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Anon and Starlight Glimmer are not dating. It certainly looks like they're dating, but they're not dating.

At least, that's what they say.

Trixie and Maud are keeping an eye on them, though.

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This was crazy but cool

they sure are great friends.

Dont know guys, I think theyre dating, But i have no proof

I liked a lot of things about this. Especially Maud Pie. Mainly Maud Pie. Keep up the good work!

Damn, my theory was that they were an acquaintance-friends. Guess I was wrong. :ajsleepy:

Zurnpex #6 · Last Monday · · ·

Why’d you tag this as Romance? There’s clearly no love, just friends being friends

Unfortunately, there is no 'friendship' tag. :ajsleepy:

My brain was flip flopping all over the place while reading this lol

“There was this whole thing involving a truck and a tractor and a girl and I guess he’s not even from the mirror and… you know what? It’s a long story, and I really don’t feel like getting into it right now. Point is, he’s a great guy.”

Did everyone get that reference from somewhere (anime)?

11945771 Maud got game

Also the ending remind me of another story that Runic made.

Didn't really help that I read this in one sitting first thing upon waking up in the morning. This one was a rollercoaster of "aww"s and "huhh?"s for me:rainbowlaugh:

Still, great read as always, Runic! :twilightsmile:

Okay, now that was cute and hilarious:twilightsmile:

Silly and hilariously entertaining.

~Best friends~

Very cute and silly. I appreciate the green coat on their kiddo. n_n

Dan #14 · Last Monday · · 1 ·

I have no opinion on Starlight shipping, other than she and Sunburst are just friends.

His flanks belong to Moondancer.

“Ugh, Trixie, please don’t tell me you need me to act as a magical fire extinguisher again! Last time you did something like this you turned poor Spike inside out.”

Poor Spike homie gets no respect


I had to read this twice. The first time I was too expectant and waiting for... idk what. Second time I took it for face value and realized what was going in, amd I loved it.

Gives me those old Trixie on the rock farm falling for Maud comic vibes.

“It’s not lying! It’s… truth bending! L-look, that’s not important! See, what are they doing now?!”

the avatar is versed in all important bending styles

“Right! Loyalty me, this is going to go great!”

This is such a Trixie thing to say! :rainbowlaugh:

Escaping The Friend Zone. Total Failure!!!
Date Platonically. Success
Marry Platonically. Success
Have Family Platonically. Success

Decoding Encrypted Data

David: I think they may be on to us.
Starlight: Impossible! We've been so subtle that Cadance herself couldn't sniff out our secret
David: Your right, I was just being paranoid but we should keep our guard up as one slip up is all it takes for them to find out

Well, they aren't dating all right. They are pseudo-dating! A term I never even thought of until now.:rainbowlaugh:

i uh... what the heck was that?!
it's like my brain just stopped working and has to reboot.
this was so confusing!

they are just doing this to mess with Trixy

“They’ve just been engaged in romantic activities for several years, got married, and then had a child. As friends are known to do.”


Eh, it was a story mostly focused on just two really good friends.

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