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Not much to say except that I love video games, my favorite series being Star Fox and Mass Effect; reading, sports, etc. I have a separate FanFiction account where more of my stories can be found.


The Siege of Canterlot is over and the Storm King defeated but Tempest Shadow, unofficially the new leader of the Storm King's army and antagonist turned protagonist, realizes there are other nations still under the former tyrant's iron fist. Redemption on her mind, Tempest takes off to put an end to this conflict, but not without help from some new friends. But as she and the others soon find out, war is more complicated than it seems and may prove too much a challenge, even to the Princess of Friendship.

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Promising start. The characters feel right enough so far (I love Celaeno :rainbowlaugh:). We have a lot of adventure ahead of us, so who knows were you will take this story.

Something tells me that this will be considerably more enjoyable once I watch the movie.

Promising. Let's see where it goes, shall we? :pinkiehappy:

This is good. I eagerly await more.

Why did you stop writing this story?

I agree; this has the promise to be a good story. Yes, I can see it running for a while, but it looks worth it.

Political intrigue, Civil unrest from resent conquest territories, and the magic of Friendship facing it all head on.
Oh I know this will be fun!:twilightsmile: (I have a love hate relationship with politics.)

I just hope Tempest is still willing to kick ass. (Specifically slavers.:pinkiecrazy:)

Well, dealing with the aftermath of the attack of Canterlot and the death of Storm king and Tempest dealing with the nations that were conquered by her former master? Color me intrigued.

Eyup, I was right.

Great work, they haven't arrive at their first destination and already the odds aren't in their favor.

Well at least the Storm King (probably) didn’t salt the earth after the fire.

Love this story. Need more!

Any new chapters coming up?


Yeah sorry about that. I've been dealing with major writer's block with this story. I'll try to have a new one posted soon.

Ah diplomacy, the fine art of trying to convince someone that trying to bash each other’s skulls in is not the best course of action.

Hey twilight, if the actions of the US is anything to go off of... good luck.
Love your work. Glad your back

“Even though she did imprison the princessesandshe blew up an airship,” Pinkie pointed out.

“Eh, I think we’ve forgiven worse,” Rainbow added.

The unfortunate truth. I wonder if any of them realize just how ridiculous this statement is.

‘She kidnaped royalty and attempted murder!’

‘Meh, that’s like a 5/10.’

Great work, looks like Princess Twilight and Equestria has it's work cut out for it.

Anymore chapters coming up? I really want to see how this all goes.

It's uh...a work in progress. I kinda got distracted with E3-related stuff among other things but I'm currently working on the next chapter.

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