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New Commission Rules and Patreon Pledge Rewards · 6:40pm Aug 3rd, 2016

These are my new commission rules and Patreon pledge rewards.

In order to encourage Patreon support, and because my commission rules were in need of a massive overhaul, I am making a multitude of changes to how I handle commission work and requests.

From now on, commissions are a Patreon reward for the $20/month or higher pledge levels. Commissions will no longer be charged by word count. Further details follow.


Patrons who pledge at this level or higher may bump one inactive story per month. This means that when a qualifying patron requests the bump of an inactive story, I am obligated to write and post a minimum of one (1) chapters of that story for that given month. Non-MLP stories on my website and/or Fanfiction.net may be bumped, so long as they are not rated 18+.

Click here for the list of stories that can currently be bumped!

There are restrictions to this reward:
- Certain stories may not be bumped. The following stories may not be bumped:
- Disastrous (exists on my website and FF.net, non-MLP)
- Fire in the Water (exists only on my website, non-MLP)
- Persona EG
- Mare Wars
- Sunset Nanodrive (temporary restriction, may be repealed after Persona EG is completed)
- Tomodachi wa Mahoushoujo (temporary restriction, will be repealed after Persona EG is completed)
- Any M-rated story (such as Everybody Does Sunset Shimmer or Hot For Sister).
- Anthology stories (Pony Fails, Just Girls Talking, Pony Postscripts, Sunset Vs., Coin Flip) whose update schedules depend on my having an actual idea for them. Can't force an idea to happen, sorry. :unsuresweetie:
- Any story which is marked Cancelled, such as Thirty Moons.
- Any story which is marked complete.

Patrons who pledge at this level or higher may request one of the following rewards:
* A bump to one story with a minimum of two chapters to be delivered within that month.
* A one-chapter minimum bump to two different stories.
* A one-shot commission of no more than 7,000 words* with an Everybody or Teen rating. This may be for any fandom I am actively writing, which at the moment is My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, My Little Pony: Equestria Girls, and Miraculous Ladybug. If you'd like to ask me to write something based on another property (or a crossover), run it by me and I'll see if it's doable.

Clop commissions will no longer be accepted. There are personal reasons for this. Besides, I'm a terrible clop writer. If you want to commission good clop, there are dozens of dedicated clop writers to choose from. Also, I must strongly request that you not ask me to write fetish commissions, even the ones that would pass at a Teen rating. People asking me to write their fetishes is why I don't do clop commissions anymore in the first place.

When you send me your commission request, do note that I reserve the right to ask you to provide an alternate idea if I feel your initial request is something that would be difficult or uncomfortable for me to work with.

Patrons who pledge at this level or higher may bump one story and request a one-shot commission per month. Patrons pledging at this level are also eligible for a special consideration commission, which will be detailed below.

All bump/commission requests must be made via Patreon unless you have provided your FiMF username via Patreon, in which case you can PM them over here on FiMF. This way, I'll know you're pledging at the appropriate level for your request. I will make a creator post on Patreon for this purpose once per month.

* Word count may exceed 7,000 at my discretion if the story idea inspires accordingly. Story rating may be adjusted to M at my personal discretion IF, in the course of writing the commission, I find I am unable to keep it "clean" enough for Teen.

If you are pledging at the $30/month level and you want to request a commission which exceeds the scope of a one-shot, you may request such a commission, provided you are willing to accept that this commission will span two months' rewards and you must commit to pay your pledge for both months.

For example, if you pledge for November and want me to write a 20k word story that'll be 3-4 chapters long, you must commit to pledging at least $20 for both November and December and agree that your commission request will cover your reward for both months. You will still be eligible to request story bumps during both months unless you reduce your pledge to $20 for the second month, in which case you will not be eligible for a story bump that month.

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Comments ( 5 )

So, does this mean that some of the older fics may be revived, i.e., nothing can technically be canceled?

4129981 If it's cancelled, it cannot be bumped. I will amend the rules accordingly; forgot to mention that.

This does sound interesting. I really do want to contribute but I'm not entirely sure if I can with that website, not sure how it works yet. But if you are still doing this in a few years I'll definitely give you at least $10 a month. Until then I apologize and wish you the best of luck.

Query: Is anything in the junk page of your site fair game if it complies with all the other rules (So no Hybrids, Love Doll or There Were Ten of Them), or should they be considered Cancelled?

4163958 Hmm. Didn't expect that to come up, honestly. Since it's a junk page, you can pretty much effectively consider that as not being fair game, yeah. I guess. I dunno, maybe? We'll cross that bridge on a case by case basis.

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