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Princess Celestia sets out to reform Queen Chrysalis. Easier said than done.

I've done too much dark and serious stuff with Chrysalis. It's time to have some fun with her playful, snarky side.

Cover art by KP-ShadowSquirrel.
Featured on Equestria Daily

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VampDash #1 · Jul 6th, 2015 · · 1 ·

That cover art... jesus christ.

It's what inspired me to write this, actually! ^.^

Excellent... Too bad is a simple one-shot, but it was very good.

Eh, well, at least it's a longish one-shot.

Oh..... oh I get what just happened..... sneaky Celestia.

She's always on top of her game. :trollestia:

6174080 Yeah, too bad Chrysalis can't take off the locator spell.

Waiting for your next story, and this story go to my fav.

Even so, Chrysalis don't seem to plan very good, I for example can think a couple of plans to make Celestia suffer if she want "Friendship"

Nooooo don't stop here its great damn xD


Yeah, too bad Chrysalis can't take off the locator spell.

Maybe Luna can help.

Waiting for your next story,

Heh, well, at least you won't have to wait long. I've got three more already waiting on approval!

Even so, Chrysalis don't seem to plan very good, I for example can think a couple of plans to make Celestia suffer if she want "Friendship"

But those would probably require actual cruelty... and I wanted to keep this lighthearted.

Maybe someday I'll make a sequel, I don't know.

6174140 Meh... It's not that bad, only disguise as Celestia next time Twilight is around and broke them a little. Stay near Celestia and scare everyone that go near her. Make it so that Luna see Celestia attack Chrysalis sometime. That could be enough to make sure that Celestia leave her alone for a time.

Hm... some of those could be fun ideas for a sequel...

That was quite a nice little oneshot. I can't deny this is a story that has been done more than a few times before on this site alone, often with the staple of Chrysalis' dripping with petulant sarcasm and self-pitying defiance to Celestia's true intentions, but of course that doesn't make it bad. It just has an air of familiarity, though with the libraries of fanfictions, it can't be blamed for that.

On the contrary, the idea of them all being close friends in youth is a great idea, as was the ending with Luna and how the ending leaves it open to a sequel. And hey, any ponies and changelings fanfic that actually has Celestia and the pony side acting like their show selves and not like evil douchebags like Chrysalis was accusing is always a plus.

Although, if there's one thing I'd have to criticize, I did find Chrysalis' moping and self-pity to be a touch grating at points, though that's more down to my tastes in humor, as I understand a lot of the humor is being drawn from how petulant Chrysalis is being.

If you do decide to do a sequel, then I'd highly recommend say the repairing of relations between ponies and changelings being at least mentioned in it, so that we can see a brighter future for the changelings and their children. Besides, I'm sure the Changeling Kingdom is quite worried about where their Queen is right now, and its be especially humourous if they believed she's been kidnapped and attempt to 'rescue her'.


and its be especially humourous if they believed she's been kidnapped and attempt to 'rescue her'.

Now that's an idea for a sequel! ^.^

6174360 Oh yeah, definitely, especially because, in a way, Celestia did in a sense 'kidnap' her.

Canterlot Guard: "Well, Princess, you did technically abduct her and held her here in the castle against her wishes, sooo..."

Heck, there are just so many possibilities for a sequel to such an open-ended story like this, though I hope we get more of a look from the changeling side if there is one, like their home, their families, their food shortage problem, etc. For example, like I suggested, Celestia and Chrysalis agreeing to make progress into restoring relations with the two nations or the potential of a palace coup in the Changeling's land while Chryssie is a way.

But even so, as I said before, this was a pretty good story. Familiar due to many other stories like it, but still good.


Familiar due to many other stories like it, but still good.

Heh, well, I can't be original all the time.

I have some other stories on the way that will hopefully be more unprecedented... if the fimfic mods ever get around to approving them.

Oh no... she's back, and teamed up with the Night... Trollsalis is back and thirsty for vengeance!:raritydespair:

Have a like!

Yay, featured already, and I've still got 4 stories awaiting approval. :twilightsmile: It's a good day.

:rainbowlaugh: Trollsalis, I like it!

I need more of this :twilightblush:

How did she become a changelimng? Was it Discord?

Pouty Chryssy is adorbs. :heart:

I'll see what I can do.

Well, I envisioned it as somewhat of a natural process of the love-starved flutterponies. An adaptation to make do with less and to steal love where they weren't being given any anymore.

I know, I know! ^.^

6174937 Like how the brain adapts to stravation. iI guess? We need more of this kind odf foics

Heh, I did pepper a lot of headcanon in there for a one-shot comedy.

6174456 Sorry. Hope I didn't cause any offence by that. I meant like in my first comment, how so many fanfics have been written for this fandom, it's inevitable that there have been numerous takes on several certain story types. By now, I think it's easier to count the ideas for stories that haven't been done yet. Rest assured, wasn't intended as a shot against you or the story. It may be a familiar concept, but it still does it well.

And going by what I've already read here, I'll look forward to seeing those stories.

6175089 I dont think thats the case. It just needed to be clear.

This was fun. It does seem far-fetched (but also funny) that Luna never heard what happened during the invasion. Could she really be that disconnected and incurious?

I think, however. . . The most disturbing oversight is the mystery of what happened to all the other changelings from the invasion. Chrysalis never seemed to spare the least bit of concern, or more than a brief, passing thought toward their fate. That's sad and a bit unsettling.

I dunno why but depicting Chrysalis like an overgrown foal always make me squee in delight. She's so adorable when depicted like this.

Good story!

I want one sequel! :pinkiehappy:

I like this version of Chrysalis! The way she plays off the Sisters is a blast to read.

its not complete though. its needing at least two or three more chapters.

One order of Celestia and Chrysalis Ship please!
XD This was a fantastic story. Best prank ever, 'tis a shame that it failed!

Would really love a sequel, or for this to become a multi-chapter story!

Can't wait to read this.

I would be delighted to see more of this. Some of the mannerisms you gave Chrysalis, like hiding and peering out at Celestia with her green slitted eyes managed to be adorable when her large fanged form should have made them creepy as they managed to be appropriate for both monster and child.... and possibly kitten.

Either royal sister is fine with this set-up really. Or just friendship with both.

Mkay. ^.^ I did enjoy writing this one a lot.

Yeah, that's true...
But I think if she was often wondering about the fate of her changelings, it might ruin the mood of the story.

Are you actually considering singing up? :raritystarry: I'd be super-excited to see someone actually do it!

I really enjoy having powerful characters act like this. It's no end of fun.

We shall see, we shall see.

Chryssy x Celly? I think you mean Chryssy x Luna!
I don't know, either way... I'd never even considered taking this story in a shippy direction. (Prank notwithstanding.)

It's worth the wait (I hope)!

I know! I love doing that with her!
And, if I had to guess, if I was to continue it, Chryssy would keep up the sworn enemy act with Celestia, even after it becomes clear to everyone that it's a farce, but she would continue to befriend Luna, and the two of them would plan elaborate and silly schemes to take control of the kingdom.

kk... adding to a bookshelf that can track it for updates.

Well, I hope one day you're inspired to continue then. Celestia playing older sister to two such scamps could be quite amusing when written well.

I think you mean ChryssyxLuna

Well, if you did go that way, there'd be less of a Stockholm syndrome flavor since Luna's not the one keeping her locked up, I suppose. Like I said, either or neither is fine.

I wrote a review of this story. It can be found here.

...huh. Enjoyed it, but the ending was very sudden.

I hate the part where you used the name of a successful story to get more views.

There is no way Luna didn't know about the changeling invasion after it happend
She is a princess for one and rules the land so she would be told
Ponies gossip... Nuff said there
And I have a feeling she would have asked about all the impact craitors
She also specifically asked if she missed anything and I really doubt Celistia would withhold that infermation
So... Luna was totally in on the "make Chrissy not evil anymore" plan
Also she wanted someone willing to prank her sister and the evil bugpony with a grudge would totally jump at the chance for mischief aimed at her arch nemesis
Boom friendship happens

It's honestly an extremely generic title and I'm pretty sure one quite easily arrived at by two stories independently. I've never heard of another story with this title, but like I said, it's generic enough I'm not surprised. I wouldn't be surprised if there were five others with the same title.

The quality of the writing is more important, anyway.






Nobody likes a grammar nazi dickbag

Was this little demon your inspiration for Chrysalis' personality?

This was great! Had quite a few laughs, and seems like how Chrysalis thought in the end might have been influenced by the kiss.
Still, a fun little story :twilightsmile:

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