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[center]Bye guys[/center]


Hello, friends! My name is Lemony Cutewhistle.

I am probably a normal pony.


Editing thanks to Aquaman and Masked Ferret.

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I have to question what your apparent fascination with changelings is, Obs. :trixieshiftright:

Will add to Read Later.

Fascinating writing style. Very cute and funny protagonist as well.

That was a strange little slice of random.

Highly amusing, though. Thanks for writing it.

Tonight I will go to a party hosted by Pinkie Pie. It will be fun. <...> There are two years left before my lifespan as a drone expires and I return to the hive for processing. That will not be fun.

:fluttercry: :pinkiesad2: :twilightoops:

Very nice read Obs. Will add this to my folders for reading in the future!

>Y'know, cuz I do that. :D


I don't actually have that many fics about changelings, relative to the whole body of my work. :P

6491493 True. I should've said "recent fascination with changelings" instead.

Not enough references to slime 8 out of 10

Most enjoyable. This is not a lie. Thank you for it.

Well, he hit a midlife crisis at three, and it's a year after that. What were you expecting?

That's adorable. What really sold me was this line:

and sometimes forgot important lessons of friendship before a series of wacky hijinks reminded me of what matters most.

This is foreshadowing.

Indeed it was.

Ahh, the problems of forgetting to put on your disguise.:facehoof:


What really sold me was this line:

And on Saturdays too! Must not forget the Saturdays!

"No defects", aye Chryssi?


I don't have time to read this right now, but I have to say, this looks silly enough to be pretty fun. :rainbowlaugh:

6491771 She evidently couldn't see all of his brain in that inspection. :)

"And you drained my love when I confessed my deep abiding passion for you!" Flitter joins in. "Remember our date's on Friday!"

Put this on my gravestone, and underneath it proclaim:
"This is the one that did him in." :rainbowlaugh:

he·mo·lymph (hē′mə-lĭmf′)
The circulatory fluid of arthropods and some mollusks, analogous to blood and lymph in vertebrates.

Rodents (see: mammals) do not have hemolymph.

And goddamn, that ending...

I loved it. :D

Never once did I see that twist coming, and I love that the ponies were like 'Well, okay, I guess...'

Well, if a zombie came up to my door offering to work, as long as he or she understood the health regulations and kept their bits to themselves, I wouldn't mind that much either.

The Queen, in her great wisdom, considered my plea carefully. It falls to her to answer the many questions of the hive, and her judgment has been honed well by decades of experience. Surely, I had thought, my question had struck a chord of reason with her. She sipped of her loveshake and reclined thoughtfully on her throne, before declaring, "Not my problem."

It is as if she possesses the wisdom of Solomon.

That is a good point about Pinkie Pie's name. She's clearly a spy.

Unexpectedly deep.

6491771 No apparent defects. :ajsmug:


and kept their bits to themselves

This is sage advice for everyone, not just changelings.

It was awesome, except for the sudden emotional cliff at the end, hinting (probably) that he'll die :fluttercry:

I like the quirky exactness of Lemony Cutewhistle's narrating. :rainbowlaugh:

sucking the hemolymph of small rodents

Well, I suppose if you can have bug ponies, there is no reason why you couldn't have bug mice or something.

Also, in a poetically appropriate instance of irony, the part about this story that made me laugh the most was the chapter title. The rest was still funny, mind you, but I that's what I liked the most.

I found the protagonist's understanding of the structure but not the intent of metaphor to be amusing, since usually it's the other way around.

6491881 This is basically literal-minded Changeling junk food. It's delicious, but it has me craving something more filling.

6492301 But then how can I pay for things at the Ponyville Market?

:rainbowlaugh:OH man, that twist ending! LOVED IT! Great story, but the very end made me real sad :fluttercry:, but at least he gets to be with friends.

sheared defective branches,

This bit here. About eggs. I'm scared.

Post-reading: Obselescence, you never fail to please.

The writing style is brilliant and the punchline is hilarious.

That was ridiculous(ly awesome). Lemony's narrative style is two thirds quirky with one third random to make it pretty 20% cooler than otherwise. I especially like how Flitter just is dating him regardless of him being a Changeling and draining her love, too :pinkiesmile:

But damn, that ending about him having only two years left :fluttercry:

Lemony Cutewhistle, a changeling, does have hemolymph, however. And I doubt he knows the finer points of mammal biology.

He's like if Invader Zim was a changeling. Great read. :)

Picked up on the fact he hadn't put up a disguise pretty early on.
Was vastly amused by the ensuing everything. Good job.

Even if there was a bit of a ... fixation on slime.

I also maintain that we need a changeling emote for comments.

Most of it was mildly amusing, I saw the twist (that they'd known all along, but not that he forgot to put on a disguise) coming and yet, the dialogue during the revelation is so good that it kicks the story up from 'kind of funny' to 'actually made me laugh'.


Well, I suppose if you can have bug ponies, there is no reason why you couldn't have bug mice or something.

I'm fairly certain that was normal mice (and blood). Our POW bug-pony is just using the term he's more comfortable with.

Will admit it mentally tripped me up for a moment as well, though.

I figured it was an honest slip-up, because haeme and lymph are both things we have and it's understandable someone could accidentally mix the terms up this way, but that actually makes a lot of sense. Consider that redacted, then. Shame, I liked the idea of bug mice. Maybe spider bunnies. I'd like to have a spider bunny.


Consider that redacted, then. Shame, I liked the idea of bug mice. Maybe spider bunnies. I'd like to have a spider bunny.


:rainbowkiss: I love that show. :rainbowkiss:

I have never seen that before, but a catbug is already 50% better than just a cat or a bug, so it has my approval right there.

I would feed it flybirds and cricket-rats.

This did not make me unhappy.

Another wonderful, quirky changeling tale! :pinkiehappy:

"Not my problem."

Truly words of wisdom.

Good story. Had a lot of DAW.

So not sure if it's because I was drinking...

I don't remember much of what happened after I drank two gallons of punch

Huh, speak of the devil. I've been {was?} drinking vodka and fruit punch soda.

But this fic was damn glorious. Well done sirrah.

I now had a perfect example of a normal pony, on which I could model my own behavior.


I purchased only baked goods in small quantities from Sugarcube Corner, which claimed to be made with love. I am still suspicious of this claim.

Knowing Pinkie, there are love flavored cupcakes there now.

"You never put on a disguise, ya doof!" she goes on, flying to the front. "We've known the entire time!"


This all was quite unique and silly. Thanks for sharing this with us!

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