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Review of "Gloomy Every Day" · 3:31am Jun 6th, 2015

Greetings, citizen, and welcome to yet another review. Up for criticism today is a fic that beareth the “tragedy”, “dark”, “sad”, and “slice of life” tags, featuring the pegasus Lightning Dust. Let us get right into it, shall we? Behold, dear reader—Gloomy Every Day, written by the parasprite.

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Been a while. Hope you're doing well.

Just stumbled over your name, gave me a smile, good choice^^ also like the picture

Is there a possibility my story 'New Horizons' could be reviewed by you?

Wouldst thee be interested in reviewing my story Dead, But Not Gone? At the time I wrote this it had twenty likes, no dislikes, I'd like to know thy opinion of it. Is there anything I could, or rather should, improve? What didst I do right, and what didst I not? I like when people criticize my work, it gives me an idea of what I can improve. I also prefer not to have things sugarcoated as it isn't the whole story. Thank thee for thy time. :twilightsmile:

Hi I was wondering if you could help me edit my story Ice Dragon in Equestria

  • Viewing 78 - 82 of 82
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