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sorry, misclicked while removing it from the read it later. it was an interesting concept tho

Thank you very much for the follow! May I ask what made you do so?

2391928 I'll admit, the story isn't that great. And I've beaten myself up about it, a lot. However, I've learned what works and doesn't, and I've applied it to the second story and I'm applying it to the third one in the trilogy.


always been a sucker for the transformers (except "biocombat" the italian version of beast wars. didn't like the fully biological imitation concept and whoever screwd up the renames should burn)

the story was pretty good. slighlty "filmish" with all those death in the beginning and no real other victim whatsoever during the rest, but that is somewhat acceptable (a trick for those kind of big cast fan pandering cameos, have those charathers doing unimportant thing in the backgrond, but have them here. Skids for example, is a prime candidate)

didn't realy like the name Canterlot Colossus tho

Thanks for adding EGID to favorites! May I ask why? Also if you could leave likes, they'd be very appreciated! :twilightsheepish:

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