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It isn't easy being the only changeling in Canterlot High — fitting in is difficult, starvation is a real issue, and the fear of getting caught is always present. To make matters worse, Bug Bee has more to worry about than just himself.

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A changeling in the modern world? Color me impressed!

6948283 :) It could happen :D

I never knew I needed this, but apparently I do. Thanks Lise. :D

~Flare/Colton/Nightmare Loopy/whatever the heck you wanna call me.

Very cute Lise. Very cute indeed.

Principal Celestia and Trixie both give him so many likes because Celestia wants to sell the school's credentials by bragging about how they have royalty going there, and Trixie covets royalty. Or something.

(Yes, I know they don't know. Or do they? Dun dun dun :rainbowlaugh:! )

6948440 :) Thankee! :D Glad you enjoyed :) And remember - only you can stop wildfires... Err feed changelings! :P

6948707 :) Thanks :D Glad you enjoyed.

6948745 :) One of them knows... (Not even joking :D)


Weeeeeellllll technically a lot of other people can feed the changelings since we have so many members so yeah

I liked this. Original take on the changeling starving thing I presume.

6952781 :) Thanks. Well, everyone must eat to survive :D

Pretty fun read. You've got my Like.

6952981 :) Thanks! Tastes like watermellon :D

6952863 Oh of course. The only thing is... Do you plan on continuing this?

6953162 Not for the moment, no :)

Sequel please. This is awesome.

"Who is number one!" she asked darkly

You are Number Six!

6953351 :) Who knows? Glad you enjoyed :D

6954571 :D I'm not a number, I'm a free pony!

Interesting. Not many ideas like this in the places I go. Kinda takes "to kill an elephant with ant bites" in a whole new direction and I approve. Keep on keeping on and I hope your travels are as unique as this one.

6955579 :) Thank you :D There's nothing more fun than experimenting :) Will try to write mor stuff for you to enjoy.

Awww, that was so touching that I... oh dear Celestia I just fed a changeling... CURSE YOU AND YOUR ADORABILITY! YOU THINK YERSELF CLEVER!? THINK YOU WILL GROW FAT AND POWERFUL FROM MY LI- oh hey! Cool stuff! *Like*

. . . Clever Bug...

6956438 :) Mmm. Orange caramel with a hint of mint :D

Ok, this is totally awesome. Have a like and a thumbs up. :pinkiehappy:

6956607 :) Thank you :D
Tastes like raspberry pie :)


I only regret that I have but one like to give to this changeling.

6957294 :) One like, but worth 50 calories!
Mmm chocolate mousse :)

This story is so incredibly creative and I love it. I almost feel ashamed that in all the times that I've speculated about changelings in the past few years I'd never come close to thinking of this idea myself.

It's too bad I can only give Bug one Like.

7011331 :) Many thanks :D
Tastes like marshmallows :D

Okay, one quick comment on something that stood out early on:

First period was Astrology — one of my still not so favourite classes.

Uh, I think you mean Astronomy. That's a legitimate thing to study; Astrology is pseudoscience like horoscopes and such and wouldn't be studied in a high school.

The biggest upside is Bug Bee as a character. His struggle and his plot to use Tumblr to keep himself fed is quite clever. His relationship with the other girls, Flutters and Derpy in particular, is pretty cute too.

The presentation of the story feels a little too talky, though. It begins quite well, but the last half of the story is just a conversation that explains everything else. It would have been more interesting to have it drawn out a little longer and more gradually reveal this information in the same clever way that the first half of the story unfolds, with Bug Bee narrating it. That way, the tension about Sunset catching him and what her reaction would be (or anyone else's for that matter) could have been held out a little longer.

Still, overall it's a pretty cute idea and a fun original character.

7012215 :D It actually is Astrology (being Luna and all), though maybe I should have gone with Astronomy...(second time it's been pointed out)

True on the talkiness. O:) Will try to fix that with a multi following Bug's experience from the time he goes through till present day :D

Huge thanks for the mini-review :)))

Howdy, Lise! I've reviewed this story along with a few others. You can read it here. :twilightsmile:

7014144 :D Thankee!

This was a cute idea. I liked it!

I hadn't read one of your stories since last year. You've written like 20 things since then. You've been a busy writer! :pinkiegasp:

7055419 :D Thankee :) The changeling population is most thankful :)))

Well, I'm still learning so I try to write daily (don't always manage to ... :/) In any event is fun, at least :D

I reviewed this story as part of Read It Later Reviews #44.

My review can be found here.

7058507 :D Yay :) Many thanks :)))

(TD sent me)

"How did they react when you said you were a prince?"

Either I'm missing something obvious, or this is too ambigious. And it being at the very end doesn't help - I left the story being confused, which ain't a good thing.

Otherwise, alright witten and an interesting premise. :twilightsmile:

7060122 :) Thank you :D
Glad you found the premise amusing. :)
The prince was a distant reference to him being Chrysalis' son. (Along with the blue hair reference :)) Sorry for the confusion.

At some point might make a multi based on the idea, to explain a few of the things :)

Well, that's one way of getting away from an overbearing parent.

"Dear Mom.
Enclosed please find the majority of this weeks harvest. Give Aunt Gladis a kiss and a hug for my 37,540 siblings. Talk to you later.
Prince Bug"

7060549 :D
Well, at least he's doing something positive, as Chrysalis would say. It's almost like getting a job after the constant partying he did before (while "infiltrating" the Crystal Empire). :D

7060620 I don't see why you can't get a job like your brother and stop hanging around the hive all day. You should go out into the world, meet ponies, and suck them dry, like my mother did, and my mother before her. Instead, all you do is sit around all day and play on that infernal machine. Internet likes, HA! In my day, we used to have to cocoon a pony for a whole day to get some love out of them. Grubs today are so spoiled.

7060856 :D That might be fun write - the Bee-Chrysalis correspondence. :)
I don't even want to think how he'll explain Derpy... :)

"Dear Mom,

Now please don't freak out, but I've found this nice girl here... She's not exactly a changeling, but she cooks really well (I'm never going hungry with her around, I tell you.). Please don't grumble! Times have changed, and I could be with someone who on,y has one shape, if I want to!

P.s. Please don't ruin this wedding - it'll be embarrassing if you show up like someone else and try to take over the realm... again. You never understood me!

Love (sending a bit more since it's Valentine's),


I enjoyed the story Lizzy, keep it up. :pinkiehappy:

Oooooh, that was so incredibly cute. I'd abuse the hell of the like system to feed a Cuteling.

Very nice idea, saw something similar once, thought it was about Chryssie stuck in our world as a result of the love spell. She ended up discovering the show and starting a tumblr where she'd post her photos and write as herself, passing it off as CGI work. It went so well she got really fat and had to start pacing herself and work out.

I like that Bug stayed loyal, too many fics have Chryssie's children hating her. Maybe in time he could even be the catalyst for peace between changelings and ponies.

*gives a like - feeds a changeling - snugs a lovebug*

7087638 :D Thanks :) Bug and the changeling population thank you :)

Wow, never came across that. Do you remember the name of that fic? Would be interesting to check out :)

7090689 My heart always melts when I see happy changelings.

I think it was Her weight in affection https://www.fimfiction.net/story/30760/her-weight-in-affection

Have like as my regards to the good changeling. I hope it tastes like saltines.

7090732 :D Thanks, I'll be sure to check it out. :)

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