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Rated T for excessive weirdness and future-proofing. Named because it seemed clever at the time never seemed clever at all but I made myself promise to use it anyway.

Here it is: a place for me to dump anything I write that's too short to be posted on its own. Maybe having this will get me to actually do that more often. (Then again, last time I set out to write something super short, "super short" turned out to be 3406 words.)

No descriptions of the individual stories will be provided; I'd prefer that the people who aren't going to read these not read them without preconceptions. Just assume that they're all kind of dumb, but I kind of like them anyway.

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You remember the Reflections arc of the comics, right? Did you ever wonder how Sombra came to be the king of Equestria? Well, you can keep wondering (and so will I).

But perhaps I can interest you in what happened before that story.

This was supposed to be something nice and short. I banned myself from writing anything over a thousand words a long time ago, I'll have you know. But clearly I can neither control the lengths of my stories nor drop something once I notice I've written 700 words and I'm still in the beginning of the story. So enjoy (or don't, as is your preference) the evidence of my lack of self-control.

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First of all, all due apologies to AuroraDawn, who is of course well-known as the original author of the real Rainbow Factory. I know you are on record as not caring what anybody does with Rainbow Factory, but I still insist on apologizing for putting up my interpretation of your story concept.

Second of all, all due apologies to anybody who is foolish enough to read this. I needed to get this out of my head, and waiting it out was not working, so I had to write it. But I don't need anybody to read it. And while I like to think there are some interesting ideas in here, I doubt there's anything good to say about the execution. So consider yourself warned.

I think we've all heard the legends of what happens to those who fail their flight test. And they're not completely wrong, which is more than I can say for many legends. But they're by no means completely right, either. So let us follow one young mare, and find out.

If you're going to ask, as I requested you to do, don't bother. I'll answer right now: it was not worth it. There's a lot I could say about the four and a half months it took me to write this, because I am just that slow of a writer, but the only good part was the one where I was finally done. Now, in theory, I am free at last. And that is almost worth the writing.

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The short version, or at least my best guess thereof: In an alternate universe (with better technology than ours), a man identifying himself as "The Hunter" wrote the story of how he used to capture ponies from another parallel universe, and why he stopped. Somehow, that story got to me, and I decided to share it with all of you.

That, or I've fallen for an unreasonably elaborate prank.

The longer version is that something strange happened at the moment of the solstice. At least, I assume it was the exact moment; I didn't realize immediately that the exact time was worth noting. My internet went out briefly, and when it came back, the internet was different. Not something where I instantly knew things had changed, but it became apparent pretty quickly. Some sites, such as Equestria Daily for example, didn't exist. Many were wrong: I ended up looking at a bunch of XKCDs at random (and not all chosen with the "random" button, before you cite that as a tool to fool me) and none of them were anything I'd seen before. Wikipedia was just bizarre; since when was there a moon base? So I started downloading webpages as fast as possible; I didn't want to get stuck with fading memories and nothing else.

Around twenty minutes later, the internet went out again, and I reconnected to the normal web. I spent most of my time since then sleeping, and it's going to take me a while to sort through everything, but this one chunk of text was all over the place. It seemed to be important, and real, wherever my internet connection was going for a while. And it was about Equestria, through some strange coincidence. So I figured I'd put it up here for all of you to see.

The timing of this extra-universal message was quite convenient, as it arrived during this contest. Hopefully it's within the rules for me to call myself the closest thing this universe has to an author for this piece, and submit it.

As always, comments are encouraged. I'll try to get them back to The Hunter if I ever connect to his universe again. I'm sure he'd like to know what you all think.

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"And since the rule is that a trade is fair as long as both ponies get what they want, there's never been a disagreement."
I hope you aren't naive enough to believe that to be literally true. Disagreements can never be truly eliminated. And royal duties don't get created on a whim. So do you know the real reason why a princess must always be present at the Rainbow Falls Traders' Exchange to judge whether trades are fair?
Would you like to know?

Written for the EqD WTG #016. Comments are, as always, strongly encouraged.

You know, this is the first story I have written without any canonical characters (well, there is one a bit . . . but only a little). It's such a wonderful opportunity to avoid characterization entirely rather than getting it wrong like usual!
I kid. More or less. I haven't suddenly gained the ability to write well, but I do actually have a good feeling about this one. I guess that means it's only mildly terrible?

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One day, while out flying, Dash sees Twilight. And then she sees a flash of green flame as Twilight becomes a different pony. Needless to say, she finds this alarming.

Written for the EqD WTG #015. As always, comments are encouraged.

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You all know how it goes in a comic book. The heroes can't face the villains until the very last moment before whatever horrible thing is being planned this week goes down. Well, Fili-Second isn't following that rule today.

Written for the EqD WTG #014. Comments are, as always, encouraged.

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In the wake of the changeling invasion, Equestria ends up with a few prisoners. Luna thinks she can make them productive members of Equestrian society and have them help her guard her subjects against nightmares. But it will be no trivial task.

Written for the EqD WTG #013. Comments are, as always, encouraged.

I can't shake the feeling I'm about to disappoint all my new followers. But I always feel like I'm about to disappoint my old followers, so what's new?

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I'm sure you've noticed how Maud did not appear in Pinkie's flashback to getting her cutie mark. Well, there's a good reason for that. She didn't exist at the time. But I shouldn't be telling you about how this all could be; you should ask her yourself.

Rated teen for one instance of equine-themed profanity, I suppose. I really give that teen rating pretty lightly, don't I.

Written for the EqD WTG #012. Yes, I haven't stopped doing those; I just took a break. Comments are, as always, strongly encouraged. Please, tell me all about my flaws; I want to know.

For reference, not only do I not know if you will like this story, I don't even know what I think of it.

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First of all, I blame Pegasus Rescue Brigade. For everything. Because it's all his fault.
Also, this story takes place after "Twilight Time" but during "Filli Vanilli." There's times when the chronological order of episodes clearly isn't the airing order (for example, we now know that "Hearth's Warming Eve" has to happen before "Winter Wrap-Up" unless Equestria has multiple winters per year), so I figure I can get away with this. Just roll with it, alright? I promise it's not the biggest problem with this story.

When Sweetie Belle overhears a rumor that Lyra and Bon-Bon are on the verge of breaking up, she's shocked. They've been Ponyville's best-known couple for as long as she can remember, and after all the romantic notions she's picked up from her older sister, she just can't comprehend that changing. Fortunately, she's got a friend who can mix potions and a plan. What could go wrong?

Written for the EqD WTG #009. Comments are highly encouraged, as always.

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