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Cuy'val Dar: Those who no longer exist (Mando'a)

Cuy'Val Dar (The Original)

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I no longer exist.

That's a little overdramatic, I suppose. I have chosen the name Cuy'val Dar, or, translated from Mando'a, "Those who no longer exist," to reflect two things about me:

1: I am a massive Star Wars nerd, and anyone who knows the culture behind the phrase "Dar'manda" gets a cookie.
2: I am no longer very active on this site.

At one time, I was an editor, and I was all in. I was up to date on all of the episodes, I was all about the Brony community, and I was interested and present. However, that has changed for a number of reasons.
First of all, I am just too darn busy. I don't have time to keep up with the Brony fandom at the same time as all of the other things in my life. If you've known me for a while, then you know that part of that is college and part is the military.
Secondly, I've kind of lost interest. My introduction to the Brony fandom was through a couple of different people, one of whom I thought was weird before he became a Brony, and one whom I actually respected. This sparked what was basically a research project to figure out what the heck this "Brony" thing was about. The research, as you can see, got very involved, to the point that I know most Brony references, considered buying merch, and for all intents and purposes, was a Brony.

So there you have it. The experiment has run its course, I have more and better things to do with my time these days, and I can still keep up with the parts of the fandom that I like without completely immersing myself. I'll still be around to read a fiction here and there - you can see my bookshelves, after all - but I'll be a ghost in the machine, rarely commenting, and never only occasionally for grammar corrections.

I remain a grammar nazi, though.

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Thank you for the fave! I appreciate you wholeheartedly and have only my sincerest thanks to give for liking my fiction. Thanks eternally! :twilightsmile:

Hey could you look over my newest story I want to know what I can improve on!

2196554 No problem. It has better character development than some three-quarters or more of the stories I've read on this site, and even a few I've read that were actually published. (And yes, I did read the first chapter of Twilight, and I'm counting it). The grammatical errors were also few enough and far enough between for me to enjoy the story and not have to keep trying to figure out what you were saying. Keep up the good work, and may I like and shelve more of your stories in the future!

Thanks for adding my story to your library, I really appreciate it!:twilightsmile::yay:


That and your nicer when you do it. I saw you comment on chapter 30 on change and you apologized for pointing out the mistakes. A lot of people will just go and point out the flaws with any sort of concern for the other persons feelings. I like how you show concern and shows how good of a person you are! I hope you continue to do it!

2178548 Thank you! It's good to know that there are still a few people in the world who actually care about being right!

I like the way you correct people on their stories!


glad you're enjoying them! (thanks for the follow too! :eeyup:)

Thanks for the great stories!
They are really quite good: excellent characterization, compelling plotlines, minimal typos, etc. All the best parts of FIMFiction!
I'm just sorry I didn't find your stuff sooner.

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