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Coffee. Coffee is life. Coffee is death. Coffee is God. Long live Coffee.

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Discovering that we had 3 huge bags of instant coffee packets last week is the only reason I had time to finish a chapter on my story, finish some school work, find time to chill with some friends, and have time to myself. The only downside is that I find myself up at 2 am, waking up at 7 am with some coffee to finish work, and going to sleep around 2-4 pm waking at 9 pm.

Personally, without something to sweeten the coffee like the hazelnut creamer I got one day after someone finally told me we had even had coffee, I'd go crazy questioning myself if the coffee is worth it considering I'm not a fan of the bitter taste.

Don't know why I decided to comment here, I just thought it was funny that I found this profile page a week after I started drinking coffee. Still, I don't drink coffee often, and when I say that what I mean is I don't even know if I ever drank coffee before last week so I'm fairly new to coffee. Any recommendations on coffee's/things I should know?

Black with no sugar -- the stonger, the better. But I'm not particularly pick. I make iced coffee when I'm in the mood - a shot of Kahlua or whiskey if I'm really in the mood.

What is your favorite cup of coffee

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