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I'm Alexander Justin, the owner of Comic Story Studio and also the executive producer, director and main writer for the action MLP fan-made movie: The Battle of Harmony ( 100 min )


The Battle of Harmony ( SPOILERS III ) · 5:09pm May 31st, 2014

Dayum, he is good o_0...good work Ephraim Blue ! X3 Ok bronies, here is the first scene from the movie. But this is all i can show...i don't wanna spoiled to much X3

Enjoy ! :3 *squee*

The Battle of Harmony
This version of the script was written by Ephraim Blue
P.S. This is more like an actual story, not a script. I thought you all should know before reading. It still has few script references, but not many.
Act 1 Scene 1

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I thank you kindly for the watch my dear.

Can't wait to see it:pinkiesmile:

Hello, I must ask is the DeviantART account Ponykillerx your drawings?:pinkiegasp:

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