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Just because the episode is over and the end credits have rolled, that doesn't mean it's the end of the story.

This is a collection of postscript scenes, things I personally feel would have (or should have) happened following the events of each episode of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

Inspired by the "Letters" style stories and "Sugarcoat Interferes in Pony History."

(Please note: I'm not writing these in any particular order; when a new postscript is added, it will be published in proper episode order, so don't always assume the latest chapter is the last one on the list!)

(Portions of the cover image adopted from "Sunset Helper #15" by Uotapo.)

Chapters (32)
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Comments ( 669 )

Huh. That's certainly interesting.

"I want to offer Starlight friendship because I don't want to be Celestia."

Ooh...burn, Tia!

I wish this had been in the episode!

I think I laughed more than I should have at this. Good Schadenfreude.

Gotta be honest; I was a little worried when you announced this. I feared it was going to be another one of those fanfics that spends more time bashing or punishing the characters the author perceives to have done wrong instead of actually addressing problems present in the episode.

Glad to see that this isn't the case with these.


Well, it's better than "Shitfire" at least...

Manehattan as a whole doesn't seem to think much of alicorns.

These are definitely satisfying epilogues thus far. Looking forward to future installments.

"Not important," Twilight said impatiently. "Look...some of the enemies we've dealt with, well...they just couldn't be reasoned with. We didn't have any choice but to deal with them in the harshest way possible. But...then there are the ones we could reason with. We have Princess Luna back because we showed her the light of friendship. Discord is reformed now because Princess Celestia was willing to take a chance on him. Sunset Shimmer is in a better place now because she made friends and changed her ways." She glanced at the door, beyond which Starlight Glimmer was awaiting her fate. "I want to take a chance on Starlight Glimmer. I want to believe she can change. I want to prove I'm a princess who doesn't just lock her problems away in Tartarus or banish them to the moon."

Reading that moment got me to applaud.
That entire paragraph is part of why I think The Cutie Re-Mark's ending works so well.

7255275 No, that entire paragraph is what would have fixed the ending of The Cutie Re-Mark if they'd gone for that instead of the pointless song.

"Would it be in really bad taste to gloat because you got in trouble with your mommy?" Starlight asked.

I have one response to that:

7255282 Honestly, I think the song was just fine. It was catchy, upbeat, and really heartfelt.
Besides, the montage that played during the song was pretty cute.

I get the feeling that if the episodes had, say, 5 more minutes to work with, at least a few of these would have actually been added to the episodes.

This one, though, I have a bit of an issue with.
Mainly because I don't see Celestia acting this way.
The portrayal of her in your epilogue to "No Second Prances" is much closer to how I imagine her acting.
Here... I don't know, it just feels off.
Probably because Mr. Stripes is a normal earth pony and not some kind of evil creature.

7255303 It's not the song, it's that they crammed it in after a completely "WTF?" scene that made no sense. Axing it to better explain Twilight's reasoning for not throwing Starlight down a hole and leaving here there would have been preferable.

God , this episode needed this ending and Twilight being called out on her bullshit.

7255389 Honestly, I think the scene made sense as it was in the episode.
The reasoning wasn't spoonfed. It relied on the viewers making careful observation of the events of the episode, and of the series as a whole, and then realizing that Twilight made the best decision.

7255416 Except she really didn't. But let's not get into that again. I've already had that argument with you and I'm sick of it.


I actually pointed out that scene on your blog review of the episode. Saying how Mr Stripes has balls for threatening somepony in front of a princess of Equestria.

Nice to see it didn't escape your sight either and give Mr Stripes is well deserve comeuppance.

Not that literally throwing her down a hole would do a whole lot to stop Starlight...

7255495 Figure of speech. I meant banishing her to Tartarus or putting her in the dungeons in Canterlot with a horn dampener or something. :rainbowwild:

7255513 On the subject of "Horn dampeners": Has there been any canon mention of such things existing? It of course would make sense that they would so I've nothing against fanfics using them even if they've not been mentioned in canon but I don't seem to recall them being mentioned off-hand.

7255698 Dampening spells were used on unicorns entering the Equestria Games for security purposes in season four.

I don't think I've heard of phoenixes being away from their owners before in other stories. It would explain why we haven't seen Philomena since then, and why Spike had to return Peewee to his parents.

Nice reasoning on Twilight's part, even if it was a shot at Celestia a little.

Eh, I admit it wasn't one of Twilight's better moments but she had her reasons and to be fair she was proven correct this time unlike the What About Discord incident. But really Twilight, Trixie, and Starlight all had their moments of being right and wrong for different reasons in this episode but none of them were really the bad guy or completely innocent either.

This chapter is a satisfying and amusing epilogue though.

Skidmark huh? It's different from some of the other ideas I've heard like "Shitfire" or "Spitball." Clever.

Never thought of Celestia reading the paper before. I can see her taking matters into her own hooves like this though and it is hilarious.

By the way; this is officially the 800th story to go into my Favorites.

Saddled with Nepotism indeed, eh Celestia?
Definitely something you've never been guilty of right?:trollestia:

:applejackconfused::pinkiegasp::flutterrage::raritystarry::twilightoops: SKIDMARK?
:rainbowlaugh: YEP! Crash & Skid Mark
:moustache: MARSH MELLOW
:duck: FIRE PIT
:twilightoops: dog eared
:pinkiehappy: frosty
:fluttercry: UM...NOTHING
:ajsmug: rodeo
:trollestia: the Boss

Oooh, Skidmark. That actually works really well.

hopefully you will write a chapter on either the best night ever or slice of life next.

Well, it's the thought that counts. Starlight Glimmer is definitely not a threat that can just be defeated and forgotten about, though what she did in "The Cutie Re-Mark" didn't exactly make a convincing case for her to become Twilight's student. At least, not without having to face the law first.

"Would it be in really bad taste to gloat because you got in trouble with your mommy?" Starlight asked.
Twilight narrowed her eyes. "Would you like to spend all night cleaning the dining room by hoof?"
Starlight considered that. "Could be worth it," she said.

This exchange still cracks me up, and Twilight's gonna need a senzu for that one.

Skidmark? Dare I ask how she got that for a nickname?

Not bad, but I feel like Twilight should be the one to lay down the law on Mr. Stripes for his actions. After all, she was actually there and Rarity is a close friend of hers. Princess Celestia only heard about Mr. Stripes through the paper article.

"Should never have left Stalliongrad..."

Indeed you shouldn't have, Mr. Stripes. :rainbowlaugh:

7255222 That something that was edited out?

Now, people say she hurt a lot of people... but she kind of didn't. Except for the Mane 6, the villagers came willingly, and had she just had the presence of mind to calmly point out that they can't yet take away cutie marks if she doesn't have hers, some of the village might have stayed. Granted, kidnapping is pretty major... Regardless, I don't know that she actually has a crime against anyone but the Mane 6 for that one, per se.

For the second, she had no clue that the butterfly effect was in play. Until Twilight dragged her along, she didn't SEE any of the bad futures. She assumed all that would happen was that Twilight's group of friends would be broken up. Due to the timey wimey ball, it's hard to say that she actually hurt anyone with that (except when she blasted Twilight, anyway), as all the destruction was caused by someone else, who ultimately must bear the responsibility.

..She was, however, mentally imbalanced. I don't know about crazy, but she did show signs similar to PTSD, as overly dramatic as that sounds.

Just my 2 bits.

Skidmark's a new one on me.

Anyway, yeah, I wanted to see something like this happen. Though it's worth noting that Rainbow Trash would have been less hurtful to RD.

Also wanted to see Spitfire get some comeuppance for trying to ditch Soarin' in Rainbow Falls, but that's another story.

We have Princess Luna back because we showed her the light of friendship.

By 'showed' you mean 'blasted her in the face with' and 'light of friendship' you mean 'mystical rainbow of evil vanquishing.'

Nice cathartic chapter. Little thing I was hoping would happen in the dialogue, just as a funny idea.

"N-nyet," he said. "Look like ready to fight dragon, actually."
Princess Celestia arched her neck to look down her muzzle at Mr. Stripes. "I have fought dragons, Mr. Stripes, and I do not look this upset when I do."

7258850 I need you to understand something very important:

This is possibly the greatest comment of all time.

7255698 The chapter book Daring Do and the Eternal Flower also features Horavian Unichain, a cylinder comprised of chain meant to encase a unicorn’s horn and cut off their magic, presented as about the most humiliating punishment you can give a unicorn.

Poor frog, but it did help get Twilight's point across.


Nah. We've pretty much seen everything. Not much fazes us anymore.

So we like to think...

There's just no helping some people. Especially people who, when given the internal combustion engine, tried to use it to acquire a farm. But that's a postscript for another episode.

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