• Published 27th Jun 2017
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Hello From The Other Side 2 - FoxMcCloud7921

Princess Twilight Sparkle feels the need to get away from her royal duties for awhile. Her counterpart wants to see Equestria for herself. This whole plot seems rather familiar...

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Author's Note:

You want it, you got it!

A thousand years. A thousand years have passed since that day when Luna lost herself to the darkness. The day a great battle took place in this castle, almost leaving it in ruins.

Luna, or rather, Nightmare Moon was defeated that day, but there was one thing Celestia didn't account for. I was stripped away from the host in that final moment like a leech. I should've faded away in those final moments. But I didn't.

The Castle of the Two Sisters was soon abandoned, treated like a festering wound. For the longest time, I was stuck in a limbo between life and death. In the end, what kept me alive was how I'd exact my revenge on dear Celestia.

Luna's rage and sadness left quite an impression on the castle and that was ultimately my saving grace. Like a foal, I consumed this aura, allowing me to regain my strength. It would take almost a thousand years before I was ready to roam the castle once again.

In an odd twist of fate, my host had returned. However, I was cautious, there was another presence I detected, one I knew very well. Who would've thought the Elements would choose six of its own hosts as well. A thousand years had given me a conscious and I was...afraid.

My fear was confirmed when Nightmare Moon was ultimately defeated and I...or rather most of myself was snuffed out. Over the years, my presence hadn't gone unnoticed. I became the subject of urban legend, known as the Pony of Shadows. Not a bad name, I have to admit.

My patience has grown thin however. I cannot stay confined to this castle forever and I certainly won't wait for the Elements to ultimately discover me. My eyes are only on one mare and I will destroy anypony in my way. The Nightmare will rise again…


Twilight Sparkle sat at her desk in her lab, currently soldering a small circular device. It was a device very similar to the one she had created before the Friendship Games. However, she had taken many precautions to make sure this time it would only go after certain magic such as dark magic and not go after her friends. Needless to say, the girls weren't too happy to be used as test subjects but Twilight assured them it would be worth it in the end as a way to prevent another Midnight Sparkle or Gaia Everfree.

Once she was finished, Twilight sat back in her chair, staring up at the ceiling. She had finally gotten past Midnight, but she still kept thinking back to that day. What was it that drove her to that moment? She knew the answer easily.

She was more than curious about the world Sunset came from. A world of magic. In this world, magic at one point never existed, and yet it was Equestria that was having an influence on this world, though Twilight wasn't sure whether this was a good thing or not.

“I wouldn't mind visiting the place...but would Sunset be okay with it?” More importantly, would Princess Twilight be okay with it? It still hard getting used to the fact that your counterpart from another world was royalty. Honestly, it kind of made her jealous. “Not the kind of jealousy that would make me turn back into Midnight Sparkle of course.”

She looked up at her clock and saw it was a quarter to midnight. “Guess I better get to bed then. Everyone else is asleep anyway. Maybe I'll ask Sunset about it in the morning. I've got to test out that journal anyway.”

She gave one last look at the new device she created, opening it and, as a final test, she allowed magic to flow to her fingertips. The device didn't react. Twilight smiled. “Told you girls.”


The sunlight managed to peek through Sunset's eyes as she slowly awoke. She opened her eyes, first noticing the familiar interior of the room that matched most of Ponyville Castle. Rubbing the sleep out of her eyes, Sunset paused for a moment as she had to remember she was once again equine. A small smile crept into her face.

The previous evening, after the princesses had returned to Canterlot, Sunset, Starlight, and Twilight had gone to the library and they had spent the next few hours talking, mostly about what had been going in Equestria recently, but also about the human world for Starlight's benefit. Starlight seemed very curious about the place and while she didn't say anything, Sunset spotted her look of interest, a look she probably had many times under Celestia’s tutelage.

It only became slightly uncomfortable once Twilight asked about Sunset's reaction when reuniting with her former teacher. Sunset had no issue telling them that the reunion had been for the most part uneventful (she decided not to mention the whole scene at Sugar Cube Corner) and they were able to reconcile. And then of course she and Princess had some time to get to know each other.

It was only when Starlight asked about what drove the two apart that both Twilight and Sunset became uncomfortable. She wasn't proud to admit it, but she was power hungry and she couldn't have cared less about friendship. However, once she mentioned about Twilight helping her, her tone became more upbeat. In the end, she had said, maybe it was all supposed to happen. She certainly didn't have any regrets about it now.

The evening had continued on with Sunset practicing with her magic, looking up spells she had almost forgotten about. Seeing her magic first-hand, both Twilight and Starlight were impressed with her skills. Sunset made sure to remind Twilight that a magic duel was in order before she went back. By the time they all finally turned in for the night, it was well past one.

Sunset had opened the door out of the guest room and saw that the row of doors were similar to the one she was stepping out of. “Well, this isn't disorienting at all,” she thought as she looked down both ways. Now she wished she had paid more attention to where she had been coming from.

“It's a little confusing isn't it?” Sunset jumped at the sudden voice and turned around to see Starlight addressing her. “Sorry, I didn't mean to startle you. I was about to come get you since Spike's making breakfast.”

“It's alright.” Sunset looked around again. “Is this how it felt when you first came here?”

“Pretty much,” Starlight said as she motioned Sunset to follow her. “I've been trying to convince Twilight that we need put up signs or something but she's convinced that only takes away the fun of exploring the castle.”

“Yeah, that sounds like her,” Sunset commented. “Wait...so Spike's practically the head chef here?”

“Yep, Twilight still hasn't filed that request for members of the Royal Guard or any aides,” Starlight replied. “But I guess since she's an alicorn she hardly needs any protection.”

They finally reached the throne room where they found Twilight reading, you guessed it, a book while eating a stack of pancakes. She looked up and smiled at Sunset. “Morning Sunset. I hope you don't mind pancakes for breakfast. Spike's are probably the best here in Ponyville.”

“Just make sure to check for rubies and sapphires,” Starlight joked.

Twilight giggled. “Don't worry, he saves that extra ingredient for himself. Come take a seat.”

Sunset looked at the other thrones, noticing the cutie marks. “You sure?”

“Oh don't worry, no one will mind,” Twilight assured her.

Sunset then decided to sit at Fluttershy’s throne and used her magic to drag a plate of pancakes and a fork over to herself. “Can I just say your castle is complicated.”

“What? No it's not,” Twilight dismissed the thought with a wave of her hoof. “Starlight figured it out.”

“After about a month perhaps,” Starlight grumbled slightly.

Twilight rolled her eyes slightly. “But I suppose it would be more convenient for others visiting the castle.”

“Speaking of which, anything important happening today?” Sunset asked as she took a big bite of pancakes.

Twilight sighed. “Nothing unfortunately.” She glanced at the map. “I was hoping the map would have something for me to do but of course, nothing.”

“Well, maybe you could go somewhere, like a trip or vacation?” Sunset suggested. “Or we can make it an all girls trip to Las Pegasus?”

“Hm...I don't know,” Twilight said. “I guess what I want to do is visit...well…”

“Back there huh?” Sunset asked, knowing exactly what she meant.

“Yeah.” Twilight sighed again. “But I can't just leave the castle. Somepony has to be here in case of an emergency.”

She then noticed the smirk on Sunset's face. “I don't like the look on your face.”

“All I was going to say was that there is someone who can take your place.”

“Wait you mean-?” Twilight's eyes narrowed. “Oh no no, I'm not doing that.”

“Why not?” Sunset asked. “It's not like she hasn't wanted to check out Equestria.”

“Alright, you two lost me,” Starlight said.

“Sunset thinks I should trade places with my counterpart,” Twilight said. “I'm not going to do that to her.”

“She's perfectly capable of using magic now,” Sunset stated. “Besides, it's not like Starlight and I can't help her out.”

“Wait, don't drag me into-!”

“She'll be fine,” Sunset assured her. Her grin then widened. “Besides, it's only proper payback for what Celestia and Luna did right?”

Twilight stared at her. “Seriously? You think I'd do this just to spite those two?” She got up in a huff, turning around to leave. “I'm not even mad about that anymore. So what, right?” She headed towards the door in a light trot. “I'll just write a letter to Celestia saying I'll be taking some time off and-”

She got to the door and paused for a moment. It didn't take much for the two unicorns to see something was on Twilight's mind. “You know what?” She turned around and looked at her friends. “Screw it. If they get mad about this I'll be sure to call them out on what they did. Can you get a hold of Twilight?”

Sunset smiled. “Just get me a quill.”

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