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Comment posted by Ripple deleted Mar 13th, 2017

2096690 Ah, so it was RC being an idiot w/ a persecution complex after all. I'm not even slightly surprised.

2096350 it was apparently his " fix fics" ( where he would rewrite other peoples stories and make tehm fit his worldview) when " would it matter if I was" came out, Rc and several other people wrote fix fics of it which dominated the feature box for like three days. The mods disliked this trend and banned fixfics. Recently RC tried to submit a fixfic to a shortskirst and explosions fic ( which I find hilarious since shortskirts once wrote a story explicitly about realitychek) the mods told him these kind of stories were banned and he would never get it approved. He screamed discrimination( in his head the only reason fix fics were banned was an attack on him) and stormed out in a huff.

2095606 Yeah, his stories have all been removed. Though his userpage is still here, if only to inform any fans of his stories to go to AO3. I for one am not too sorry to see him go, though I'm mildly curious to hear from someone other than RC himself and his fans the reason why he left.

wait hold on... I am being told now by a very reliable source that RC actually left????

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