Twilight Sparkle worries about her friends. Currently her thoughts are preoccupied with the new guest of a certain yellow Pegasus, one with twice as many legs as it should have.

She was right to worry.

An entry for Ocalhoun's Big 250K Contest, and a continuation of their story Arachnophillia.

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Best why to get rid of spiders! Fire! Mwhahahhaha!!! But poor Fluttershy

Burn them, burn them all.
*fetal position*
Spiders, so many spiders. I'm sorry Fluttershy.

Two typos

allowed it to drop into the whole.

The webbing surrounding her stared moving,

Other then that. This wasnt to bad.

This was freaky... Fuckin' spiders...

Wow, that was genuinely creepy...

That is a perfect continuation, the story is great, well crafted and well plotted, A++++ will never read again.

"My Queen, she calls to me. Come, and feel her loving embrace......"

7000440 Is that from something? It's very apropos, much like

But really, thanks for the read and comment :pinkiecrazy:

7000496 yeah, Diablo 3, just before you fight the Spider Queen. Her actual name escapes me, Aranae?

Either way, there is a crazy hermit/cultist guy that's part of an encounter. He says that line, bursts into a few spiderlings (whoch are rather big) and you are ambushed by a group of large spiders. Once you've killed them, your hero says a quip related to his/her class, then you go into the Spider Queen's lair.

I couldn't stop thinking of that as i was reading....

Well... that was a thing. I've got to be honest, I wasn't really looking forward to this one. After reading it ... yeah, I was right to! I'm going to need some time to recover from this one before I read another. And yet... For what it is, it's a decent story. Not my kind of story, but a story that's good at being what it is. And what it is ... well, creepy and gross, mostly. All hints of the original's ambiguity are out the window now. You've... you've removed my ability to even! And I've always been able to even before!

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7098610 Decent was just about all I was going for! I never had any delusions of this being anything likable, and I knew this wasn't going to be a popular one. Still, I guess I'm glad to have written it, though I'm a bit sorry that this was my only entry (I had three others lined up, but my mind just sort of fell through...)


7155602 A good thing...? Well, thanks for the read anyhow, I am honestly honored! Thank you for not only finding, then reading this, but also commenting :twilightblush: :rainbowkiss:

Author Interviewer

Not hard to find, it's in the contest! :B

7157987 ... It never occurred to me that that was how you found this :rainbowlaugh: Helps that I put zero thought into it :derpytongue2: Nonetheless, thanks for the read.

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