This is part 9 of a compilation of stories put together by wonderful boi B_25, to celebrate the birthday of most cool of dudes NCMares.

What exactly could it be that Twilight is up to in Canterlot? And who exactly is she meeting with so late at night...

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Nice image. Looks like the cover of a Gorillaz album.

Welp...it's official...Jojo references are everywhere now.

Even knowing the joke was coming, it's still top-kek, regardless of suspense.

HOLY CRAP IS THAT A MOTHER FUCKING JOJO REFERENCE?!?!?! Btw nice short story i shall save if for later❤souls

NC Mares? (~?~)

I link to his Twitter in the summary, he does gorgeous sfw drawings, such as the cover art. He also does some racier art, but that's not linked XD

Of course...

The pillow fight...

I suspect this is the one where Cadance collects on the Lunar hoodie...????

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