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Greetings World. You may call me Nyronus. I write stories, among other things. My hobbies include existential ennui, being Princess Luna, and Saving the World. Feel free to hit me up on Steam to chat!


I had a pretty good life. They called me Spit Shine, I worked in the palace, cleaning this, doing that. Hell, I even got to talk to the Princess, and learned all sorts of interesting stuff. It was stimulating, prestigious, and hey, call me weird, but I liked the work.

Shame I was also secretly a changeling infiltrator with a name too annoying to pronounce in polite society trying to observe and potentially subvert your nation state.

I mean, these things happen.

Of course, you'd be surprised what you can learn about a pony when you have a different perspective.


Original Concept by SoloBrony

Grammar-Less-Suckification by CarcinoGeneticist

Vector by Ackdari

Brand new Spanish Translation by Spaniard Kiwi!

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I find this story to be hilariously serious.:moustache:
Seriously hilarious.:unsuresweetie:
Which ever one that means both.:ajbemused:

A nice, heartwarming story. Concise, getting the emotions across in a clean, straightforward way. The characters had a nice voice to them, and the interactions were fun. Definitely an enjoyable read. Thanks for sharing it!

I assume ponies have the legal right to change their names when they get their cutie mark. Otherwise it becomes predeterminism on a nightmarish scale.

He's a traitor!

Nuuu why one shot, its great and funny. Damn you could make it longer atleast

You dumb shit you could have left a note

Also, I wonder if changelings can do a Barbarian Honk..


This comment is Nyronus Approved.

But but the autopsy! I mean seriously, I'd 'wake up' with a quickness if I thought I was about to be cut open.

While I enjoyed the story may I critique the chosen tags?


Adventure - This is not an adventure.
Comedy - Appropriate.
Random - Uh? This isn't what Random is for.


Character tags should be about the main characters the story revolves around, in this case it's Changelings and Celestia.

Final verdict: Comedy, Celestia, Changelings.


There's a chase scene and some back and forth about cloak and dagger stuff, so adventure seemed appropriate. It was also sort of an odd, silly story, so Random seemed appropriate.

I may drop Rainbow Dash and Luna's character tags though. I'll think about it.

Wanderer D

The name alone makes me want to read this.


I know the guy. I can vouch for the decency of the fic.

~Skeeter The Lurker

If you mean poking somebody’s corpse with a ruler in a morgue.
You were the only changeling specimen we’d ever had!
That was the future of the hive you were prodding!
I thought you were dead.
That doesn’t make it any less creepy!

:rainbowlaugh: You didn't even have to spell it out anymore who he was getting interrogated by after this.

I liked it. This feels like one of those setups for a larger story. Spit Shine the Changeling Butler Super Spy is one of those things you could really spin more out of.

Wanderer D

Aww. I like it! Have an upvote.


Toooooooooooooooooooold ya.

~Skeeter The Lurker

6971210 I have periodically mulled over an idea about that. If I actually ever try to write it, I'll call it the Bureau of Foal Nomenclature.

Nice characters portrayal
Take an upvote

“Touché, Your Majesty. This is why only an amature actually tries to impersonate a real pony.”

This line alone gets an upvote and a favorite from me.

There needs to be a a group for stories like this, humour with actual wit, rather than just silly premises (the're alight and all, but its nice to have intelligent humour every now and then).

This was a clever short story! I loved it, especially that one-liner ending. Nichts' voice was great to read, the central conflict was fresh and a great blend of lighthearted and serious, and everyone seemed well in-character.

I'm not gonna lie, Nicht somehow ended gaining Yahtzee's voice (the dude from zero punctuation) and it made it infinitely better

I enjoyed this story. Good work.

could you imagine a pony with the name Brain Surgeon getting a cutie mark for driving a garbage scow?

6972838 If I may weigh in...

We don't call Hamlet a comedy because it has a few jokes. By the same token, we don't call a story that's really just a conversation an adventure. Adventure is when action takes up a large majority of the work, and is quite clearly the central focus. Here, the focus is on the humor of Nichts' situation and his ethical dilemma.

As for Random... We call something random when it seems like something you only come up with after roleplaying as Pinkie Pie for twenty years while high on cocaine. This follows a coherent plot, and the idea is perfectly logical. Not random.

However, it is funny.

I'd also definitely argue that Luna and RD do not play a large enough role to warrant tags.

I enjoyed this quite a bit.

This is magnificent. If I was in charge of Nitch's case I would be drinking with him and talking about Immigration papers. One of my OC's Folklore just loves to work with defectors. :rainbowlaugh:

Wait a tic. did Celestia actually know that Nic was a changeling before he bolted? Or was she going to say something else? It's never said. And I need to know! SAINTS AND PROXIES I NEED TO KNOW! Insert drawn out cry to the heavens for dramatic emphasis here.

I'd change the wording due to some possible, association.
How about the Department of early foalhood nomenclature or something...

Hilarious and cute. That last line does seem to imply a happy ending. :pinkiehappy:

amature > amateur

You should do more of this.

Wonderfully story, had me smiling the entire time.

...What is the title of the book?

to hard to pronounce, call me Nichts

I think that should be 'too hard'?

I've reread it once or twice and Nichts talking about Celestia poking at his corpse gets me every time :fluttercry:

Sucks that this is a oneshot. I'd have liked to see more of this. Maybe about his time working for Celestia and some of the aftermath of his capture.

Love it.

This story actually relates a bit to one of mine that I've yet to publish. In which a changeling close in proximity to Celestia is uncovered by her. A bit more goofy, but this one turned out really good. Very enjoyable read. :twilightsmile:

On a scale of E.T. The Video Game to Thin Mints, this is a solid Spaceballs The Flamethrower.

Very nice! Have a "favorite" and an upvote!

“Seems your mercy has melted the black heart of the enemy, dear sister.”


This was good!

I'm kind of confused by why I put off reading this for so long. I think for some reason, I thought it was like, 30,000 words long instead of 3,000 words. :applejackconfused:

Ah well. Read it now and enjoyed it. Yay for changelings!

I reviewed this as part of Read It Now Reviews #75.

My review can be found here.

7051123 thanks for turning me on to it.

Very fresh and original, and 'Nichts' should get more page time. The character seems perfect for a series of vignettes or a similar format.

What a fun little story, I enjoyed the gruesome asides about Chrysalis as well. I wonder why Nichts never thought to just slip away, then write a letter to Princess Celestia telling her he's actually fine?

They used it to fake out predators.

Yeah, no. That's going to have the opposite effect and get them eaten by said predators, or other scavengers attracted by the smell of blood.

Well, that's certainly one way to start bridging the gap between the species. Still, I can't imagine Chrysalis was happy about this when she heard the news.

This is genius… and also too short :ajsmug:

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