an assortment of smells, indicating that breakfast was being made.

“I can already tell what Velvet's making for breakfast,” Spike said, his mouth starting to water.

“W-Wait a minute,” Twilight whispered. “She's not making...you know?”

“Bacon? Of course, it's your favorite,” Spike said with a wink.

“Agh! I can't eat that! I'm a pony, I was born a vegetarian!”

“Twilight, is that you?” She recognized that voice immediately. “You're back early. Have you eaten?”

“Um...just a little bit...mom!” Twilight said.

“Oh well that won't do, come on into the kitchen and have a proper breakfast dear!”

“S-Sure!” Twilight groaned slightly. “She knows I can't say no to her…”

“By the way, I was just messing with you,” Spike said as the two made their way to the kitchen. “It's totally soy bacon.”


“Heh, you two really are alike!”

Twilight composed herself as she went into the kitchen. She first saw her “mother” at the stove, cooking what had to be bacon and eggs while she saw a third pan that had pancakes cooking. Her “father” was currently at the table reading the morning newspaper and drinking orange juice.

“Good morning Twilight,” Velvet said as she turned around. She suddenly had a look of surprise as she stared at her “daughter”. “Oh... you're not wearing your glasses.”

“Well...yes there's a reason-”

“See, I told you contacts worked just fine,” Velvet smiled. “I'm not saying glasses don't look good on you dear but I think this look suits you better.”

Twilight felt herself blush. “Thanks Mom…”

“Now go sit down. We'll be ready in a few minutes.”

Twilight sat at the table next to Night Light. He glanced over at her with an amused look. “You were pretty busy last night.”

“Oh um...sorry,” Twilight grinned sheepishly. Now she wished she had asked her counterpart what she had been working on.

Night Light chuckled. “Not sure why you're apologizing, you've been doing this stuff for over five years.”

Velvet must've picked up on Twilight's discomfort. “Dear, don't guilt-trip Twilight like that. All those years will pay off when she's in college.”

Oh dear Celestia. College. It wasn't to say that Twilight didn't enjoy those years, quite the contrary, but they were definitely her toughest years (if you take out being a princess or battling evil centaurs). “Mom…”

“Don't worry sweetie, no pressure,” Velvet giggled slightly as she served breakfast. “By the way, I think I like the hair down personally.”

Twilight subconsciously started stroking her hair. “Well I couldn't find my hair band so…”

Night Light laughed. “She's got an answer for everything.”

Velvet looked over towards Spike. “Spike, I'm pretty sure Twilight fed you already...but I suppose I can spoil you a little.”

“Oh yeah…” Spike said happily as he was fed scraps.

The silence that took place during the next few moments as they ate didn't last long before Velvet said, “So Twilight, tell us about this new device you created. Something about remaking that old device you had which is supposed to 'seal away dark magic’ as you described it.”

Twilight was fortunate enough not to have anything in her mouth at the moment and had to keep herself from dropping her fork. She built another one!? Ugh, that girl… “Oh...yes I did just finish it last night…I think I just need to do a little tweaking on it.”

“And to think only a year ago magic was just fantasy,” Night Light commented.

“Well I think it's good you're tackling all this,” Velvet said. “Just...be careful alright?”

Twilight wasn't sure why, but she was feeling a surge of emotion in her gut. She wanted to give the woman a hug. I really am fortunate to have such great parents… “O-Of course,” she sniffed slightly. She then looked at the clock and almost jumped, seeing it was now a quarter to ten. “Oh no, I was supposed to meet Applejack and the others at Sugar Cube Corner! Gotta go!” She rushed out of the kitchen.

“Twilight wait up!” Spike yelled, running after her.

It was quiet for a few moments. “You know that isn't Twilight right?” Night Light asked, looking at his wife.

“Of course I know,” Velvet smirked. “But I figured we could keep the charade going until she feels like admitting herself. Still, she's a sweet girl, but then again, she technically is our daughter…”

Author's Note:

Oh that Velvet. We need human Twilight Velvet people!

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