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"Dear Princess Celestia, as your (former) most faithful student, I feel I have to warn you that this is probably a trap. Chrysalis cannot possibly be serious about this. Why would anyone, much less her, want to shoot a documentary on us?"

Chrysalis, queen of all the changeling hives and infinitely cunning architect of their plans to conquer Equestria, has a problem: She knows diddly-squat about ponies. But Chrysalis is cleverer than most—or all—changelings, and she's already devised a brilliant solution to this trifling issue: Make a movie about them.

Tenth place winner in Equestria Daily's Outside Insight contest.

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Even fimfic's top dogs are falling to the allure of changeling stories, it seems. :derpytongue2:

Must read this, I.

It's like Argo except with more devious shapeshifters and less Ben Affleck. Maybe she'll include Saddle Arabia in the documentary.

I can already tell this is going to be a good one.

4824755 Welcome to the internet.

*Sheds tears along-side Chrysy*

Worthy of a shot, at any rate

This should be "Worth a shot".

Probably should remove the *** from the start of this chapter (and the others as well).


Fixed link is now fixed. :V




This one's intentional. It's a bit of wordplay with the "Worthy of a queen" line above.

100% chance of featured, because mods are OP.

Why can't Twilight just repeat her explanation of sarcasm for Camera to record? :trixieshiftright:

A perfect time to write more Changeling stories.


The second explanation would probably be more sarcastic.

Oh god, Chrysalis is going to be a director isn't she.

I was always of the opinion that it wasn't that Chrysalis was bad at acting as Cadance, but simply that she didn't know anything about her and decided, 'Well, the other pony who calls Celestia their aunt is Blueblood, so close enough'.

"She doesn't know a thing about ponies."

Insert Strange Wilderness commentary while looking at Gizmo from Season 2!


She shook his head

Why does the drone suddenly change sex?

I can see it now:
Royal Guard: Your Highness, a package has been received from the changelings, addressed to you. It says it's a documentary.
Princess Celestia: Well, bring it in.
(Changeling waddles into the throne room.) Hello, Your Highness. I'm Documentary.

<She took a long, solemn drink of her hayshake and set it down on Spike’s head.>
Yep, Spike is the perfect servant.

I love your Chrysalis perspective. Vulnerable and fleshy neck. Yeah, ponies are probably as ugly to changelings as changelings are to ponies.

how much she could loved blue

Delete the marked word.

Chrysalis... Twilight... I feel your pain. Bond over the sarcasm pain.

Aw, how sweet!

All right, I do feel little bad

Shouldn't that be "I do feel a little bad"?

To be continued? Yes, this is good. Have a like and a favorite.

They're both servant abusers and deceivers, I see.

But how exactly did they disguise Rainbow Dash as a changeling, and shouldn't Chrysalis be able to tell her apart from the real ones at any rate?

Answers, I must have. :raritydespair:


Yes, it should be. Thanks for the catches. Not sure how those snuck in there. Should be fixed now.

Has anyone noticed that there are a lot of Changeling stories floating about lately?


Probably coincidence, insofar as it concerns me. This one was planned a fair while back, as an entry for the EqD contest.


You're probably right. There is no pattern. But I feel that it isn't normal that currently, when I made this comment, 1/3 out of the 15 stories in the new stories box are about changelings.

It's not the changeling stories you see that you have to worry about, but the ones you don't see.

Technically 100% of fics are about changelings if you believe hard enough.

Rainbow Dash is an expert in ninja catsuits and Daring Do cosplay, so dressing up as a changeling shouldn't be too hard.
And do you really think Chrysalis will pay enough attention to her drones to actually notice one of them is a disguised pony? :rainbowwild:

4824828 either phrase would work, really, it's just that our human (or in your case, dragon) ears are used to hearing the latter.

4825251 I can believe the latter easily enough, but not so much the former. :rainbowwild:

they’d found about five of them gnawing on assorted trees and houses.

You don't really find "about" five of something; five is too small a number really to "about" and it makes no sense in context here, where they found all but one of the changelings they knew were supposed to be lurking around.

Well that was a let down.

That's probably because changelings are popular. Also there is a contest on Equestria Daily which this is an entrant for which everyone is going to submit a changeling story for, other than Bob.

4825356 Mine will be about the Smooze, for what it's worth.


I know, I love Changlings. Because of the way they work, there are infinite possibilities and ideas to be made into fan fics about them.


Please reword that. I don't quite understand.


(Read later)

And the lamp made light.

“It really does!” said Chrysalis, looking to Twilight. She looked back at the lamp, eyes widening in amazement. “And it’s not blue?”

“I... don’t see why it would be?”

Chrysalis gasped. “We need these.” She pushed the camera’s face into the lamp. “Study it. We’ll breed more for the hive.”

Lights are difficult to breed, trust me on that.

4824918 Oh sure, that sounds like a great idea. :ajbemused:

Pls gib more.
Gib more or i report u

4825517 Narnia bred a lamp post. :scootangel:

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