The Unwarranted Congratulations Group 47 members · 40 stories

A group for writers with big egos and small skills!

Come here, and congratulate each other on how great you all are, no matter how bad the stories might actually be!
Give positive reviews of terrible stories!
Receive glowing testimonials about the worst of your scribblings!

Most of all, have fun!

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348000 I see your RAINBOWDASH78 and raise you JusSonic. Ante up.

I really like clicking on this group and seeing that banner pop up. I could get used to that.

This group brings me pleasure. Maybe I should submit Apple Jack and Shadow Stalkers love story here. God knows RAINBOWDASH78 loves getting undeserved praise


Good day, good sir! Have I told you how absolutely spiffy your avatar is looking today?


Joining this group gave me an intense orgasm. Thanks, Ocalhoun!

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