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surround yourself with people that lift you up. so ditch all your loser friends who you cant use.


lets do the salty splatoon thing k? · 5:09am April 22nd

the rules are simple, just come up with your own salty splatoon skit. write yours in the comments, and upvote the ones you like the best. i wish i could give the winner a prize, but... kinda cant... sad face. still, itll be fun so lets go.

welcome to the salty splatoon how tough are you?

how tough am i? i walk around in anime cosplay.

hehe, yeah so?

when its not halloween.

oh sorry about that sir, right this way.

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I know it's been a long time.

But I was just thinking about you.

I hope your house and work situation has improved.

i can relate about the name thing, they always spell it or say it wrong. thats one way to tell the people worth talking to apart from those that arent... the ones that are will get your name right.

ive heard of that, but idk... it just seemed like a place for mean spirited trolls to go so i never went there.

2081842 Never hear... 4chan?

i am, i just dont keep up with memes or pop culture too much is all.

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