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A Change of the Odds · 2:25am November 23rd

Recently I was reflecting on how shelter in place has given me a lot of free time while frequently robbing me of the motivation required to do anything that takes meaningful mental effort to get started. It's a shame.

But we're not here to talk about the stories I'm failing to write.

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Intrepid writer of mediocre stories!
Bold leaver of long, rambling, and on rare occasions surprisingly intelligent comments!
Currently regretting diving into the endless pit of despair that is taking charge of your Fimfiction profile's appearance when you have no idea how to design website layouts!
The one! The only!

(By the way, if I said something without explanation that confuses you, it might clarify things to know that I'm asexual, aromantic, and agender, although I'd prefer you call me "nongender," and for that matter if you're thinking about referring to me as "LGBT" please use "GSM" instead. Terminology is important. Also I'm sorry that this is probably not actually the context you were looking for.)

You're the kind of reader that writers both fear and respect at the same time.


Avatar borrowed (without permission, but with every intention of returning it) from Cyberpunk Spitfire.

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That's always been my philosophy as well.

It's nice seeing more aces around! :)

Rainbow Borg does the funnies :3

I guess I've been too busy to attract people to comment on my user page for a while.

Jeez Louise no new comments sense 2015

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