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Not yet XD

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Welcome to Epic Adventure, High Fantasy, and Sci-Fi!

Say, are you a critic?
I don't mean that in a bad way, it's just that I am currently in a collab with Eyes and have only made about 9k words so far across 2 chapters.

I need an outsiders opinio on it, on how it is now


2448557 aawww, I love times loops!
Especially the iconic Time Loop Trilogy!

Kinda reminds me of Chronicle Sweeties world hopping habits...

2448504 no no, I know that XD I meant I only found 2 'specifically' 1.7 mill stories ;3 haven't read diaries yet, but I've read through most of time loops XD

2448164 if you go up to the search bar and ether peramters from highest word count to lowest, you will find there are quite a few more then just 3 1.7 mil stories.

After all, I've already read Diaries of a Madman, and that is more then 2.1 mil
Still a darn good story though.

  • Viewing 20 - 24 of 24
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