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Celestia and Luna share a tender moment.

Special thanks to TwiwnB for editing
Special thanks to Flint Sparks for pre-reading

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Twilight casts roles to books for her impromptu play during a rainy day.

Special thanks to TwiwnB for pre-reading.
Special thanks to MurphyPatches for editing.

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Fluttershy tries to make a move on Rainbow Dash.

Rated T for Teen just in case.


nah, it's too short for that.

Also, at least on my computer, I find it funny that there is a magnifying glass on Rainbow's head. She's like "what the hay is this?" Daww.

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Based on a true story. Jigsaw finds himself in the Griffon Kingdom chasing after the love of his life while trying to rebuild after a terrible struggle.

Cover art was a commission by Syncallio. Please don't use without permission.
Link to DA account here: http://syncallio.deviantart.com

Chapters (2)

Everypony knows that Rarity is the spirit of generosity. Everypony knows that Rarity is also a fashion designer. What everypony doesn’t know however, is that in a world where clothes are viewed as “unnecessary, and a waste of time and money” Rarity is struggling to keep her business going.
When push comes to shove and bits are far and few in between, Rarity finds herself in a rather compromising position that could change everything forever.

Chapters (8)
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