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This story is a sequel to Sunset Shimmer Hunts the Undead

Principal Celestia and a bunch of other middle-aged high school teachers hunt the undead.

So does her adoptive daughter, Sunset Shimmer, alongside a farmer, an ex-siren, a forgettable nobody, and a dark mistress of unholy mad science.

These are their ongoing stories.

(Ask the hunters anything, here!)

(This story almost entirely consists of reader-submitted chapters. All ideas welcome, submit them here!)

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Hell yeah, more from the "Hunts the Undead" verse! I'm excited to see what sort of crazy shenanigans these loveable idiots get themselves into this time, especially with this more anthology like structure.

Fun chapter, glad to see we'll be getting little Snippets occasionally well waiting for whatever comes next.

Now chapter suggestions I have, a chapter about Amber and Aunsets Dynamic could be pretty cool, maybe one ends up in trouble on their own and the other end up running across them? I would also like to see something in Red Heart Centric because she felt like the most fun and understated of the entire group, but I can't think of many convenience story lines for her.

Yeeeeessss!!!!!! More detailed review to come but I really like how you executed this resolution!

Some nice characterization here, but I'm not sure how to feel about this way of resolving the love triangle. I mean, Adagio would be all for it, but AJ seems like the type who'd want a more traditional and stable relationship. Plus, since she doesn't want to hurt anyone's feelings, now she might start agonizing over making sure her GFs have equal attention, which would be another source of stress. But maybe I should give this story a chance and see how it plays out.

Finally! I needed that sweet sweet shipping!

Both Sunset and Adagio are thirsty for some...

Apple Juice. :ajbemused:

Fucking finally!
Finally fucking?
:P ^^

I super get that, and I don't think there is such a thing as a perfect resolution to a love triangle. If it helps, put this down as "college kids experimenting with their sexuality as they figure out where their life is going" and not "they're all gonna get married and live happily ever after."

It... doesn't usually work out well but at least AJ's got a better shot at it than most

I have to say, your interpretation of Wallflower and the constant jokes has made me fall in love with the character.

And even if it's short suggested chapters, i will love everyone of them.

Sunset spoke first. “You should be happy. You deserve to be. You’re beautiful, and if you need someone else to tell it to you then I’d love to be that person.

This line. This fucking line. Is goddamn beautiful.

The cover art looks like Francine(Frankie) Foster if taken out of context.

I gave to admit I had always hoped the situation between Sunset, Appkejack abd Adagio would be resolved like this, kudos for actually making it feel natural for not only our reformed Siren but a former pony like Sunset to be open to multiple partners.

And how's this for an idea? Cthulhu is depressed after getting his ass kicked by Tirek and feels like he's lost his relevance in modern society. So the girls try and help him get his confidance back only for it to work a little TOO well. You could call it 'How Cthulhu got his groove back' :pinkiecrazy:

The ride never ends! Here we go again, boys and girls! This is gonna be fun!:pinkiehappy:

I absolutely agree with this. The interpretation of Wallflower in this storyline stole every scene she was in for me. I loved her.

We are so glad that the story continues!

So two more things I'd like to remark Dan. I really like how you chose to make Applejack the POV character for this chapter. Yes, she's getting two girls, yes it's kinda a cheesy ending, but the way she's depicted, explain why she doesn't want to choose between both Sunset and Adagio and her reasons are sound.

Oh and part two, i really thought your reasoning for why Applejack couldn't choose between the two was sound. It made sense, it was in character, and also showed her insecurities.

All in all, I just really liked this chapter Dan and Wallflower's piping up really fit the bill. :D

I honestly just want to see some interactions between Torch and Celestia, I really want to see their interactions since Torch is clearly a very big softie.
They didnt get much screen time since the series was ending, so I really want to see how they work together. ;]

That definitely was awkward enough for the two to qualify as sisters!

Aww, they're cute. I wonder how Ember will feel about get sister's love life. I mean, besides confusion and "nope, not my problem!" that is.

The awkward sisterly talk is amazing lmao.
I'm excited for that baby.
If it happens
If they consider it
If it isn't a taboo

Anything that damaged its reputation as glittering, progressive, and monster-free was always discreetly kicked from the limelight, by Mayor Ma’am’s stiletto heels if necessary.

Interesting name.

Sunset shrugged. “I bet my soul.”


“It’s only to the end of this road.” Sunset rose from the work. She winced at some grease stains on her hands and wiped them together. “You kill a speed demon, he just comes back. His end of the bet is he’s banished from Earth forever if I cross the line first. Seems like the only way to keep him down for good.”

You're planning something.

Ember took a few steps back, though nagged the whole way. “I can’t protect you! This is bad news for both of us!”

Relax. She's Joseph Joestar. She never plays fair.

“I slipped a phosphorus pellet down one of those stupid flame-exhausts while he was posturing.”


“Nope,” Sunset said around a full mouth. She swallowed and went on. “I tell you, you calm down, he knows something’s up. Couldn’t let him get suspicious the ‘rookie’ was pulling one over.”

... That's fair.

She gave a light chuckle, suddenly far more nervous than with the demon. “Has Torch said anything about marrying my mom?”

“Not the ‘M’ word specifically, no.”


“My mom is super domestic,” Sunset confided. “I think she’d be over the moon to get married for real.”

Sounds about right.

“Yep.” Ember rolled her eyes, but the smile grew. “Out of the blue, Dad started talking about how loved and appreciated I am and how no amount of additional family members will change that. Real subtle.”

Subtle as a speed demon taking a bath in kerosine.

“Hm? Oh.” Ember gave a dismissive wave. “I don’t have a mom. Dad plucked me from a trash heap when I was a baby. I don’t know who my ‘real’ parents are and I couldn’t care less.”


“Yeah, I get that.” Sunset smiled into her coffee. “Sometimes family is about choice, you know? Moms...”

Yeah. Family isn't just biological. It's the people you give a shit about and who give a shit about you.

Ember chapters requested by Marwile, Shilic, and tbh a bunch of other people in various comments. Hope you enjoyed!


The JoJo comparison is pretty valid. Joseph would absolutely have done something like this, while Jotaro would have somehow won fairly despite having no idea what he's doing. (For those playing at home, he probably didn't know anything about poker and was actually panicking so hard that he completely dissociated during what most sources call a bluff)

Harshwhinny wouldn't approve of Sunset's method, but I'm sure Redheart would've enjoyed it.

She giggled and took another sip from her juice box. “And if we run into any dolphins, we find out if any of them committed genocide against porpoises or raped their females and teach them a lesson in manners.”

Yes, Dolphins are, to quote a famous philosopher, nature's Milk Duds: sweet on the outside, poison on the inside.

I ALMOST pity the dolphins that are troublemakers, almost.

“This… um, this meeting of extremely shy aquatic shapeshifters is now called to order.”

That is, impressively specific.

“I… I’ll go next!” the cream-colored girl to her right volunteered bravely. “My name is Coco Pommel, and I’m a wereshark. It’s, um, like a werewolf but with a shark. I was bitten accidentally by a wereshark in the aquarium, who was actually just a really lazy guy who didn’t want to work or hunt. I’m a student at Canterlot High right now, but my dream is to follow Senpai Rarity’s footsteps and become a fashion designer!”

Well, I can respect laziness. Didn't expect Coco to be a wereshark though. Or to be using the term "senpai".

It helped. The girl giggled like a kitten and began to speak, though she did so with her eyes closed. “My name is Marble Pie, and I’m a siren. Um, an ‘Earth siren.’ I didn’t like to sing, so I never could hypnotize sailors and lure them overboard. My sisters stranded me on shore to die, but Mom and Dad – um, Igneous and Cloudy Quartz – found me and kept me in a kiddie pool in their garage until I was old enough to change shapes (I’m, um, kind of a mermaid in water). I met my human sisters there and I really love them. I make candles and sell them online.”

You know what? This is ridiculous enough that I believe it.

Nonetheless, she spoke with bubbly enthusiasm hence unheard in their quiet group. “Hi, I’m Ditzy Doo! I’m a changeling, so I can like take any shape I want although my normal form is gross and buggy so I stay with this.

“We drink juice boxes and eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches,” Fluttershy explained, drawing bobbing nods from the others. “If it’s warm we sun ourselves wearing swimsuits we would never, ever wear in a public area. Then we go for a swim, just enjoying the chance to be together in the beautiful ocean.”

That's cute.

She giggled and took another sip from her juice box. “And if we run into any dolphins, we find out if any of them committed genocide against porpoises or raped their females and teach them a lesson in manners.”

That's less cute.

An unexpected wave jostled the cabin, opening a closet filled with switchblade knives and metal bats wrapped in barbed wire. Coco discreetly reached over and nudged it closed.

I, I'm at a loss for words.

They did – Ditzy was neither extremely shy, nor a strictly aquatic shapeshifter. But no one wanted to be a bother or become the center of attention. She seemed nice.

Honestly that sounds about right.

The rest is me having way too much fun.

I don't blame you.

Ditzi was a changeling? Man, time flies, I didn't remember that.

How the hell did I miss this chapter getting posted?
Regardless, more Ember. I can ALWAYS use more Ember. Excellent as always.

For those out on the joke, yes, dolphins really do all that.

Dolphins are creepy...

Hunh... Marble being a siren from the human world made me ponder: By any chance is this a reference to Wubcake's sirens?

Worse part is that I’m pretty sure female dolphins do just as much raping. :twilightoops:

I remember a pickup ttrpg DM that thought rapist weredolphins would be a good encounter.

The session pretty much ended there.

You know, Equestrian Pinkie being the siren in her world would explain a lot about her. She's obviously one that feeds on positive emotions instead of negative ones.

Of course a group composed entirely of shy people would be reluctant to accept an outgoing person.
And of course none of them would be able to actually voice any objection. :rainbowlaugh:

Ditzy's good people, though. They'll be fine.

...Marble spotted some dipshit dolphins, and duty called.


Hey! A follow-up/sequel! I almost missed this due to the lack of a Wallflower Blush tag. Glad I decided to check in and see what new stories you've gotten up to!

I really like this chapter of the follow-up. In the previous story, Applejack's body-shaming kinda appeared outta nowhere, and any real mention of how her college studies applied to her job on the farm was also skimmed over, so it made them feel kinda like convenient plot devices that didn't get near the attention or potential exploration that they should've. This chapter goes far in amending that. You describe exactly what it is that Applejack doesn't like about herself, and address her self-criticism. Sunset and Adagio are both supportive, but not just by telling her or showing her that they find her physically attractive, but because they like her and find her beautiful for being Applejack. Her looks don't define her, she defines her looks, and t's that definition that they find attractive. That is a healthy attitude and a good foundation for a long-term relationship that many real-life couples could learn from.


Also, who else finds it funny that Applejack's farm suffered more financial damage from apple blight than it did from yearly incursions of giant underground monster voles?

Sunset shuffled in place. “This is nice, though. Just a quiet evening, with only us two. Doing things with the Rainbooms is super-cool of course, and our roommates are great. But sometimes you just want peace and quiet, you know? Just you and someone you’re really comfortable with, just sort of being independent together. And, you know, seeing where the evening goes, no real plans, just kind of whatever you and I want to do together, alone–”

This would be an excellent point for Wallflower to just-

“I’m here, too,” Wallflower called from her seat at a folding chair, where she controlled the character currently throwing Applejack’s from the stage.

There it is! 😆

Adagio leered. “Hey, you wanna get in on–”

“Hard pass.”

Aww. ...What? It's four attractive girls sharing the same dorm room; you can't blame me for wanting it to go all-out.

In all seriousness though, I do respect your decision to not include Wallflower in a romantic relationship at this time. Like Applejack, I think she still has some things to figure out on a personal level about her own social interactions and confidence. ...Oddly enough, even though that'd go directly opposite of her powers.

Still, I can't help but wonder...if Wallflower was ever kidnapped by some monster who was immune to her powers, or simply run over by a bus that didn't see her, would the others notice? Would they think after a few days, "Where's Wallflower?", or be too engrossed with their own relationship to realize she was supposed to be there, without her actually there to remind them of her existence? Would they just see an occasional object that belonged to her, think about her for moment, and shrug off her absence, thinking she was out of the room or in class, even if it'd been weeks or months since they'd seen her, and then go back to their lives, until the next short moment of remembrance popped up who-knows-when?

It's...just kinda sad.

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