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I mostly post mature works. There may still be some worksafe posts though. For my non-pony smut works visit my Ao3 page.


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Greetings followers,

Growth Spurts has unfortunately been giving me writer's block lately, so I found myself tinkering with other projects for a while, and it actually resulted in me publishing a new story!

As you can probably tell from looking, this is a sequel to Purely Scientific Interest, my first published ponyfic, and it's actually been sitting on the back burner for well over a year, probably more like two. I had an idea that dug into my brain and I pumped out a few thousand words on it with the help of Idylia, and then it sorta fell by the wayside as my focus turned solidly to Growth Spurts for a while (or as much as my glacial pace can charitably be called 'focus').  But now the tables have turned and this story was my outlet while writer's block happened.

Thanks muchly to Bootsy Slickmane for providing an excellent cover art. He also does lots of great cover art for my buddy Dragonshadow, a much more consistent writer than I've ever been. Check them both out if you haven't.

Also thank you to Carnifex, for creating a VERY nice scene interpretation piece for me. I've linked his safe for work blog, but you'll probably find it on his NSFW blog instead. Don't worry, he has it pretty clearly linked from there. :rainbowwild:

Anyway, hopefully I can get back on GS now, but don't be surprised if the next new posting you see from me is more of this.

Oh, and very sorry for not posting anything since like July. I'm a snail, as usual.


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Have this watch, you've earned it!


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Well, I've heard this name before.

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Huh. I thought I was following you already.  Well, time to rectify that!  :)

/Her Majesty's Secret Service was awesome, btw.

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Thanks for the comment!

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Go for it!  I'm kind of a slow writer, but I'm definitely still writing. :rainbowdetermined2:

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