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Greetings World. You may call me Nyronus. I write stories, among other things. My hobbies include existential ennui, being Princess Luna, and Saving the World. Feel free to hit me up on Steam to chat!


Cheerilee has, by and large, been detached from the events at the School of Friendship. She heard the rumors about a total meltdown at the school, and even worse ones about a diplomatic incident that followed, but by and large, she's simply wished Twilight well and went about her business of helping all the young ponies of Ponyville grow.

Then, one day, not too long after the School of Friendship reopened, a new young mind flies into her life.

Special thanks to Cynewulf and Skeeter for giving this story a once over and assuring my stress addled brain that it wasn't total garbage, and to Jack of a Few Trades, for whom the story was written, and whose own work served as an inspiration.

Written for Jinglemas 2018.

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A fantastic story! Lots of great development for Cheerilee and Silver Stream! :eeyup:

This story is heckin' tight, yo :moustache:

Dan #3 · Jan 2nd, 2019 · · ·

Please continue with Cheerilee meeting and bonding with the other student six?

Cheerilee is what a teacher should be when they don't let political indoctrination get in the way of love of learning to set the children free.

I love your Silverstream.

You know when you rewrite one sentence, then forget to rewrite another sentence whose grammaticality depends on the first sentence? We need a word for that. Anyway, that happened:

So, were you around when Discord showed up?”

I shuddered.

“Sometimes I’d rather forget that I had. I’m still surprised Fluttershy was able to turn him around.”

I wouldn't have dared to write this, but it made me laugh:

“He’s staff at the school now!”



This is a great way of showing how Silverstream affected Cheerilee's mood by "showing, not telling", even though literally it's telling:

On a second read, Snips’ paper wasn’t so bad afterall.

(But it turns out that afterall isn't a word after all.) :coolphoto:

admiring the Princesses’s handy work,

That would be handiwork, unless the work comes in handy. (Though pony princesses are more hoofy than handy. )

Sandbar had managed to make himself quiet the band of friends.

That's his role--to keep the New 6 calm.

... how did you make the horizontal red line before the last paragraph of the story? :derpyderp1:

One was rewatching all of the Student Six focused episodes and seeing how a lot of little things Silverstream does ties back into the idea that she has spent almost her whole life in hiding in some way.

I never thought of that, but it makes sense. Very nice story.

Absolutely adorable.

I really, really enjoyed this one, Ny.

What a beautiful story. Silverstream needs a hug, and Cheerilee needs a raise. And you, dear author, need a fave and follow. A very merry Christmas to you, and a happy New Year.

Teacher-student stories are the best and this is a really good one.

Wanderer D

Pretty sweet story dude, your Silverstream is pretty awesome.

:trixieshiftleft: I feel horribly, horribly betrayed. I'm reading a story with lots of little bits of cute fluff, a showing of a budding friendship between Silverstream and Cheerilee. Then we reach the bathroom scene. :fluttercry: Just rip my heart out why don't you. :heart: Suddenly feel so bad for the silly little hippogriff.

A bit more seriously though, that is well done. It was incredibly unexpected and got me emotional, but not so out of place as to cause mood whiplash at least on my part.

Fireworks PTSD trigger for hippogriffs, huh? Interesting headcanon. This was well done, good job.

But you mixed up 'quite' and 'quiet' again.

This is really sweet, and I'm glad you found so much depth to Silverstream. She's a really under-utilized character in fics imo.

Her whole speech to the fake Storm King in What Lies Beneath was surprisingly emotional to me upon rewatching it a couple of times. Something about the way that her VA delivered her lines really hit home and made me think about Silverstream as a survivor of trauma who's just so glad to be alive rather than just, like, the bird version of Pinkie Pie. Pairing her with Cheerilee was a great choice.

Good shit.

Oh gosh, I could go for another fic of just this, Cheerilee and Silverstream interacting. Well done! :twilightsmile:

This is a precious cinnamon roll turned up by eleven :heart::twilightsmile:

This was a beautiful story. Damn, what an exploration of SIlverstream, and of Cheerilee's role as a teacher and what that means outside of a classroom:twilightsmile:

Excellent, crushed it out of the park.

Oh, nicely done! :twilightsmile:

If I had to assume what your core goal in writing this story was, I'd say that you achieved it. I smiled a lot.

I don't believe in 10/10s; unfortunately, we'll have to settle for 9.9/10.
: )

Vietnam flashbacks

This was a cute and sweet story.

Kudos my dude. You've done a great job.

This was outstanding work. Just great characterization for both Cheerilee and Silverstream. I love it!

Too much adorable hippogriff! This was a lovely story, and may I say excellent characterizations all around.

This was a nice, heartwarming little one-shot. Every character here feels spot-on, so much so that I could easily see these events playing out in one of the official IDW comics.

Brilliant work with both characters. You capture both at their best and even include analyses on why that's their best. A wonderful read from start to finish. (I especially love Cheerilee's buried resentment over the Mane Six being professors all of a sudden.) Thank you for this.

This was very sweet, and I loved what you did with Sliverstream. Nice work. :twilightsmile:

That was a pretty good story. Silverstream is my favorite of the Young Six, a huge part of the redeeming value of Season 8, and she is so in character here.

Don't worry, Silverstream. The Storm King is dead. He'll never threaten Hippogriffs, Equestria, or cuteness again.

I always wanted to do a fanfic reading and was wondering if I could try with this one

Math books are heavy


Thanks for sharing! :pinkiehappy:

What a delightful story, a splendid Cheerilee and adorable Silverstream. I was bit late with reading it, though, and I should have done that sooner. It also holds up incredibly well in light of the ending of the show.

Thank you for the story.

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“Heh, yeah. Friendship is magic and all that.”

Haaaa lol very clever I like that 🤣

“Sorry, Miss Cheerilee. We learned about the Wonderbolts today, and they sounded so cool, I just wanted to try some of their tricks.”

Well I did remember she wanted to be a Wonderbolt in her dream

“Oh! No! I met this pony named Lyra sitting like this and it just looked so different, I wanted to try it!”

Lol of course Lyra would do something like that she still can't break that habit of hers

“She was scared by the fireworks. They trained their children to be afraid of loud noises incase the Storm King attacked.”

Poot silverstream she really have a bad PTSD of the Storm King 😔

Awww this was a very nice story of Miss Cheerilee and silverstream and how much they interact with each other this could have been great to see in the show to be honest with you maybe even interact with the young 6 it is pretty interesting to see how silverstream a admire miss Cheerilee to give her the knowledge and encourage her to be the best and the part that really like how miss Cheerilee try to comfort silverstream when she started having PTSD about the Storm King might comeback which he's never going to hurt you silverstream this was a pretty good story keep up the good work


Hearing my story reached out to someone in such dire straights is the highest compliment you could pay me.

You're welcome.

“With your school? Building friendship between Equestria and all races, and all races with each other? Then no bully like the Storm King will ever be able to divide us up and take us down one by one again, right?”

G5: Yea, that didn’t age well.

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