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A Romance Fic? · 4:53pm Oct 14th, 2013

Hello potential blog viewers!

Quills here after a rather long absence.

In my attempts to get back into the swing of writing, I have penned a simple one-shot for Random Romance's October contest. The prompt: to write a LunaxFancy Pants romance that somehow involves Nightmare Night.

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~Basarakami's Beautiful Work!


Basarakami is a wonderful friend of mine, a pegasister, and a deviant who needs some more love. While she hasn't posted any art that's pony related as of yet, she's still wonderful and deserves some recognition. Be sure to check her out!


Welcome to The Quill and Sofa Shop! · 5:54pm Jun 8th, 2013

Hi everypony!

This is The Quill and Sofa Shop (or Quill and Sofa, Quills, whatever you would like to call me). I'm a pegasister and in love with Mr. Davenport and his fabulous shop. I'm not sure why, but the concept of a quill and sofa shop always amuses me, so I decided to adopt it as my moniker.

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I see that you favorited my fic "Harem". That means you have quite the good taste in... 'mature' tales :raritywink:

Thank you dearly for the favourite and comments on Forever Inside A Fishbowl!

Well hello there! And welcome, to Cyberpunk Equestria! The group is still in its developmental stages, but we're always glad to count new members among the group. Feel free to contribute in any way you see fit. :raritywink:

I'm following you :pinkiecrazy:

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