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Not much to say except that I love video games, my favorite series being Star Fox and Mass Effect; reading, sports, etc. I have a separate FanFiction account where more of my stories can be found.


*Set after the events of Starlink: Battle for Atlas*

After helping the Starlink Initiative save the Atlas System and the rest of the galaxy from Grax and the Forgotten Legion, the Star Fox team is on their way home. However, Fox McCloud soon discovers his rival, Wolf O'Donnell has crash-landed on an alien planet, where the inhabitants are unlike anyone he's ever met. Aside from being on his own and having to capture Wolf, Fox discovers there are many dangers in space and Equestria may be a target from a looming threat way above the clouds.

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Liking this so far! Gonna make sure to follow this

I have played Starlink on the Switch and I look forward to more.

Lol Fox x Spitfire some one draw it!

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