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I'm an Aussie brony who also likes flight and space, and I generally just keep my head in the clouds.


What is a fury, anyway? · 7:22am May 26th, 2017

If you’ve been reading my Codex Ponera stories, but are unfamiliar with the Codex Alera series that I’ve fused MLP with, then you’ve probably got a few questions. Questions like, “Pepperbrony, what the hell are all these furies you’ve been banging on about?” or “Hey, Pepperbrony, you’ve got this character who can do these weird and wacky things with their fury, why can’t that other character do the same things?” Well, get out your notepaper and pencils, because I’ve got some answers for you.

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A gift to my Ponera readers · 8:38am Aug 5th, 2017

Howdy, folks!

First of all, a big thanks to everyone who has been reading Codex Ponera - Cliffside Eyrie. The sudden upswing in readers two weeks ago proved to be the impetus I needed to get back into writing again - I was running down my prewritten buffer, but now I'm building it back up again.

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And thanks for the fave on The Luna Cypher, too! :twilightsmile:

Thanks for the fave on The Celestia Code! :twilightsmile:

Thanks for faving all my stories! Gold Barrage!

Thank you very much for faving It Doesn't Matter Now. :pinkiesmile:

Thank you for adding my story to your Favorites. I'm glad you enjoyed reading it.

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