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Drawing equines.


Twilight asks Celestia a rather… surprising question.

Cover art by ZantyARZ

EDIT: Story now approved by The Goodfic Bin and Nonpareil Fiction group! Yay!

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Author, I implore thee—if thou needest use archaic dialects in thy writing, at least have the courtesy to learn how to properly use them. There are a number of resources online thou couldst find easily with a quick Google search.

....I believe this video sums up my thoughts on this story.

Please don't take offense to this, as it's mainly a joke...Though I am serious about the Why part, as in why did you decide to write this.

5827088 I agree with you that I need more work on the Shakespearean speech. While writing this, I had a couple of references, but I still need work on it. Thanks for the heads up!

This story is a great one when it comes to awkward comedy. I literally burst out laughing at one point. Good job :heart:

5827383 One of the reasons I did this is because I liked to put myself to think on how Celestia would react to that. As you may see, I tried to make her stay in character during most of the story while making her try to comprehend and handle such situation with Twilight. Another reason to why I wrote this is because I really like writing the Royal Guards. And I just had to write this when I decided that they make a few appearances in this story.

But, all in all, I mainly wrote this for fun.

5827430 Thank you! I'm glad you liked it!


Well done, good sir\ma'am, well done indeed.

Twilight's gonna be pissed when she hears about this Royal book burning.

I don't know whether I like this or dislike it. It's... unique to be certain, but I am not sure I even HAVE an opinion of it. Perhaps I am just indifferent.
Good work? :rainbowhuh:

Is you alright?
Are thou alright?
ART thou alright?
Correct :)

For that matter, "Okay" was the sole survivor of telegraph-era lolspeak.

I wonder if something similar inspired Hitler to burn books.

5830859 Huh. You're on to something...

5828456 Fixed it, thanks!

Pinkie Pie!

Yes, DiscordFan?

Load your party cannon with lava. We have some books to burn...


Let me get this straight Discord conquered Equestria because Celestia said no to his love?

I fear what Discord would do if someone actually crossed him..... oh wait.

5830859 nah, he let the books burn because they were about a diffrent worldview as his own.
You know... Jews, good and stuff...

5828567 For a second I misread the thumbnail of the fifth one and thought it was called "F---ng Confusion"...


The Joke
/ \
/ \
l l
l l
l l
Your Head

Poor Celestia indeed. :rainbowlaugh:

lol wtf dude

5836038 Celestia doesn't really know in this story. Maybe she would, maybe she wouldn't.

Meaning it went over your head? :facehoof:

Assuming this takes place after Luna Eclipsed, Luna shouldn't be using that archaic English. Later appearances show that she can use modern English perfectly fine.

Protect the books! They contain vital knowledge! :rainbowlaugh:


And that was how Nightmare Dusk came to be.:twilightangry2:

5840783 Yes, but... you got to admit, it's pretty adorable when she speaks like that.

I have know idea why I thought of this https://youtu.be/Rxi_SHOre5I

5844642 plus, ya know, people who originated in different languages still fall back on that language from time to time, even years or decades after they've stopped speaking it regularly due to the majority of their daily encounters requiring a different language.

I personally switch between accents completely at random because it's fun XD I imagine luna would occasionally get a kick out of somepony having no idea what she just said because of something as simple as a little re-wording.

Congratulations sir/ma'am! Your story has met set of criteria that..ookay, look. I reviewd your story for TGB (The Goodfic Bin), and I must say that I quite enjoyed it. So here you are with a ribbon for your acceptance into the Bin (now that I say that it sounds like your story is crap, nevermind that...).


Jump for joy, you've earned it!:pinkiehappy:

If you would like to see your review click here.

5882712 Thank you! Good sir/ma'am!

:trollestia:Would I do Discord? Is that like, Will the Element of Generosity do your #1 assistant?

:raritystarry::moustache: Oh Skittles!



The tense changing is distracting

:trollestia:Chuck the copies into the sun!:trollestia:

I'm amazed no one is like 'Night Shade's my OC's name' yet. Sorry I've gotta break that. Almost feels like I'm ruining a record in the making. So, sorry, I guess. Anywho, intriguing, to say the least. Kind of a fun little story that doesn't require much processing, so a nice little break from things like Background Pony or Wandering Moon (or FoE, but that goes without saying, seeing as how it is the most expansive fic/collection of fics I've ever seen).


The tense changing is distracting

Not if you remember this helpful tip!

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