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Friendship is my favorite color, aside from no longer using this account.

New Stories

If you liked my writing here, you're gonna love it there!

Check out my other account, WheneverWhatever! I switched from this one because I felt like the stories I wrote here were a bit meh. I plan on redoing Orange Crush gets a Crush over there because I feel like there are a couple of things I did right with it.


Moving Accounts · 7:48pm Nov 8th, 2015

With the way I've been writing stories, it's a bit counter productive, as with Orange Crush gets a Crush. The story is severely slow paced and I've been thinking up plot on the fly. So, instead of randomly posting chapters, I'm going to redo Orange Crush gets a Crush on a new account called WheneverWhatever. I like fresh starts, ya know?

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