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In order to raise money for upcoming events, Canterlot High holds a fundraiser bake sale and cooking contest. Some students enter for fun. Some students enter because they have something to prove. Others have their eyes on the prizes.

This is gonna be a piece of cake...right?

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I have a feeling the brownies are going to be baked with special HERBS if ya catch my drift :moustache:

All and all a wonderful start up to an intresting fic I always love cook off episodes of shows and stories

So...forgive me for making this comparison but...is Flash's grandfather Slenderman? Or does that only make sense to me because it's 2 am?

Sweetie Belle cooking? Someone call the hospital and poison control for this.

It's legal in California now. :pinkiehappy:

I'm not sure if Sweetie Belle alone or Snips & Snails together would be worse.

Will we see Spike in a cute chef's hat?

"Oh, I'll be around as a taste-tester," Rainbow said with a chuckle. "For, y'know, all the teams."

Well, that's me in a nutshell.

"Relax," Sweetie Belle said with a smirk. "I've got this."

Really? Well, I'm just going to leave this here, it's what happened to the last person that "had this".

"Best friends cooking together for the WIN!"

Best friends, right.

Flash's dad looked up in alarm from his baseball game. "The...the sauce recipe?" He swallowed nervously. "S-son, you...you know better than that, right?" He looked around warily. "I mean, the only thing more important to Dad than that sauce is his balls..."

I have a bad feeling about this.

The old man was standing right in the middle of the street, four feet in front of the car, glaring evilly at Flash. "WAH!" Skunk yelled. "Dude, what the—?"

How the hell?

"OKAY HOW THE HELL?!" Beats yelled.

I would love to know that myself.

"Dude you are NOT gonna SHOOT YOUR GRANDPA WITH A SHOTGUN!" Skunk cried in alarm.
And then Flash did exactly that.

What the FUCK?!

Flash wrenched himself free of his drummer's grip. "It's just rock salt," he said. "Medicated rock salt." He grimaced as he checked his mirrors and buckled his seat belt.
"Medicated rock salt?" Skunk asked.
"Grandpa won't take pills or liquids," Flash explained. "And nobody's brave enough to try to give him injections. The only way we can give him his medicine is by tranquilizer darts or with a shotgun." He grimaced. "If he's having one of his spells, you're better off with the shotgun. The darts don't have any stopping power."

I, see. No wait, I don't. Elaborate.

Flash's mouth set into a hard line. "Nothing kills him," he said grimly as he put the car in gear again and drove back into town at a more sedate pace.

Your grandpa SCARES me.

7720765 No, he's not Slenderman. There are clues to who he is in the chapter. (He's the Tall Man from Phantasm.)

So...which 'her' is Flash trying to impress here?

Dis gunna be guud:3

That's some fancy winning price there. Not the kind to expect during my school competitions.

Then again during my school years, CRT TVs were still a thing, mobile phones were just starting and modem Internet was passing to ADSL.

Anyway, nice new story you given us Moth. I'm already getting a kinda Wacky Race vibe from it. So you be sure I'll end up ROLF. :rainbowlaugh:

ROFLMAO :rainbowlaugh:

I know nothing about Phantasm. *checks on Wikipedia* The Tall Man, portrayed by Angus Scrimm. Oh very clever.

This chapter alone justifies the price.

7721111 I had way too much fun with this part. Also, it's not the last we'll see of Angus Sentry. :trollestia:

If people don't all but die from the horrible flavor of somebody's cooking then that somebody is NOT a horrible cook.

I present 2 of the worst cooks I know of: https://youtu.be/Juwi25J1Vnc?t=1m18s

7721122 You can be a horrible cook without killing people with your cooking. There are varying degrees of horrible. Look up "Kitchen Nightmares Fiesta Sunrise", "Kitchen Nightmares Amy's Baking Company", and "Kitchen Nightmares Joe Nagy".

Wow, cool prizes. With the teams the bake sale and competition set I think we'll see some interesting stuff. I'm a little surprised we didn't hear anything from Trixie and her band mates, I'd think they would be excited for another competition for them to win.

Flash's grandpa is a nut! After all that for just one sauce recipe I hope he at least makes it to the semifinals. I like this story so far and can't wait for more!

Well, this promises to be quite entertaining. Though Angus Sentry is most unsettling. It can't be easy to have a movie monster for a grandfather. Certainly to have one as a father. I can only imagine what Flash's dad's childhood was like...

I can't help but feel that Flash's grandpa and Pinkie are somehow related

Okay, I was not expecting Flash Sentry to have a "retired" horror movie slasher as his grandpa. By all appaearances, this guy trained with Jason in the art of walking but flashstepping when no one's looking, and he seems just as bloody durable.

Okay, if this is the level of insanity that is going to be at the cookout, then this story is going to be amazing. Hell, I'm going to like and favorite for Flash's monstrous grandfather.

Wait, Sweetie Belle is cooking? I hope they have some first aid people on hand, they're going to need it. A combination cooking contest/bake sale sounds fun, just hope there won't be too many explosions from people's attempts at cooking. Otherwise all the money from the sale will probably go to paying for the damage.

Ok, my respect for this version of Flash just went way up. Not that I disliked him before, but damn, if he grew up with that for a grandfather, he's got to be tough. No wonder he could put up with Queen Bitch Sunset, she's nothing compared to that grandfather. Though I wonder why Flash couldn't just have taken a cellphone picture of the recipe than ran for it? Unless you're not supposed to take any photographs of the secret sauce recipe, or else?

Just hope the recipe was worth it, and it really is as good as Flash thinks. Hope it doesn't turn out that his grandfather always won all those contests because the judges were too terrified of him.

They DO know that veggies can be pretty tasty too if grilled and salted properly, right? I mean, I get the "testosterone filled american high school boys" angle they are coming from, but, c'mon, 4 rounds of meat? Seriously? Some campfire bread cooked on a stick would be better, too! Unless they are using an electric grill, in which case good luck getting THAT...

Okay, seriously, as an Italian I have had my fair share of grilled meat too, even if that kind of cooking seems to be more culturally embedd in american culture, as far from what I've seen from telefilms and the likes, but is really acceptable such a huge dose of meat as a single meal in american food culture? I'm getting genuinely curious.

If this is the same smartphone era high schoolers we saw in the movies...

... Why didn't they just snap a picture of the recipe?

7721977 Dude. This is just a story. You shouldn't overthink it or drag your OH BUT MAH HEALTH! garbage into the comments section where it doesn't belong. :ajbemused:

Also, try doing actual research on a cookout/family BBQ sometime. Also, try thinking about WHAT they're doing and WHY they're doing it. Also, try looking up how cooking contests work.

(While you're at it, how about complaining about how the bake sale is all breads and pastries and carbs and fat and doesn't have enough salad and vegetables?)

7721775 Ever try taking a picture of an old piece of parchment/paper? It usually doesn't come out very clear.

7722215 ...whoa, uh, okay... I'm sorry if I sounded judgemntal or "health nut" in my comment, I assure that wasn't my intention.
I know this is just a story, I knew I was maybe taking it a bit too seriously while writing that comment, but being cooking something I feel quite passionated about I decided to post it anyway. I'll admit I didn't even think to research about BBQ culture (or cooking competitions) on my own before publishing said comment, and that was because of my own laziness, I just though it would have been interesting and easier to hear about it directly from you. That wasn't very respectful of me.

About that last part... I know veggies are not supposed to be a common ingredient in sweet baking, nor healthy eating a major concern, because that's just not the point of that kind of cooking. I thought to ask about the whole meat "concern" because one of your characters themselves seems to bring it up when he asks Flash if they were really going to make a full course of meat, and mentions that it was going to be pricey. I assumed he said so out of similar concerns I might have had, and not for a purely monetary matter.

Once again, I'm sorry if I sounded pretentious, I just didn't think this would have been such a sensitive topic.

7722311 The only reason he brought it up is because that much meat IS kinda expensive and they're HIGH SCHOOLERS.

And I overreacted because I'm in a shit mood in general, so my bad too. When people go "why not try a vegetable instead?" it irritates me because I've had negative experiences with militant vegetarians/vegans and that kind of retort automatically puts me on the defensive. That plus bad day/shit mood equals temper storm.

(And there are plenty of vegetables, breads, etc. at a typical American cookout/BBQ. That's not even the point here, though. Flash and his friends are grilling meat because they're lazy, they're dudes, and that's the best they could come up with. :P)


That escalated quickly.

Granpa is gonna crash the contest, isn't he?
Let's hope the Magic of Friendship will be enough to stop him... for a while.

Okay, I wasn't planning on following this fic, but this chapter has convinced me to at least think about it.

Well...I wasn't expecting a story about a bake sale to turn into Flash shooting his grandfather with a shotgun.

Instant fave.

You always write the best Flash Sentries Moth.

7724705 I agree, it's practically one of his signatures by now.

7724842 I hope when he gets back to Persona he references Flash's crazy grandfather.

7724969 As hilarious as that would be I kind of doubt that would happen. He already has enough of a dysfunctional family in Persona EG, between current troubles with Twilight, a lifetime of neglect from his parents, and from the latest chapter bad news involving his uncle, I don't think he has anymore room for a horror movie grandpa.

7724993 Yeah, the Persona EG cast are really not the same characters at all as in canon (or more importantly, as in MM's stories that are based directly on canon).

I wouldn't be shocked to see it referenced in another story (although I certainly can't speak for what MM has planned), but probably not Persona EG.

7721977 As far as American culture goes, meals can be pretty meat-heavy, but I don't know any adults who would serve a meal that's 100% meat and nothing else to another person (barring some special occasion).

Lazy teenagers and/or bachelors, though? The sky's the limit.

See now THIS is how you do slice of life. Its all in the little details.

Have a feeling that Angus will be showing up to scare the boys until he ends up as one of the judges, and gives begrudging respect to Flash for the contest.

"Okay, Ah talked t' th' Principal jes' t' be sure," Applejack said as she sharpened a pencil. "If'n we make sure an' keep our receipts, we git reimbursed half'a whut we spend on ingredients. Us three pitchin' in together equal shares, we can probably go...ah dunno, fifty each? An' with th' apples fer mah part comin' right off our farm an' th' eggs fer all our stuff too, that cuts down on a lot..."

I have genuine criticism here and I am restraining myself from saying something more aggressive. So, here it is:

Please never write any dialogue like this. I know you're going for Applejack's accent, but you know what is much more pleasant to read? Regular dialogue and focus on keeping the diction to words Applejack would regularly use rather than butchering the English language. This is just unpleasant to read, and, even if all dialogue was suppose to be written exactly how it sounded, then I say this is still too far because Applejacl doesn't slur or mispronounce ever third word she says.

Hell, literary fiction rarely makes use of anything like this and it is heavily frowned upon-most of the time, if a character has an accent, you just say they have an accent and be done with it.

Her pupils expanded to fill her eyes. "Ohhhhhhmygoodness," she said in a wavering voice.

Did...did Pinkie just drug Fluttershy?

Fluttershy suddenly started vibrating. She grabbed Applejack by both hands in a strong, shaking grip that made the farmer wince. "You know what I wanna do?" Fluttershy asked giddily. "I wanna go upstairs and grab your brother and YAY! and you know what else? You should totally go up there with me and we can all YAY! and oh! Oh! Oh! You know what'd be fun? You, me, and your brother could all go out to the barn and YAY! in the HAY! What do you say? Wanna YAY! in the HAY!?"

Yep, definitely drugged her. Also, I think Kinkyshy is coming out here. That's a lot of yay she's wanting to have with Applejack and her brother...screw it, I'm assuming together.

So, Pinkie accidentally created a drug. I don't care if it's concentrated sugar, anything that affects someone like this is a drug. And Pinkie...

Sweet fuck what happened when Maud and Pinkie first tried it out? Did the house explode? No offense to this story, but I want to see the result of Pinkie high on this sugar. That must have been equally...no wait, just horrifying.

I remember what Party Dip did to Flash in Persona EG, and Pinkie and Maud actually discovered something twice as strong as that? That's a little scary actually. Never thought I'd see Fluttershy high, or on a sugar rush however that works. Loved her Sunset impression though.

:pinkiecrazy: I'm the one who knocks


No offense to this story, but I want to see the result of Pinkie high on this sugar. That must have been equally...no wait, just horrifying.



I never watch Breaking Bad, but I get the reference.

"No! I need to speak to Oatmeal Raisin,"

There's the problem with this naming convention; every conversation is an Abbot and Costello gag waiting to happen.

... Yeah, I can definitely buy Pinkie getting embroiled in the recreational biochemical black market. I do hope she's never sampled it since gaining magic. I'm pretty sure that's how you get chaos gods.

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