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This story is a sequel to Shadowbolts Adventures: Regrets

Twilight Sparkle isn't used to having friends, so when she receives invitations to two Hearth's Warming parties, she's thrilled until she realizes that she can't attend both at once. She tries to bring her Canterlot High friends and Crystal Prep friends together for the holidays, but tensions and bad blood boil over, and Twilight finds herself as the grand prize in the newest Friendship Games.

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That. Was. (as Tony the Tiger) GRRREAT!

Am I the only one who thinks that this picture's almost exactly like the one used for Standing Up?

That was a very fun and heartwarming story. The competitions were amazing (and hilarious- so many great lines!) , Sunset makes a simply fantastic announcer, and the final chapter was very fittingly creative. And that discussion on Frozen...

I can't even begin to imagine being in Twilight's position, though. Poor girl was not emotionally ready for this kind of conflict; good thing Sunset was able to help her out, and comfort her along the way.

Also, very creative inclusion of Dance Magic!

Very cute. The dance battle was great. :twilightsmile:

Dance Magic. Nice turn at the end. 'I really like your Shadowbolts Adventures series. It inspired me to write fanfiction in the first place. :twilightsmile:

I love your Shadowolts Series! I wrote a Christmas story a while back called How the Cinch Stole Christmas. Anyway, you've inspired me to write stories ^~^

"Besides," Sunset added, "you're about to have the greatest time! You're about to have fun watching these ten knuckleheads humiliate themselves under the impression that it would somehow impress you and influence you to like one set of friends more than you do another! It's comedy gold! Just sit back and enjoy it! I promise you that, by the time this is over, everyone will be too tired and worn out to be jealous of the other!"

It was brilliant really - Sunset got both sides enjoying themselves so much that they forgot to be rivals. She also was able to rely on both sides' essentially good nature in the face of others' problems.

A lovely ending with just a tiny dash of SunLight for flavour! :raritywink:

"and discuss this like the calm, rational adults we all are."
Oh no, this... Is not going to end well at all. :facehoof:

"Sure, if there were two of me..."

... Aren't there? :trollestia:

Sunset Shimmer raised her white flag between them. "This is it! One round fall! It's time for Mortaaaalll Kombaaaat!" The flag cut between them and Sunset hurried to back away from them. A powerful techno-beat began echoing from the walls around them, drowning the entire cabin in almost palpable energy.

Easily the best one of these yet, my friend; superb job all around! :pinkiehappy:

Why is it that I ship human Twilight and Sunset Shimmer together but not pony Twilight and Sunset Shimmer?


The nature of their relationships are different.

Sunset and Princess Twilight have the same relationship as Princess Twilight and Celestia. That of a caring teacher and her loyal student. A warm relationship, but a more formal one.

Sunset and SciTwi (at least in this series) have a much more intimate and familiar relationship, that of two close friends, one of whom relies on the other heavily for support in unfamiliar situations.

A brilliant, heartwarming, and perfectly executed story that really does show friendship is magic.

I really want to see a fanart of this chapter. That would be really cool.
I wasn't expecting to read poetry today. I was wrong. And it was good.

Ah, OK, so Sunset has a cunning plan. I was a little worried when she agreed to this ridiculousness so readily.

"Sour Sweet, call it."

Quote of the year! :rainbowlaugh:

I like where this is going. I tend to think Sunset is a master of manipulative psychology, so she can use those powers for good.

I loved Sunset as the Hostess. The suit and all.

Nice story, but it does raise a unique question:

How in the world does Hearth's Warming fit in the human world?

You magnificent bastard, you incorporated Dance Magic :rainbowlaugh:

Three country superpowers were warring and stuff? Maybe? Like, America, China, and... Maybe Japan?


That doesn't really sound all that plausible. Especially when the Hearths Warming we know of supposedly merged three tribes into one country.

I like the idea of Rainbow being group leader! Go Team Awesome! :rainbowdetermined2:

This was awesome! :rainbowlaugh: and how did Indigo almost beat THE RAINBOW DASH? Wha?......:pinkiegasp::rainbowhuh:

So, the Shadowbolts against their Wondercolt counterparts, with the exception of Applejack/Sugarcoat and Rarity/Sunny Flare, who end up with each other's counterparts. Makes sense though, given Applejack's strength and Sunny's previously-established experience with martial arts.

Despite the comedy and silliness of this whole competition, there is a such a heartwarming moment that no one has commented on: Sci-Twi had been shunned by the Shadowbolts and had caused trouble for the Rainbooms. Now, Sci-Twi has two groups of people competing to spend time with her.

That shows how much her social situation has improved since the Friendship Games.

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