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Hello From The Other Side 2 - FoxMcCloud7921

Princess Twilight Sparkle feels the need to get away from her royal duties for awhile. Her counterpart wants to see Equestria for herself. This whole plot seems rather familiar...

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So We Meet Again

Author's Note:

That's right, I'm back baby!

Well, maybe not entirely. I managed to squeak this one out (even if I had free time this was still hard to finish) but don't expect anything for awhile. Anyway, I hope you still enjoy this and again sorry for the long wait.


Starlight Glimmer has had plenty of experience of magical entities in the past. The most extreme experience had of course been when she had gone back in time (she had realized after the fact that one had to be careful about slipping through the space-time continuum and she was fortunate she hadn't gotten stuck), but nothing compared to the moment when she stepped through the portal.

To Starlight, she felt herself become compressed down into matter and reconfigured, a feeling very unfamiliar and one she would probably never forget. By the time she crossed over, her new form had already been established. As she finally felt herself reach solid ground, her balance felt off, along with pretty much everything else.

Luckily, Sunset was by her side as she recovered from her dizziness. “Hey, you still with me?” Sunset asked.

Starlight groaned. “Now I know what food feels like when it goes through a blender…”

Sunset chuckled. “Yeah, even for me it was... unsettling the first time.”

She helped Starlight up as she began to notice her features. “So these are…?”

“Hands,” Twilight said behind her. “Bottom part are your feet.”

Starlight stared at her new appendages. “Okay, this is weird…”

“It's not any weirder than walking on four hooves,” Twilight commented.

“Fair point.” Starlight finally managed to gain her balance as she looked around. Huh... this doesn't look too different from Equestria…” She glanced at the other girls. “So...you guys stand on two feet and are pretty much hairless…”

“Apes?” Sunset finished.

“I wasn't going to say that but...sure.”

“Well technically we did evolve from apes,” Twilight said. She then paused. “Wait a minute, we don't have time for this conversation! We need to get to the mall fast!”

“My place isn't far from here,” Sunset said as they made their way off the school grounds. “Trust me, it's quicker than taking the bus.”

“Just one little problem,” Twilight said, glancing at Starlight. “There's three of us and you can only fit two people on your bike.”

Sunset suddenly smirked. “Who said all I had was a bike?”

After walking a long distance and having to correct Starlight on how people walk in this world (“You can't walk like that here,” Sunset had said. “You just can't.”), the three of them finally made it to Sunset's apartment.

“Well...this is...uh…” Starlight wasn't sure how to explain it.

“It's shitty I know,” Sunset said. “Other places cost a fortune in rent, a fortune I don't have.” They took the steps up to her room on the second floor and Sunset quickly went inside to grab her other set of keys.

As Twilight and Starlight waited outside, the latter glanced around the somewhat run down complex. “I didn't realize conditions here could actually be this bad. I mean, we have inns and hotels that are subpar but…”

“I'm guessing Equestria doesn't have condos?” Twilight asked.

“Not unless you go to Manehattan.”

Sunset soon came out, a set of keys in her hand. “You know, you two don't have to stay out here,” she deadpanned.

“Oh we're just…” Twilight started.

“Taking all of this in,” Starlight finished.

Sunset rolled her eyes. “Right. Car's down in the garage.” The three of them made their way downstairs towards the underground garage. There were four cars currently parked inside of differing years and models. Twilight's eyes widened as they made their way over to the 2015 red Corvette. “That's yours?”

Sunset grinned as she pressed a button on her keypad and the doors unlocked. “Yep.” She seemed amused by Twilight's combined look of surprise and confusion. “Named her Panama.” She then looked to Starlight. “Think of a carriage with a V8 engine and you got the automobile.”

“Are you sure this thing is safe?” Starlight asked as the three of them got inside.

“As long as you keep your seat belt fastened,” Sunset replied as she started up the engine which roared to life. She had an MP3 player connected to the car's stereo and once the power turned on, a familiar tune (at least to Twilight) came through the speakers.

“... Seriously?” Twilight asked. “You watch that show?”

“Of course I do, what else is there to do on Saturday nights?” Sunset asked. “Besides, you're all about multiple universes.”

“Yes, but I don't quite consider that show factual-”

“So you watch it too.”

“and honestly I think it's a bit exaggerated…and violent.”

“Exaggerated? Twilight, look at what's happened the past few months and tell me that's-”

“Girls!” Starlight suddenly shouted. “We have an issue on hand, remember?”

Both girls went silent as Sunset pulled out of the garage. “When this is all over, we're totally binge watching Rick and Morty.

Ultimately, the current host wasn't the first choice the Nightmare had when this grand scheme went into motion. Luna was supposed to be the target, as a way of mocking her path of redemption. Of course, she did have a feeling that Celestia would've done everything in her power to make sure that history wouldn't be repeated.

For the few moments they were bonded, the Nightmare felt power unlike anything Luna could've offered. Unfortunately, she ended up underestimating the alicorn, or rather her own dark persona. But this girl, Juniper Montage, she had potential.

There was the resentment, the self-doubt, all the qualities that made the host an easy target. She was no alicorn princess, but she would do.

No doubt her pursuers were already aware that she was now here, and perhaps she could've waited and blended in with society here. But patience was something she did not have and she would not settle on hiding like a coward. She had spent the last thousand years hiding. If she couldn't have Equestria, then this world was the next best thing.

“Hey uh, can we get some popcorn and a soda?”

Nightmare paused and blinked for a moment as her deep thoughts were interrupted. She then remembered that this poor wench was stuck cleaning floors and serving refreshments. Not anymore…

She turned around, facing the two teens. “Oh I'm sorry, I was zoning out for a moment. Popcorn and soda you say?” She snapped her fingers and suddenly the two teens were covered in a disgusting assortment of buttery popcorn and cherry soda.

“Juniper!” The man Nightmare recognized as Juniper's boss suddenly ran over to the concession stand. “What did you do!?”

“Oh, I gave these two customers exactly what they wanted,” Nightmare smirked.

“Alright that does it, I've tried to be patient with you but this is too much! I'm going to-!”

He was suddenly cut off as the young girl grabbed him by the collar. “You're going to what, fire me?” Nightmare said tauntingly. “I've had enough of others thinking they know what's best for me or telling me what I can and cannot do! Now it's my turn…” Nightmare's eyes glowed as her figure started to change. Gone was the scrawny, weak girl and now stood a woman with fire in her eyes. “And for the record... Juniper says you're a sucky boss.”

She then dropped him and walked out of the cinema, blowing off the doors in her wake.

Her boss was very confused at what had just happened, along with the other people who witnessed the event. “You're still fired!” he managed to call out.

Princess Twilight and the others were currently on their way to the mall, riding in Fluttershy's van. Early in the morning Twilight managed to get a hold of the other girls and told them about the situation. Currently, everyone was a bit on edge but managed to keep a calm face; Twilight not so much.

“I just don't understand,” Twilight said, wringing her hands slightly. “We defeated Nightmare Moon before, twice in fact!”

“Mmm, I'm not sure if that second time is actually canon,” Pinkie pointed out.

“How could I not have noticed?” Twilight continued. “I had been in that castle numerous times!”

“It sounds like you two have some history,” Applejack said.

Twilight's face darkened. “Yes, we definitely have history…”

“Eh, I have no issue taking on a real threat for once,” Rainbow said, cracking her knuckles.

“This is serious Rainbow,” Twilight almost snapped. “She's dangerous and a true threat not to just Equestria but this world too.”

“Meanwhile I'm going to be running circles around her,” Rainbow grinned, much to Twilight's annoyance.

They soon reached the mall, parking outside and as soon as they made their way inside, they were greeted by the cool embrace of the A/C. Since this was Twilight's first time here, she couldn't help but look around at the numerous stores and restaurants. In many ways it resembled downtown of her Canterlot. “Well, everything seems calm here,” Rarity said.

“That's what worries me,” Twilight replied. “She could be any of these people here…”

“Um...maybe she's not here after all?” Fluttershy suggested.

“Silly Flutters, you know the villain is going to reveal herself now that you said that!” Pinkie said gleefully. Literally seconds after that, the sound of screaming could even heard.

“Dagnabit Pinkie how in tarnation-!?” Applejack began.

“Hurry!” Twilight yelled as the six girls made their way across the mall towards the cinema. The front doors had been completely blown off and people were running in every direction. In the middle of it all stood a woman, wearing a purple and green dress. She was stunning to say the least, but considering magic was currently flowing between her palms and that she blew up part of the cinema, people were too busy to take in her beauty.

“Nightmare Moon!” Twilight yelled as the six girls stood before the possessed Juniper.

Nightmare turned around, an amused smile on her face. “Well, if it isn't Princess Twilight... assuming it's actually you this time. It's been so long. Tell me, how's Celestia doing? Having to fight her own sister again, how tragic for the poor mare…”

Twilight's eyes narrowed. “What did you do!?”

“You mean you don't know?” Nightmare laughed. “Well, let's just say Celestia got a taste of her true potential, though admittedly I wouldn't be here if my plan had actually worked. Still, this girl has potential…”

“Let her go Nightmare Moon!”

“Honestly dear, it's just Nightmare now, Luna and I have gone our separate ways. As for the girl, I'm giving her exactly what she wants! She wants fame, she wants to be noticed; does that not sound familiar?”

“Man, you two are honestly all talk,” Rainbow groaned. “Let's just kick this chick’s butt already!”

“Alright girls, time to-!”

“Oh no!” Nightmare snapped her fingers and tell girls, save Twilight, all of a sudden froze in place. “Sorry, I learned from last time not to give you girls the upper hand, regardless what world we're in.”

“Can't….move….” Rainbow said through clenched teeth.

“This is….turning into….the worst... possible day... ever…” Rarity said on the verge of tears.

Actually I prefer it this way,” Nightmare said. “It's more personal considering I have a score to settle with you.” Suddenly, one of the nearby concession stands flew off the ground and shot towards Twilight who managed to dodge in time.

Twilight gritted her teeth as she glared at her old nemesis. “My power has doubled since the last time we met.”

“Good, twice the pride, double the fall!” Nightmare attacked again as a beam of magic shot out of her hand, which Twilight managed to deflect as she conjured up a shield. By this point, Twilight had already ponied up and she teleported, reappearing above Nightmare's head before shooting a large beam of purple energy towards, causing her to crash into the ground and create a large crater.

“Oh no, she totaled my favorite cafe,” Rarity whimpered.

“Honestly Rarity?” Applejack managed to roll her eyes despite their situation.

Nightmare got to her feet and cracked her neck slightly, her look of amusement now gone. “Alright fine, let's make this personal…”

The two continued to clash while the other girls could only look on. “Rainbow, can you move at all?” Fluttershy asked. If anyone could break out of this spell, it would be Rainbow Dash.

“Ugh...no. I can barely move my pinkie toe,” Rainbow said, panting slightly as she tried to move. “Where the hell are Sunset and other Twilight!?”

“If anyone can get us out, it's those two... hopefully,” Pinkie said.

Meanwhile, Twilight and Nightmare kept trading blows as Twilight tried to avoid causing more damage to the mall, now taking the fight above the mall itself. “You know, at one point I thought it would be so satisfying to corrupt the great Twilight Sparkle, to build you up as the greatest mage since Starswirl himself, and at the same time destroy everything you ever cared about. Your friends...your family, even your beloved teacher.”

She moved with such speed that caught Twilight by surprise and she landed a punch to Twilight's gut and the force sent her flying back to the ground next to her friends. “But I realized you were no longer worth the trouble...oh don't worry I'm not going to kill you, not right away at least. You'll be going on a trip, and the best part is your friends will be joining you.” Nightmare's eyes glowed as a portal appeared beneath their feet. “I suppose this is farewell then. We'll never see each other again but don't worry, I'll make sure to tell everyone that you fought valiantly.”

“Nightmare-!” Twilight was suddenly cut off as she and the other girls suddenly disappeared. Nightmare took in a deep breath as she brushed up the dust on her dress.

One down, two to go.

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