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Darth Quadro

Fuck Logic! I don't need it!

I once fought a bear and a pack of wolves. I killed the bear with my bare hands by tearing off his bear hands with my bare hands and then put the bear hands over my bare hands and then killed the pack of wolves with my bear hands.
True Story.


Jesus is using Magikarps just in case you were wondering how he did that.

Bitches Love Cannons!

Lullaby For a Princess!

Lately I've been working with an awesome pony named Royal Flush to make a most excellent story behind PonyPhonic's beautiful song dubbed Lullaby for a Princess

Pretty much he's been writing it and is credited for story and everything and i'm just prereading it section by section giving my input on what changes he should make to make it better and we are trying to make it absolutely perfect just for YOU!!!!! readers \_('v')_/
While currently only prologue is out Royal Flush can write some beautiful shit. So if you bothered to read all of this you might as well check it out, right? RIGHT?! FUCKING RIGHT?!?!?!?!?!?!
Link:Lullaby for a Princess

The Moon Rises also plays a part in this fic as well:


It's time for a little change in pace. I need fight music and so shall i have:

Nothin like a little Viking Metal to get you into that mood you know?

Ain't Norse mythology just a jolly ol' story?

Ragnarok or the Twilight of the Gods. It's time to tear shit up!

Also this is my favorite Odyssey Eurobeat song so far:

Actually got me to take another look at Gilda's character.

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Hey Darth, how's it going?
Just thought I would come by and thank you for deciding to add Discord Writes a Ship Fic to your favorites!

And now, just to mess with you have a song.

I kinda like her:derpytongue2:...

Dude i know right! She's fuckin weird as balls man!

636680 :twilightoops:Dude you got her following you too? She is fucking creepy!

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How I became a Brony. · 1:23pm May 3rd, 2013

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