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This story is a sequel to Spike, Trixie, And A Couple More Holes

After her rather embarrassing accident with an improvised shrinking spell, Trixie decides to make herself scarce for a while. When she returns to Ponyville, everything has changed--the library is gone, and Twilight Sparkle has a brand new giant tree castle.

Determined to pursue the secrets of becoming an alicorn princess, Trixie moves into Twilight's castle, where she routinely engages in--and usually causes--wacky hijinks for herself, Princess Twilight, and especially Spike.

Can Spike survive Trixie's attempts to learn the magic of friendship?

A story which intersects (and occasionally will supercede) the events of season five.

(Note: This is NOT a crossover with any CLAMP property, or anything else for that matter.)

Commissioned by TheGreatEater.

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5854216 So you're posting just to tell me you won't read the story? That's...less than useless. Seriously. There is literally no need for you to leave a comment to say you're not reading a story. It's not the first time you've done it, and I've ignored it before, but seriously...you really do not need to post this kind of comment. Ever. :twilightangry2:


Honestly, having read both previous ones. The first shouldn't have been mature, I've seen more mature stuff from Adventure Time. The one before this, it was situational, but nothing worse than Ant Man / The Atom have done in comics they star in every now and then (and I'm not talking about the wife beating, or crippling inferiority complex :twilightoops:).

5854244 The first one ISN'T mature. It's rated Everyone. :twilightsmile:

Its nice to see the comedic duo of Spike and Trixie back. Im actually enjoying this story more than the previous one (It had a very weird concept) and Im baffled about this having so few likes and many dislikes in comparison.:applejackconfused:

I hope that you continue this story and that you dont loose your touch for comedy.

5854522 Glad you're enjoying it!

It's only been up for a couple of hours, so...give it time for people to actually read it. :rainbowderp:

Welcome back!:moustache:
Spike and Trixie, fun time, with Twilight in charge!

Trixie and Spike. Back in action


I thought it sounded strange him saying the first one was M rated. Dang me and my brain farts :facehoof:.

Spike and Trixie argue like an old married couple.

I don't think Celestia's Royal Guard are enough to handle her
PS Twilight better hope that little comment never gets back to Celestia or Shining armor LOL


What's this supposed to mean?

Starlight got to Fashion Waifu? Well, that's several kinds of not good...

Also, impressive work from Trixie, talking down the book golem.

In any case, this one looks like it's going to be a bit more exciting than its predecessors. I look forward to more.

5858456 Doesn't actually mean anything. It's just a spoof of the CLAMP manga title xXxHOLIC. And apparently, it's backfired spectacularly on me. :pinkiesick:

5858590 Glad you liked it! There are some fun plans in the works.

5858591 Ah, I see. I've never heard of anything like that, but I'm not into anime or manga. I would suggest that you take that part out, but that's just me.

*Bops Trixie with a rolled-up news paper* No! Bad Trixie! Twilight is the only one allowed to make books defend themselves!

Twilight: "I think with a little practice and a lot of tutoring..."

Spike: "Or a little patience and a lot of torturing..."

Rainbow Dash: "Okay, why's there a huge book monster terrorizing Ponyville?"

Spike: [points to Trixie] "Because we left that unsupervised for five minutes. No joke. It seriously only took her five minutes."

"But you know, this whole Starlight Glimmer problem would be a lot easier to solve if you just brought Sunset Shimmer back to Equestria. The two of you? You'd have her in the dungeons in Canterlot in a day."

I think I would actually like to see this. Fanfic story or show episode, either would be fun to see.

They often seem to be missing critical information

Oh Trixie... you have no idea... :facehoof:

Oh, Celestia brought up my question from the prequel. So are we to believe that whatever letter she sent is still in there? That's kinda dangerous in quite a few ways. We thought for sure there would be a scene with Twilight performing some... exploratory surgery of sorts..

Keep going! ;)

Twilight rolled her eyes. "Whatever. Just...try not to shove Spike up your filly flute this time, okay?"
Trixie's cheeks turned red. "Trixie has no intention of allowing that scaly scalawag anywhere NEAR her...intimate areas!"

And there go my sides.

"I wouldn't hold my breath."


Twilight looked troubled. "Starlight Glimmer is still out there. She's still dangerous. It'd be good to have another versatile, talented unicorn I can depend on. I don't think Celestia's Royal Guard are enough to handle her, but maybe with a few unicorns who are her equal, she can be brought down."

Ah, but, why not ask for Sunset Shimmer's help? You HAVE the mirror, and I'm sure she'd be happy to help.

Spike sighed. "Yeah, alright." He gave Twilight an aside glance. "But you know, this whole Starlight Glimmer problem would be a lot easier to solve if you just brought Sunset Shimmer back to Equestria. The two of you? You'd have her in the dungeons in Canterlot in a day."


"The thought had crossed my mind," Twilight said. "And I'm not ruling out the possibility of asking for her help. But let's give Trixie a chance first. What's the worst that could happen?"
And with that, they teleported back to the library...
...and found themselves face to face with a rampaging book golem.

You HAD to ask, didn't you?

The book golem cleared its throat. "Excuse me," it rumbled in a deep, masculine voice.
Twilight snapped her head around and glared at it. "Yes?"
"RAAAAAAARH!" the book golem roared. Its book hands shot out and punched all three of them, splattering them against a wall.
Twilight peeled herself off the wall. "Hold on a second!" She stared at the golem. "You can talk?"
"Well, I am made of books," the golem said. "Does it not follow that I would be quite erudite?"
Twilight blinked. "Umm...oookay..." She shook her head. "But if you can talk, why did you just attack us?"
The golem shrugged. "I'm a golem. Does it not follow that I would commit senseless acts of violence?" With that, it exploded into a hurricane of books which flew at the two ponies and dragon like a flock of demonic paper bats. They screamed and twitched as they endured dozens of papercuts.

I don't know what's funnier. How this is absurd enough to be something written by defender2222, or that it actually makes SESE.

"This is not Trixie's fault!" Trixie declared. "How was Trixie to know that spell was...not fully assembled?"
"Maybe the burned edges of the missing pages should've been a clue?" Spike offered.
Trixie opened her mouth to protest...then stopped. "That...is a valid point, actually." Trixie rubbed her muzzle with a hoof. "Perhaps Trixie should be more observant when it comes to Twilight Sparkle's books. They often seem to be missing critical information."

You have no idea.

Trixie rolled her eyes and charged off after Twilight and the book golem. "We will have a lengthy discussion about you invading Trixie's personal space later."
Spike narrowed his eyes. "Seriously. You really wanna go there."
Trixie gave him a sheepish grin. "Ahem. Perhaps not." She turned her attention back to the road before her.

Wise move.

Her front door burst open and a massive hand made of books reached in, grabbed the ponnequin holding the dress, and threw it into the kitchen. The oven sparked and set the dress on fire.
Rarity screamed. "MY WOOOOOOORK!"
The smoke alarm went off. "MY KITCHEEEEEEN!"
The book hand grabbed her and hauled her out into the street. "MY GOODNEEEEEESSSS!"

Oh my...

"Look out, Rainbow Dash!" Twilight called as she zoomed by, trailed by a dozen books. The books above Rainbow dived down to join their hardcover comrades; Rainbow watched in confusion as the miniature book storm coalesced into a leg, which kicked Twilight firmly in the plot.
Rainbow blinked repeatedly. "What the huh?!"


Trixie stared hard at the golem. "You are made of books, and yet you behave like a rampaging unholy monster. Trixie says you are a library. Libraries don't rampage and destroy. So unless you want Trixie to rip out your pages one by one and tear out your bindings, you will go back to being a library. Don't think Trixie won't do it, either!"
The golem flinched. "A-alright."
And just like that, the avatar of printed death became hundreds of ordinary books lying on the ground, pages fluttering in the breeze. The books terrorizing Rainbow Dash fell lifelessly to the ground

Whoah, what happened.

"A book of dark magic, apparently," Twilight muttered sourly. "One of Luna's pranks on Celestia from the old days." She conjured a pair of thick, buckled straps and bound the book tightly shut. "Apparently it creates a manifestation of whatever article it's open to, and the reader has to deal with the consequences."

I see.

"Assist yourself, you obnoxious blue bi—"
Twilight kicked Spike none-too-gently in the side, giving him a significant look.

Thank you.

"So, tell me," Celestia said with a twinkle in her eye, "did you ever get that letter I sent Twilight out of your lady parts?"

Oh you are Magnificent

Several ponies milled about an old abandoned warehouse in Manehattan. Old-fashioned lanterns cast a dim glow over the interior as dozens of evenly spaced plywood partitions were set up. At one end of the warehouse, two neat rows of identical cots stretched from one wall to the other. A desk at the front of the warehouse was covered with posters and hoofbills.
A cream-colored mare with a short, faded cyan bob of a mane and a greyish-pink mare with washed-out lavender braids worked swiftly and efficiently at a long table across from the desk, sewing machines whirring as they stitched together piles of drab fabric into identical hooded cloaks.
"Excellent work, my little ponies," said a pink unicorn as she strolled from one end of the warehouse to the other. She looked up at one of the many identical banners hanging from the ceiling—a white equal sign against a grey background—and smiled.

Well then. We're f*cked.

This is looking good so far, as expected. Can't get enough of that Spike & Trixie chemistry.

Twilight should put her books from the old castle, in a secluded area. Until she at least goes through the content once or twice. Can't have more unnecessary accidents being caused, by unknowing readers.

5878520 thus creating more awkward shrinkage.... wait we don't want to go there

Trixie's version of friendship is clearly superior!

The aftermath? Not so much.

Fun chapter and nice to seem some growth out of everypony (and dragon). With Sunset Shimmer coming in, that will surely make things more interesting. Makes me wonder if Sunset and Trixie have a past with how this is building up...

Till next time!

It's almost summer break. I do have summer plans with my friends, but I can get away for a week or so right after school lets out. I'll see you in two weeks.

Sunset, stop being such a teenager.:ajbemused:

"Uh, Twilight? I...don't think that's ever gonna happen," Pinkie Pie said in an uncharacteristically serious tone. "I don't know if you noticed? But...Starlight Glimmer is kind of, well...insane. And not the fun kind of insane. The bad kind of insane. Like, axe murderer insane."

Agreed. Also, I like this, it shows Pinkie's more serious side.

Celestia nodded. "I happen to agree. You may use my study to sign the arrest warrant, if you like. I have a stack of them in a drawer in my desk."

You're prepared.

Dear Sunset Shimmer,
I'd like for you to come to Equestria at your earliest convenience for a visit. There's something I'd like your opinion on, but it's too complicated to get into like this. There's no hurry, so don't rearrange your schedule on my account. Ideally, I'd like you to be able to stay for at least two or three days. Please write back soon.
Your friend,
Princess Twilight Sparkle

Well well, this just got interesting.

"Hmm. Yes. This pleases Trixie." Trixie studied herself in the large mirrors. She wore a sweeping, high-collared dusk purple cape with a sapphire fastener, with her Cutie Mark embroidered on the flank, detailed with tiny baby blue sapphires. A matching hat, wide-brimmed and extra floppy, sat atop her head. The outfit was darker, simpler, and less eyecatching than her usual showmare attire—which was exactly what she had wanted. The lower-hanging cape, the floppier hat with the wider brim, and the lack of stars and other decorations was, according to Trixie, "more professional and serious", and gave her more of a "Mare of Mystery" appeal. "Perhaps you do have some degree of skill in this area."

Sounds nice.

"Thought so." Spike smirked. "Only Rarity could make you halfway tolerable to look at."


"Well this explains why you're not getting anywhere with Rarity," Trixie said as she took a huge bite of cookie. "She doesn't want to get any fatter than she already is."

Ooh, catty.

"It's just...I was thinking about Owlowiscious," Twilight said sadly. "He hasn't come back...I wonder where he is, what he's doing..."

That's right, we haven't seen any of him in Season 5...

"Well, she does own a dress shop. Making clothes is, y'know, her business..."


Trixie rolled her eyes. "Trixie is growing fond of that venomous little lizard," she said. "And Trixie...may still feel obligated to make amends for the trouble she caused him." She paused, biting into a cookie. "Besides...this should be entertaining to watch."

Oh yeah.

"Oh, Trixie doubts the walking marshmallow will alienate one so subservient to her..."
"We really need to work on your habit of belittling other ponies..."
"But Trixie is so good at it!"


Spike rubbed his chin. "Well...something manly. Debonair. Suave. Sophisticated. But also tough. Cool. Something that says 'Spike is refined, reliable, and can breathe fire on you.'"
Rarity smirked. "How about I do some sketches..."

Wonder how much that smirk is humoring him and how much of that smirk is because it's adorable?

"Pretty cool, huh?"
Spike wore a glossy red jacket covered in random zippers, a single white sequin-encrusted glove on his right claw, and overly large sunglasses.

You look like something out of Kingdom Hearts. And not in a good way.

"No I'm not," Spike said. "Rarity says asymmetry is in this season." He raised his arms and did a turn. "Well?"
"It's...really something!" Twilight said.
"Yes, something is a word that would describe what you are wearing," Trixie agreed.


The next day, Spike walked in wearing heavy black boots, black pants, a black jacket with an alpaca wool collar ruff, and a pair of criss-crossing brown belts.


The next day, Spike walked in wearing a glaringly orange tracksuit with blue accents and a wide, ribbed white collar, as well as a dark blue headband with a metal plate on the front.


Spike walked in wearing a white T-shirt with Flash Sentry's Cutie Mark on it and a dark grey windbreaker.
Twilight's left eye twitched. "I'm setting fire to that if I ever see it again."

Please do.

Spike walked in wearing a tweed jacket, a white dress shirt, a bowtie, and a fez.
"A fez, Spike? Really?" Twilight asked.
"Rarity says fezzes are cool."

"Oh, you mean like you just did?" Trixie asked, raising an eyebrow.


While she looked almost exactly like Rarity, down to the same mane and tail style, her mane and coat colors were reversed, and her Cutie Mark was three black diamonds.


"Your precious Rarity is...indisposed," Reversity said. "And she will remain so unless young Spike can find me and defeat me before I erase her from existence." She looked around the room. "If any of the rest of you show your faces outside of this castle, this will not end well."

Yeah, I can see where this is going.

"Spike, wait!" Rainbow called. "It could be a trap!"
"Of course it's a trap!" Pinkie called.


A bloated porcine mess that could conceivably once have been Rarity wallowed atop a thick velvet cushion, amid dozens of empty cartons of ice cream. A carton floated near her swollen, piggy face, and she was shovelling spoonful after spoonful of ice cream into her mouth while reading a floating romance novel. A huge pile of ice cream stained trashy romance novels lay underneath the kitchen table.

Oh god, it's like she's Jabba the Hut!

"A little spell called Indulgence," Reversity said. "It causes a pony to uncontrollably indulge in their personal vices. In her case, apparently that means ice cream and trashy romance novels." Reversity trotted around the wailing, ice cream scarfing Rarity. "Rather pathetic, if you ask me."

I see.

"That's a looooooot of Rarity," Pinkie breathed, eyes wide.


"I know it's you, Trixie!" Spike said. "I know it's you because you copied this whole stupid scheme from one of my comics! The one where Fillysecond gets captured by her evil counterpart Sillyfecond to draw her love interest into a trap!"
Rarity stared at "Reversity". "You—*nom nom*—said you were my—*nom nom*—great-great—*nom nom*—granddaughter!"
"She stole THAT from the comic too," Spike said. "Well, Trixie?"
"Reversity" sighed. "Fine." Her horn glowed; in a bright, misty shimmer, her appearance changed, reverting to the blue coat and silver mane of Trixie. With another burst of magic, Rarity suddenly stopped eating ice cream, letting the carton fall to the ground, the spoon clattering on the floor.

Called it. Also, Sillyfecond? Sounds like something out of a comic book alright.

Trixie sniffed indignantly. "Well, the idea was for Spike to have an epic showdown with a villainous foe to save the mare of his dreams." She frowned. "However, the Indulgence Spell was the only way I could think of to keep Rarity in one place for that long...I mean, it's not like I could just tie her up, since...since she could untie herself..." Trixie frowned. "Trixie really did not think this through very well," she admitted.

Oh yeah.

"Trixie..." Twilight stepped forward. "Why didn't you just...try talking to us? Like this, instead of the way you usually talk? And that's a big part of why ponies...well...aren't as receptive of you."

Twilight has a point.

Trixie's ears fell. "I guess...I just don't think about it..." She sighed. "It's just...it's been part of who I am for so long, I do it without...without thinking..."

I see.

"Well, isn't it time you started?" Rarity asked. She frowned. "And...despite what you've done here..." She coughed. "I'm sorry too. I haven't been fair to you since your return to Ponyville. I've been holding a grudge, and...and that's very small of me."

In all bluntness, yes.

As Twilight turned to leave, Rarity floating behind her, she paused. "By the way, Trixie? That...was actually a pretty impressive disguise spell. Even I've never learned that spell."

To be fair, Trixie's talent is stage magic and illusions.

"Yes, Spike?"
"If you ever do something like this to Rarity or any of my friends ever again, I'll show you just how much fire I can breathe."
Trixie gulped. "Trixie will keep that in mind..."

Never anger a dragon.

Behind her, Trixie complained, "Trixie cannot help but feel as though she is in boot camp..."

From what I know, boot camp is worse.

Dear Princess Twilight,
It's almost summer break. I do have summer plans with my friends, but I can get away for a week or so right after school lets out. I'll see you in two weeks.
Your friend,
Sunset Shimmer


Twilight smiled, hugged the journal to her chest, put it back in her desk, and climbed into bed.

That is adorable.

A very enjoyable chapter. Good job.:pinkiehappy::derpytongue2::moustache:

So that's what rarity does in her free time. Spike made her clean the entire castle with a toothbrush that's harsh punishiment. I would have made her do it with interdental brush [evil smirk] now that's harsh. if you do not know what an interdental brush is look at the below pic


Everypony...or, dragon


Afterthought: I think Spike will grow to like Trixie's scoundrelly behavior. There aren't enough scoundrels in his life.


"No more cookies for you!"

"YES more cookies for Trixie!"

Cuter than Pinkie Pie at her best.

This is so funny.

And Spike threatening Trixie is oddly awesome.

And Trixie, while an idiotic, jerk, is hilarious. I like her "grown fond of the venomous lizard". That's the funniest kind of admittance, the simultaneously insulting and sweet one.

Fun all around. More!

Happy writing.

:twilightoops: "Rarity, where did you even come up with those outfits?"
:duck: "I'll have you know that Square Phoenix is one of the brightest rising stars in the fashion world. The price of zippers alone has almost doubled since she came to the fore!"

In any case, good stuff here, both the short-term hilarity and the growth and plot development. And Sunset meeting Trixie is sure to be a treat.

6021205 Glad you enjoyed it!

Sunset's big debut is two chapters off yet. Next time is more hijinks.

... Well we need to really hope that Spike's mood-swing kicks in posthaste.

I wonder how... honest his feelings are here. It looks like he mostly says/does things that he already thinks, but in a way he never would normally.

Except... that thing at the end when he says "foals should be seen and not heard"? It kinda makes me wonder...

I like this chapter, though! Looking forward to part two.

6052085 The only thing I'll say about the black Spike is that the black Spike is his pure dragon essence, without any of the things that make him lovable. You've seen how dragons are generally jerkasses, especially the younger ones? That's what Black Spike is. There are other colors of Spike coming we haven't seen yet...

Wow! That was fun.:pinkiehappy:
Please continue soon!:moustache:

Oh dear.

Okay, this one isn't really Trixie's fault. There was no way anyone knew this would happen.

What emotion is black and gold supposed to be? We already had red(anger).

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