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On the Sliding Scale Of Cynicism Vs. Idealism, I like to think of myself as being idyllically cynical. (Patreon, Ko-Fi.)


Because when her Pinkie Sense is going off and she just knows somepony's been denied the birthright which is their birthday celebration, she'll go anywhere and do anything to make it right. Even if anywhere means heading deep into a changeling hive, and anything is... well, anything!

But she'll do whatever it takes.

Birthdays are important.

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I liked it!

Very interesting story...and would love to see more. Especially liked how Pinkie Pie was able to deal with things, by being Pinkie Pie.


Chrysalis: "Pinkie pie is in the base?!"

Stream of consciousness from the perspective of Pinkie Pie. Not bad at all!

This was so cute. Pupa Pie!


That... might possibly be the weirdest story you've written to date. But, y'know, it worked. I liked it. It was happy and sad and happy.


That... might possibly be the weirdest story you've written to date.

If I'm writing first-person, near-real-time Pinkie and it's coming across as the weirdest thing in my catalog, I'm going to call it a success.

It was happy and sad and happy.

Ibid. :pinkiehappy:


I figured I was a whole lot of years too late for "ALL YOUR BASE BELONG TO EARTH PONY."


I figured I was a whole lot of years too late for "ALL YOUR BASE BELONG TO EARTH PONY."

It's never too late! :rainbowdetermined2:

So Pinkie has a Changeling Queen larvae with her now? OH BOY. Twilight is going to flip.

Estee, is this technically a part of the Continuum? I know it isn't marked as such, but that key phrase "under Sun" crops up twice, & I'm reasonably sure you don't use it outside of the Continuum stories. Also, I haven't the slightest idea of where it would fit in the Continuum timeline.


No, this one's outside 'verse continuity: I said so in the Patreon announcement post and left the usual "part of the Triptych Continuum" paste out of the long description. I just didn't want to switch out the entire established vocabulary. (I'm also sort of at the point where some of the key terms slip out automatically.)

However, if changelings ever do make a significant (and much more detailed) appearance in said 'verse, this story does contain a few details about how they operate -- and a few of the terms seen were taken from the Captcha inspiration detailed in this blog post. At least part of the rest was a toy commercial.

And yes, this means that in no small way, this entire story is 7147796 's fault.

I'd make a Team Fortress 2 reference, but I see someone has beaten me to it. Let's just take a look at the text...

Pinkie is very committed to the concept of first-person perspective. If the paper says "I," then clearly it's the paper doing the speaking. Pinkie Logic at its finest.

Hmm. Size corresponds to intelligence and leg porousness. Biological caste system or different levels of starvation?

Pinkie can make friends anywhere. Anywhere.

Wait a minute. This bit with the shed chitin sounds familiar... Aha! You actually used some! Neat.

Huh. I'm really not sure if there's some kind of mental deadening effect as Pinkie goes deeper, or just worsening hivewide depression.

Yeah, Pinkie has some combat experience at this point. Even if she doesn't have a party cannon or lever-action unicorn handy, she can hold her own fairly well.

I see Imaga is a firm believer in Death of the Author. In multiple senses. A shame that underestimating ponies and clutching the villain ball seem to be universal traits among changeling queens.

In all, a fantastic story of a truly heroic Pinkie, and a truly Pinkie hero. Bizarre, fascinating, and funny at the most unexpected times, just like the star. Thank you for it. A shame we don't get to see Ponyville's reaction to Pupa, but I can still imagine it.


I see Imaga is a firm believer in Death of the Author. In multiple senses.

I just barely got through the section where Pinkie's constantly having to switch up her old Zecora song lyrics without having her make a comment about how much editing yourself svcks.

I like to think every Queen is stupid in their own special, semi-related way.

"So I charge her, knock her off her hooves, and press her horn into the pool.":pinkiecrazy:

7147899 I like this idea. New headcanon acquired.

Fun story, although it is a bit cliche to have the Evil Overlord's fortress come with a big red (or green) "SELF-DESTRUCT" button. :pinkiehappy:

(Mentally visualizes Pinkie wearing her discarded chitin "disguise".) :applejackunsure:

Well, it's not quite as bad as wearing the skins or parts of the skeletons of your foes...more like a costume made out of their hair and toe and finger nails? (Which might be seen as even creepier in some ways). :raritycry:

This was sweet and eccentric in the strangest way, and I really like that. Thumbs up!

Good story, Estee!

Hnnnnng Pupa :pinkiesad2: So cute! :rainbowkiss:
I'm sure every writer gets this from a oneshot, but I'll just say I'd love to entertain a series of first person writings surrounding Pinkie and her adopted grub-daughter :derpytongue2:
All the way up to when she's old enough to read this note and get all misty eyed :raritycry:

Ha! It's not often you see an Arlo Guthrie reference.

Comment posted by Adam Jensen deleted Apr 22nd, 2016


Would love to see this continued

Wanderer D

Are you sure putting your "Patreon" link in the space reserved (and not used) for your description is the best place for it? Seems rather... tasteless to plaster it there in the face of all your potential readers.


Or if it has more effort put into it than the descriptions themselves.

Sequel please? :) :pinkiesad2:

Love the imagery for the smells (imagery? Scentery?), culminating with

doused in hydrocholeric acid

Though I have to ask, is this Pinkie misspelling 'hydrochloric', you misspelling it, or is there some sort of acidic solution based on cholera that we should avoid?

All of your base are belong to Pinkie Pie.

Also, you mentioned "hydrocholeric acid." Are you sure you don't mean "hydrochloric acid?" Cholera is a disease, while hydrochloric acid is an acid comprised of hydrogen and chlorine (and a couple other things, but no one cares about them).

'You can get anything you want, at Pinkie Pie's restaurant...'

7148943 Arlo Gutherie is touring late this year I believe.

That was a wonderfully silly romp.:rainbowlaugh:

Edit: I just wanted to add that I really liked how your Pinkie kept her essential "pinkieness" without being flanderized into a goofball or an idiot.

This story makes it seem like the Changeling troops' mindlessness is less an inherent trait and more a survival trait that came about as the result of generations of living under a tyrant who does not take kindly to independent thought.

It does beg the question: how exactly DO Changelings reproduce in canon? Do they even reproduce? In Fiendship is Magic they're apparently the spawn of a rotten acorn falling into a pool of dark magic under a graveyard -- the resemblance to horseflies (get it?) might be due to the death and decay inherent in their creation. Given that they were born from an acorn, it's possible that their reproductive cycle might have less in common with insects and more in common with plants.

Remind me a bit of the Flores from G1 MLP: plant-like monsters who use their ability to look like someone trustworthy to infiltrate places so they can later suck them dry. (Best part about that episode was that they were being chased by Optimus Prime).


That was pretty much a one-time accident. Normally (as the "normal" of "it's been less than a month since the launching traffic ticket") it would have come at the end of the long story description and my usual "this is part of 'verse X" paste. That usually would have put it well out of the portion visible on the front page, and probably into the "More" section on this one. But this was just the first (and probably only) time I've had a single-word description on both the short and long forms. For the short, I thought it looked comedic, and on the long... I wasn't sure how much to give away, and ultimately decided to just echo. I didn't think about where that would put the Patreon link because I'm not used to thinking about that link at all. And since the story isn't connected to my main work...

I'll try adding a few blank lines and see if that gets it out of the visible text on the front page. (I also wasn't expecting to get in the box.)

Okay, that did it. And I apologize if that came across primarily as advertising. It wasn't intentional.

(And for the actual nothing it's worth, Patreon sponsor increase count from this story at the time of this posting: zero.)

(SS&E I still ain't.)


Fun story, although it is a bit cliche to have the Evil Overlord's fortress come with a big red (or green) "SELF-DESTRUCT" button

I'm treating it like Phil Foglio's completely implausible coincidence: every writer is entitled to cash in one per lifetime. Besides, that may be Imaga's specific problem. For this genre, as a villain, "Hi, I'm just a little bit cliche'" just about works out to "Have you defeated me in humiliating fashion yet?"


They're seldom seen in the wild -- but the jumping around was one of the images I built this on.


My typo. (I've been in a weird humor lately.) Thanks and fixed.

I enjoyed reading this style of writing. It’s a bit like watching a live commentary of Pinkie’s life.

Flank whipping. Huh.

This was a lot of fun to read! It has pinkie's tone, and the story was interesting in how it described her decent into the changeling hive. Nice amount of detail too it as well, with the different changeling types and description of architecture.

Thats was fantastic, and that moment ... I don't know what to then I'm gonna punch it xD its so random its so Pinkie Pie


hydrochloric acid is an acid comprised of hydrogen and chlorine (and a couple other things, but no one cares about them)

Nobody cares about them because they don't exist. Hydrochloric acid's chemical formula is HCl. It's just an ionic bond between a hydrogen atom and a chlorine atom.

7149169 The Queen chernglerng lays eggs which pop open when a pony leans over to look at them, and this crab-thing jumps out and wraps around the pony's face and injects a larva down their throats...


...where it grows for a while and then... comes out. :fluttershbad:


You DID ask! :pinkiecrazy:

I use my vast telepathic powers to compel you to write more of This!





...Is it working yet?


I'm gonna keep trying. You do your thing.

This is actually really sweet. I want more Pupa!!

7149481 You're right, I'm sorry. I was thinking of a completely different form of molecule. I was really tired at that point in my life. (It was 0100 and I had recently finished watching Shakespeare's Henry V, so I said, "Meh, I'll read one silly fic before bed." Failing to remember the chemical symbol for hydrochloric acid is the result of that.)

It's very big of you to apologise. I mean, it still hurts a lot, but I accept that you're sorry and you've learnt from your mistake. I'll get over it in time. Don't worry about me…

Congratulations. Your Pinkie Pie has evolved a PuffleFluff. :pinkiehappy:

Can we get more pinkie adopts a changling queen nymph? I am guessing thats what happened at the end.

And I thought about the wedding and I said we wanted to kill. I mean, I want to kill, only not really. I wanted to see blood and gore and guts and veins in my teeth, I mean, kill, kill, kill! And I started jumping up and down, yelling KILL, KILL, and he started jumping up and down with me, and we were both jumping up and down yelling "KILL! KILL!" and all the medium ones were chanting "KILL! KILL!" and the little ones were bouncing off the walls not yelling "KILL! KILL!" but they would have if they could until the big one stopped jumping.

Been listening to good old Arlo?

Aw, Pinkie's got a daughter now! :D

I think this is great story. I very very much enjoyed it. Do you think highly of it too? I hope so. It's exceptional, and bittersweet, and exceptionally bittersweet, and descriptive to a T, and paced, and enriched with humour and pathos. I came for curiousity about a one word description, and found a great story hid behind it.

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