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There are ducks in Twilight Sparkle's basement, and she is sure that they are evil ducks.

Yes, this story is bad and I should feel bad.
But I don't.

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What's a demon-slaying she-wolf to do when the baddest demon she's ever fought drags her kicking and screaming to Equestria? Friendship? Ha! Not her style.

A commission for Winterchangeling.
Cover image by shadowzero20.

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Teleportation. It is the best possible way to travel... As long as you don't think about it too much. As long as you don't ask where Twilight goes in that split second when she's neither here nor there.

The sound I listened to as I wrote it, available to you in order to give you the option of having the same atmosphere.

No relation to the other story with the same name, just a coincidence of both picking the same excellent title. I was unaware that the other one existed.
Dramatic Reading by Charles Spratt | Second Reading by TheDizzyDan | Third Reading by Crafty Arts | Fourth Reading by Stormy787
Russian Translation 1 (by Aloz) | Russian Translation 2 (by Doof Ex Machina)

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Rarity helps Pinkie out by kissing her boo-boo. This is totally okay and not awkward.

Warning: Shipping. So much shipping.

Cover image (and inspiration) taken from this comic by bellsPurgebells.
Why not also try This fic's sister-story by Twinkletail, which was inspired by the same reddit thread and posted at the same time?

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Ponyville's new 'code enforcement professional' has got it into her thick, monotonous head that Fluttershy has too great a density of pet animals, and she's set out to rectify that situation.

Twilight, though, has a problem with this, and she'll have to use her full authority as an alicorn princess to put a stop to it.

Audio reading by Crafty Arts | Dramatic reading by DRWolf

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Rainbow discovers that she has a pest problem in her house. The pest turns out to be both cuter and more annoying than she expected.

A winner of the 2015 Bat Pony writing contest.

Russian translation by KoylanGOLD
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Batsy Fluffentuft (not the most respected of the lunar guards, and in fact on super-probation from Princess Luna herself) manages to escape into the town of Canterlot and have herself an adventure.

Featured on Equestria Daily.

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This story is a sequel to My Little Pony: Friendship is Overpowered (Season 3)

That was easy!

Join Twilight Sparkle and her friends as they easily defeat every challenge thrown at them with their awesome friendship powers.

Expect new chapters daily.

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Fluttershy shares a tender, loving moment with ... a gigantic tarantula.

Cover image by jazzie366 M Defective.
Story written specifically to disobey the instructions in the title of this thread.
Audio Reading by DanMcIntosh.

Enjoy, and keep a bottle of brain bleach at hand.

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Applejack has developed an odor. Rarity sets out to remedy the situation, with or without Applejack's consent.

Warning, contains: Non-consensual scrubbing.
Cover image by kittyhawk-contrail.
Full-cast dramatic reading by ObabScribbler.

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