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Betrayal always hurts, especially when it come form those you love and trust the most. When Anon-A miss brings Sunset’s world crashing down around her, she turns to the one pony she knows she can truly trust, only to find she’s not the only one who’s been betrayed by her friends. Plagued by betrayals old and new, Twilight and Sunset began to walk the road to recovery and as they do, they discover that while the road may be painful, it’s also almost as beautiful as the pony walking next to them.

Romance tag is for SunLight as well as some Starlight/Trixie that will occur in the final scene of most chapters as a background story.

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Description needs more, have no idea what this story is about beyond a vague list of shipping.

Twilight shook her head vigorously. “No, My parents,”

“But she did stop me. And she clearly didn’t think I was a monster. She took me in, taught me, cared about me, gave me,”

“That’s not true! My friends like,”

I get that you are trying to portray Twilight as being cut off, but ending the sentence with a comma is not the way to do it. It just makes it seem like the sentence is incomplete, not cut off. It would be better to end the sentence with a -.


The concept's good but the story feels rushed.

hmmmmmmm Interesting. Can't wait to see what happens next!

thanks for pointing that out, have fixed it.

The Sad tag is mostly for events that happen in the first couple of chapters, not for the overall tone of the story.

That is the opposite of how tags work. Genre tags are for the overall tone of a story, not for bits and pieces.

This sounds really good. I can't wait for more.


But seriously, this looks like it could be really good. At the very least, it is an idea I've not seen done before, and I want to see where it goes. I'll be looking forward to more of this story.

wait you have twilight memory spell herself to forget they betrayed her oh my god why does that make so much sense it would explain why she never brings it up its cause she cant remember.
wait and they dont talk about it cause they feel ashamed about it.

ok so at first you had my attention cause it was a sunset and twilight fic but now you pulled me in by making the story memorable.
i just hope the next chapter is as good as this one is.

consider my attention got

When are we getting more of this?

Soon. There's one part about two thirds of the way through the chapter that seems forced to me and I've been trying to rework it. I'll admit, I've also gotten a bit distracted working on the first chapter of the other story that's been bouncing around my head for a while. I intend to have it finished sometime this weekend, or early next week at the very latest. On the plus side, it's almost twice the length of this chapter.

I agree.
While the chapter was enjoyable it wasn't anything like I expected from reading the summary.

I think you started off really well. Keep it up.:twilightsmile:

What about anon A Miss? what will happen now?

Ok, I'm very confused about the timeframe here. This might have been said last chapter and I just don't remember, but how in the heck is Starlight here, if anon-a-miss happened before The Friendship Games? As that movie happened at the same time as Starlight's time-loop revenge?

As far as the main story goes, it was really just the event that set thing sin motion, rather than something that's going to be focused heavily on. I am, however, thinking of including a bonus chapter or two that show what's happening on the other side of the mirror. With Sunset gone things will go slightly differently, and believe me, karma will collect it's debts.

I could just just point to the AU tag, but honestly, unlike some of the other things that are going to be different from the show, this one was unintentional, I just never had a good grasp of the FIM VS EQG timeline. In this reality Anon-A-miss takes place between Rainbow rocks and friendship games in the EQG timeline and a little bit after Starlight became Friends with Trixie in the FIM timeline.

don't let the cmc walk in on them... not a talk starlight wants to have xD

Ok just incase i misunderstood, but did sunset imply that she had a sexual relationship with cadence, because thats what it sounded like, and if so i think that would be fascinating to explore .

Yes, that's exactly what Sunset implied. Ever since bad decisions make better stories first put the idea in my head, I've loved the idea of Sunset and Cadence having been marefriends before she went through the mirror portal, and I will be exploring it throughout the story.

YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :pinkiehappy: twi is going freak love it . Also good job on having twi take her suspicions to the extreme, sunset has never seen twilight at her worst freak outs, so she is taking her more serious then most. But one point i hope comes up, is that because of twilight overreaction to things it kinda makes sense her friends didn't believe her, that in no way erases the hurt and needs to be talked about though. But really good story so far

I don't know....

Sunset’s mind wandered for a moment, remembered some of the most pleasant nights of her time as Celestia’s student. Memories of slowly tearing apart another young Alicorns magical defenses and then coming up with the most creative of binding spells to cast on her played briefly behind her eyes.

That... Doesn't sound so much like a marefriend as a victim.

No, I've just always imagined the princess of love being a bit kinky, everything was entirely consensual.

Ah, okay. The part about tearing her defenses apart made me think Sunny and Celly used Cadance as a practice dummy. O_o

Oh dear, Twilight has an attack of plausible paranoia...good thing she's got Sunset.

Glad I read the comments explaining that she was doing that with Cadance, I read it as Celestia the first time. In which case..."creative" bindings eh?


Only read the first chapter so far. Pore twilight.:applecry: Though i have to admit this is an interesting take on how twilight was able to forgive them so easily after the wedding.:pinkiesad2:

Yea, I always thought there should have been an entire episode devoted to Twilight getting over how they treated her, rather than just the easy forgiveness. in fact, while I had wanted to write this general story for a while, it was reading another Anon-I-Miss fic that had twilight ranting at the Sunset's friends for abandoning her that gave this story its final form. I wondered how much of her anger might have been Twilight finally having a way to express how their other worldly counterparts betrayal of her at the wedding had hurt her without risking jeopardizing their friendship, or if the whole thing might have even brought back memories she had deliberately repressed. After that, it was just a small step to go from the idea she repressed the memories to this prologue. I'm glad you liked the idea, and I hope you like the rest of the story as well.

well cmc are gonna learn some thing they were not expecting

Oh dear...I'm seeing a sci-twi/sirens team up in the future. That's not going to end well for anyone.

During those first days, Aria and Dagi had ranted, swearing that they’d rip the hearts out of all the Rainbooms and eat them in front of their dying eyes. She’d been relieved when they’d given up on that, the last time they’d done that it hadn’t gone well. Big sunny hadn’t even seemed phased by the loss and consumption of her heart. In fact, all it had done was distract them all enough for her to shatter their shields and blast them entirely out of the Everfree valley.

Raises finger So Princess Celestia literally had her heart ripped out of her?

Sonata couldn’t see how anyone could have gotten spoiled there, she’d been poisoned no less than forty-two time, and in one memorable week six people had ended up poisoning her a total of seven times.

I see being immortal has it's advantages.

yep, ripped out and eaten by a siren. Unfortunately for them, however, being immortal certainly does have its advantages.

basicaly, aria still not taking responsibility for her own actions.


...Okay, I think all the Siren stuff was amazing. They ATE Celestia's heart and she shrugged it off? Sonata got poisoned dozens of times? I kind of thought you were going a different track with Adagio's 'pets,' but they were just ponies. Ah well.

Though, if this is Anon-a-miss, shouldn't it be too cold out for Sonata to swim? Since, you know, Christmas.

If the Sirens know where the portal is, why don't they just hop back over? Well, they'd get arrested, so...

Who's the guy who helped Star Swirl banish the sirens? Sombra? Stygian?

Ok, I’ve slightly edited the scene where Sonata describes the ponies who banished her, Sombra and Stygian didn’t even occur to me when I was that part. As for the portal, it will probably come up later, but since Starswirl both banished them and built the portal, I figure he installed a spell the prevents either the sirens, or possibly specifically their gems, from passing through it. As for how Sonata can swim in December, there are two answers to that, the logic applied to the know facts answer is that she’s a sea creature used to cold temperatures of the ocean deeps. The completely frank answer, while I’ve read a number of Anon-I-Miss stories, I’ve never read the actual comic and I didn’t realize it was set in December. Also, I’m very glad you enjoyed the siren bits, I’ve always thought they were interesting characters and have wanted to give them my own twist for quite some time now. I did think about other possible pets Adagio might have, but I’m trying to keep the stories teen rating, and it might have caused problems with the direction I’m taking them all. Also, while I’ve just always pictured her owning an entire herd of ponies, I don’t think I’ve ever read a story where she does, so I thought it might be fun.


Okay. Thanks for the clarification.

And while I know it's a horrible comic, if you're going to write a story about it it can't hurt to read it. (Well, it can, but you know)

This is really poor story set up, honestly...

It just doesn't seem believable to me that Twilight would resort to memory magic instead of working through the issue with her friends. That would give her the perspective to relate to Sunset more than most anyone, and would still keep the general theme of the story.

With this, it just seems like you're shoehorning in a way to get Twilight hurting and in a similar situation as Sunset long after she should have recovered.

This story needs some serious work. The writing is alright, but your set up is flimsy.

I am morbidly concerned that Dagi may try to eat one of the ponies.

no need to worry on that account, Adagio limits her vengeance eating to cows and zebras, she's content with simple adoration from her ponies.

Good to know. Can honestly say I don’t think I’ve ever heard of someone eating zebra before, unless you count Pearls Before Swine.

I agree. The least you could do is at least set the event of the Equestria Girls movies sometime before Canterlot Wedding.

Leaving, she wished for the thousandth time that Dagi and Aria would reconsider the “Sonata isn’t allowed to drive anything” rule, these modern cars looked far easier to drive than that Zeppelin had turned out to be, and anyway, if video games were any sort guide it would be as fun to crash them into things as it would be to simply drive them.

and that is exactly why the rule is in place

“Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!” Twilight barely managed not to hop around the park bench she’d been sitting on in pure joy as the readings on the device in her hand spiked again. She’d been at home when the sensors she kept in her bedroom had spiked the for the first time. While she’d assumed she’d have months before the next spike, that hadn’t stopped her from immediately using the new data to start finetuning her detectors. She almost couldn’t believe her eyes a couple of hours later when there was another spike of the strange energy. She’d spent a scant five minutes using the newest data to tweak her sensors before grabbing the portable sensor she’d cobbled up a couple of weeks ago and dashing to the park. She’d been ready to wait late into the night in the hope of another pulse, but this one had come even more quickly than the second. Standing up, she started to jog, if the reduction in time between the first and second, and second and third held true, she wouldn’t have much time to use the new data for finetuning. Looking down at the sensor still clutched in her hand, a wide grin spread across her face, even if there was no forth pulse she now had readings from two separate locations and, assuming the source was immobile, she should be able to use them to triangulate in on the source of these strange energy pulses.

last time I read something like this it...

Dagi’s voice trailed off, and after a few moments and Sonata started to try to wiggle out of Dagi’s grip, eager to get to the pond. For a few moments Dagi didn’t seem like she was going to let go, then she winced and did let go. As she skipped off towards the pond, she looked back for a moment to see what had distracted the eldest siren. A giggle escaped her when she saw that Dagi’s newest pet, the one who’s mane they’d dyed red and yellow, had a mouthful of her hair and seemed reluctant to release it.

red and yellow hmm like a certain unicorn

Adagio Dazzle sighed in relief as she finally convinced the pony to open its mouth. Taking care of her ponies always helped her to relax, or at least it did when they didn’t try to eat her hair. An entire herd of ponies, completely reliant on her and desperate for her attention and the treats she might deign hand out. They might not look exactly like the ones from back home, but it was still enough to make her smile.

and it’s a pony.

9222499 I disagree. I can honestly see Twilight's brain running down this exact rabbit hole. Her intelligence is the problem, as it means she can construct these elaborate explanations. As for using mind magic, that is exactly what she did in Lesson Zero.

The mind magic also obviates the need for any changes in the timeline, as her 'betrayal' will remain buried until a similar thing happening to Sunset via Anon-a-miss breaks the spell, exactly as described. It's actually quite ingenious.

Anyone word on if this is getting an update? Be a shame for such a good story to die.

Am I the only one who thinks that the Cutie Mark Crusaders' castle exploration is going to end with them ending up in the Equestria girls universe and realizing what their counterparts did, especially when they did something similar for less selfish purposes?

Aria on the other hand had simply laughed and said everybody was always eager to believe the worst of others, and that Dagi had just been spoiled by their time in the court of the Medicis. Sonata couldn’t see how anyone could have gotten spoiled there, she’d been poisoned no less than forty-two time, and in one memorable week six people had ended up poisoning her a total of seven times.

I always love when authors play with the idea of just how long the sirens have been on earth

I love this a lot so far, hope to see more updates soon chief.

WHYYYY!? Why is it the good ones always end up either hiatus, cancelled or just plain now new😭 Please continue this!😭🙏

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