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As the Princess of Friendship, the only thing Twilight Sparkle loves as much as books, reading, books, making new friends, books, spending time with her friends, and...books...

...is spreading the magic of friendship. And one easy way to do that is to introduce your friends to each other.

In need of a weekend away from the castle before heading out to the Crystal Empire to spend time with her family, Twilight decides to take a little vacation to the human world...and brings three of her newest friends along.

After all, if Princess Ember, Moondancer, and Starlight Glimmer are all Twilight's friends, surely they'll get along well with each other and with Sunset Shimmer!


(Cover compiled from various source vectors.)

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It'll certainly be a fun story.
Can't wait to read the rest of it.

Well, this should be intriguing.

7277760 Shipping isn't my thing. You should have caught on to that by now. :rainbowwild:

Instant fave and track. Can't wait to see how this goes.


Same here. As soon as I saw that pic, I knew ot was gonna be good.

I have a perfectly logical reason why Ember is a human instead of a dog: The Bloodstone Scepter has the ability to protect the Dragon Lord from harmful magical effects so turning into a dog would be considered harmful to Ember and thus the power of the Scepter protected her from the transformation and instead changes her into a human since it is a familiar form. That's my headcanon at least.

7277940 I was just gonna say it was based on size, Spike is tiny so he came out in a form that could encompass his tininess, Ember is not tiny so she came out in a not tiny form. Or maybe it's just multiversal rules, as 'Spike' only existed in the EQG realm as a dog, Dragon Spike was forced into the canine form, and had there not been a Spike Dog inhabiting that world then Spike would have come out human. Or maybe the writers just needed a way to keep him in Twilight's backpack, and fanfic writers don't need to be held to that. It all works, really.

Can't wait to see where this goes...

7277980 Wow, nice overthinking, guys! My logic was just that they're different breeds of dragon. :derpytongue2:

Did...did Sunset just describe herself as a neurotic sociopath?

Twilight, you just fell prey to Geek Social Fallacy #4: All Friendships Are Transitive. Let's see where this goes!

(Dorky princess = Twilight; Rebel = Ember; Good bad girl = Sunset; Nerd = Moondancer; and the Neurotic Sociopath = Starlight. Right?)

7278103 She's the "good bad girl". :rainbowwild:

7278106 Got it in one. :twilightsmile:

Oh. So Starlight's the neurotic sociopath. That makes much more sense. I was a bit worried for Sunset's self esteem/image there.

huh, I thought Ember's horns would have turned into earrings or something.

I think that I'm beginning to get an idea of what's going to happen:

* Moondancer is Ms Social Subnormal. She's basically going to be continually saying stuff that offends without a hint of malice to it. She'll probably treat the entire human world as a massive research project;

* Starlight will probably need medication to ease down and get the stick out of her butt. She's going to be so intent on proving herself worthy of being Twilight's apprentice that she'll mess things up;

* Ember will be on full Tsundere mode; she'll try to affect being disinterested and mockingly superior whilst, just under the surface, super-keen to get to know all these people;

* I'll be genuinely surprised if there isn't at least one fight between Starlight and Ember before the weekend is up;

* They will need chains and a flatbed trailer for Sunset's car (maybe an old Jeep Wrangler painted black with red and yellow fire detailing? That fits somehow...) to get Moondancer out of the town museum;

* Goodness alone knows what will happen if they run into the Dazzlings!

This does look promising.

Princess Twilight rolled her eyes. "That's true," she said. "Take Flash Sentry for example. Here, he's..." She blushed and ducked her head, playing with her hair. "But the Flash back home, well..." She leaned in close and stage-whispered, "He's a wiener."

Well... pony-Flash has been in the Guard for a while so he's at least capable. Human-Flash?... No comment...

7278013 Makes sense. Spike seems to be a drake while Ember seems to be a regular dragon.

Equestria's(both of them) newest comedy: Everyone Hates Zephyr Breeze!

Maybe Ember's species of dragon is genetically closer to the Sirens than Spike's species?

*looks at cover image* Uh, shouldn't have DRAGON LORD Ember (She's not a princess anymore) turned into a dog? Like Spike?


Twilight's been shown to actually get to know human Flash.


Flash Sentry: "Well, better him than me".
Blueblood: "I couldn't agree more".

Good start. I'd like to see what these five can do together. I admit Ember being a human is an interesting idea but not one I'm opposed too.

Well, this looks like it's going to be entertaining. (And there has to be a story behind Ember calling Discord "old Dippy.") It'll be interesting to see where you go with this.

This definitly has quite a bit of potential

7278237 Until the movies say otherwise, that's a product of limited thinking. :rainbowwild:

7278289 I imagine I'll come up with a lot of things in this that could be expanded into sidestories. This is my first time writing Ember, so we'll see what happens...

Anxiously waiting for chapter 1!:pinkiehappy:

Ooh, another interesting story from you. Definitely a like, fav and follow. Funny that Twilight needs such a vacation from Equestria she's willing to go to another universe, but at least she's not retreating into the library again, not after the last time that happened. Though combining awkward first meetings with being different species... yeah, that's not going to end well.

Liked the way Sunset described them all, especially considering how it took a bit to figure which referred to what. Wonder if Starlight will start fighting with Sunset over which of them is Twilight's better student (based on her comment about Twilight mentioning Sunset all the time, if only the show was actually like that). Looking forward to how their weekend goes- how long it'll take them to adjust to human world. And nice to see you didn't try to instantly redeem human Shining Armor, after how bad his appearance in FG was. I do wonder if pony Pinkie sneaks over when Twilight isn't paying attention, you can never tell with Pinkie (either of them).

7278189 And maybe a couple of accidental shiplets may occur. :duck:

Interesting mix of characters. Looking forward to more.
Also 'Applebangers' ? Lol, good one! :pinkiehappy:

Can you link me the original Ember pic? :pinkiesmile:

I was on the same page as a number of other people in thinking that Ember should have been a dog (honestly, I think that would have been funny, but just personal opinion), but others' comments (including your own) have proven that's limited thinking. I like what you did with her.

This is going to be interesting. Upvoted and faved. :pinkiehappy:


No, we still hate both of them, too. They're canonical lunkheads, only desperate fanon tries to change these facts!

7278791 Don't remember where it came from, sorry. It was in my image folder on my PC. :twilightsheepish:

Mentioning Fluttershy's brother so quickly right after his canon debut. I think this is the first fanfic I've read that referenced a new character this fast.

Speaking of brothers, here are my thoughts on canon Human Shining Armor and Pony Zephyr Breeze (Spoiler covered for those who haven't seen "Friendship Games" and "Flutter Brutter", respectively):

Human Shining Armor: I personally believe that in canon, the reason why Shining sounds like a jerk in his one-scene wonder is because of Principal's Cinch's toxic influence of keeping a reputation of always winning. I always believe, like in several other fanfics, that once Shining hears about what has happened to his sister, he gives Cinch a "you suck" speech and even dissociated himself from Crystal Prep.

Pony Zephyr Breeze: This guy is such a base breaker! Some fans hate him; some thought he was fine. I'm in the later group although I couldn't sympathize with him until the scene in the woods in Act 3

Regardless, it's your story, so go ahead, make them jerks in this version. I love seeing the many, different ways a character can be. And I also love comparing and contrasting things!

I thought the exact same thing.

Of two minds as to whether Ember should have been a dog.

Enjoying so far.

I certainly did not expect a Zephr Breeze reference so quickly and yet see it work itself into a new story so flawlessly just a day after the debut! The Discord thing totally works too :D

mythril, why r u so random?

Nice reference to The Breakfast Club with the title even if I didn't get it until the end of this chapter.

This sounds really good so far. I can't wait to see how this goes.

Ah, good fun awaits. I can see the conflict stirring, and it should be great. Even still, I kind of hope to see Ember and Sunset get along as just the two of them. Maybe Ember can learn the guitar...

This sounds like the start of a great comedy.
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