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This story is a sequel to Sunset Shimmer is FedUp!

Sunset Shimmer has a pretty good life. She has good friends, a nice apartment, she's back in the good graces of most of the student body at Canterlot High, and she has a hotline to the Princess of Friendship back in Equestria.

But Sunset Shimmer has always had a temper. And there are so, so many things that annoy her.

Like FedEx. And crabs. But she's already dealt with those things.

Lately, a lot of the human world's little annoyances, oddities, and even things that have somehow popped up that shouldn't even exist are getting under Sunset's skin.

And she's had enough.

It's time to fight back.

(Inspired by, but not a crossover with, Dan Vs..)

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I knew as soon as I saw the title what this was going to be. And that I needed to put it on my RiL.

Okay, that ending was damn hilarious.

But I couldn't help but just feel so sorry for Sunset throughout all of this.

Comment posted by Terabyte West deleted Aug 4th, 2016

I tried figuring out the puzzle I cant for the life of me figure it out. I feel so bad for Sunny I'd hug her but it's probably too hot for hugs.

Mondays are the worst. I can agree with Sunset on that.:flutterrage:

7451021 Monday can burn in the deepest depth of Hell

sounds like an average monday for me, great story!

I was already angry by the first scene break.

Sunset looked at the two Twilights with a grave expression. "I need the two of you..."
"Yes?" both Twilights asked.
"...to find a way..."
Sunset gave them both the most serious stare she could muster. "...to kill Mondays forever."

Shouldn't you ask Starlight that question? I mean she almost destroyed Heartswarming so eliminating Mondays should be a cinch.

Comment posted by The Lawful Hermit deleted Aug 4th, 2016

Pretty funny, but I hope Sunset gets a win occasionally.

Fifteen minutes later, Sunset and Flash sat at a table at Big Kahuna Burger.

Best reference with the best movie!

This was hilarious. Keep up the good work.


More please!!!!

I loved the FedEx one and this one shows signs of being the same way.

God, I know the struggle of a Monday...

This is gonna be a fun series...

Myself I would have had the Twilights MacGyver up a generator for her.

I might be having a day like this soon–they're replacing all of the windows at my house. Not looking forward to that.

Nay Sunset, what they need to do is find a way to kill the heatwave and fix the power issue. Something like that should be simple enough to fix that it doesn't repeatedly screw up in one day and get worse and worst each time.

I like this crossover already but you should add the skyward scream...adds that I hate the (insert as annoying problem here) really well. Also it's a gag you should repeat it feels as if Dan possessed Sunset Shimmer.....just saying a suggestion not a demand btw :derpytongue2:

Sunset may hate Mondays now, but she will soon find out that Tuesday is a force to be reckoned with. After all, Tuesday is just Monday's ugly sister :trixieshiftleft:

...It's ironic that I had enough patience to figure out the phone number gag (at least I think I did*), considering the result is something that nobody has any patience for. :unsuresweetie:

*UPS Scambot

Can you make Sunset angrier and bit more violent? So going through the portal for a while wasn't an option?

Personally, I'm against the idea. Since this may not be as shenanigans-heavy as Dan Vs., I think adding the skyward scream would just cheapen the experience.

Besides, I think we get enough of that level of shenanigans with TW&TB

7451234 There will be situations where she's a little more of that, yeah. It depends on what's going on. This was just a warm-up. :moustache:

7451293 I guess I can't argue there...But like I said it's A's suggestion not demand so I'll see if other ppl like or dislike my idea I'm against it too but it would be funny to see right? Also maybe the author can add a different gag...Or something idk :derpytongue2:

Just wait until Tuesday rolls along.

"...to kill Mondays forever."

Garfield would approve.

Oh boy you really put Sunset through hell here.

The robo-calls, yeah most annoying thing ever. It's something I struggle often with and even though I add an * to my number, they still phone me.


Well, I've trawled through a dictionary, and the only things I found that match the beginning of the number are the acronyms USSR and TRPSA.

Yeah, I don't know a single person who likes Mondays... And I like Sci-Twi at the end.


Well the first three litters
877 is UPS
oh nice work mate

Sunset sighed. "My neighor," she said.

I think you mean neighbor

Oh wow. I felt quite sad by the end, seeing how much the day had beaten Sunset down. :fluttershysad: I hope future installments of this story have less of this "Murphy's triumph" flavor to them.

Wow. Everyone hates Monday's but that was probably one of the worst of them all. Hope that Sunset will be more triumphant in the next chapter.

Best reason to call upon a magical princess from another dimension.... Ever!

1 new message from: Canterlot Power & Gas
Outage update: Customers affected: 41927. The power grid is falling apart. Crews are continuing their efforts to duct tape it back together. Estimated restoration time: 8:30pm... next Wednesday. Please don't sue us!

Oh poor Sunset...
Fun fact, I've been through the same situation:derpytongue2:

7451623 The first three numbers (877) weren't actually part of the joke. :twilightsheepish: 877 is a standard toll-free exchange. But yeah, the joke was "Scambot".

7451692 Ugh, thanks for the catch. This is what happens when you speed-proofread at 10pm. :facehoof: Fixing momentarily.

7451927 Aw thank you! that would have driven me nuts! also please tell me we're gonna see more of the crazy neighbor


Ah, ok. The 877 is what threw me off , I only know my local phone codes. Except for 911. Everyone knows 911.

I will kill you for putting fucking dooble in here oh my fucking god

7452166 Hey Big Jim! Hey Big Jim! You can't make the lemonade if you don't have the nice pants!

7452214 -grabs the gun and points it at you- Shut up.


Oh my god.:rainbowlaugh:

If this is what the average chapter is going to be like, this is going to be great. Magnificent even.

Favorite part that got a genuine out right laugh from me was the swimming pool scene, but everything else brought at, a minimum, a smile.

:pinkiegasp: Oh snap, I hope she disposed of that moldy bread properly.

...okay, THIS is off to a wonderful start. im getting the right vibes from this.

incidentally, curse power outtages. they are a thing of evil.

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