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Thanks for the fave for On Wings!:rainbowkiss:

Ponies come and ponies go. Whether into the swirling void or into restful sleep, the only thing that keeps a loved one around after they're gone are our memories of them and the places they share with us in our hearts.

Thank you for making The Incandescent Brilliance a part of yours.

Thank you for the favourite, and thank you for the support, and I hope that once more in the future we may travel the universe together.

- KR


(Sorry about the delay. I'm not on here often.)
I'd have to say that I enjoyed your interpretation of Raindrops, who is a personal favorite of mine. I also enjoyed the fact that your story never told more than it had to. Nothing more than what was necessary was included in the telling of the tale, and it just worked. You also touched on a tough subject, did it wonderfully, and didn't over complicate things. It was a wonderful story, and I enjoyed it through and through.

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Thanks for faving caught in the rain. May I ask what you like about it?

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