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Coffee. Coffee is life. Coffee is death. Coffee is God. Long live Coffee.


Soothing Coffee is not a brave pony, but regardless, he's not a coward. With the repetitious advices given by his mother, he decided to ask a certain pink pony up for a date.

Specifically written for this Contest. I so hate you right now, Verbose.

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That was pretty sweet! :pinkiesmile:

I mostly started reading this because of the picture (it's my current profile picture if you're reading this far into the future, oh, and by the way, how are the hoverboards?), but continued reading because of how cute their interactions are. I will agree with you that it's a little rough around the edges; I don't really like your Pinkie (but that's just personal preference), it could have taken a little more time to properly characterise, etc., but otherwise it's just romantic sweetness underneath, coupled with interesting, non-boring writing. :pinkiehappy:

Why, thank you. I admit that this was a bit rushed(see contest deadline) so it's not exactly my best work. But thank you nonetheless.

I too was drawn in by the art, I don't care what anyone says, a good picture and description is SO important for a story. Pictures like the one for this fic are what draws me in, it sets a mood for what to expect, and influences how I read the description. Once I got in I was hooked. Can we expect to see building on to this, or shall it remain a one-shot?

Huh. Well, that's something.

This was incredibly cute and heartwarming!
Nicely done! :twilightsmile:

Really enjoyed the story. Even if it isn't long, it was very sweet. Not often I find a pure romance fic that focuses on the warm fuzzies rather than the... other stuff. :facehoof:

Thanks for the entertainment! :pinkiehappy:

She nodded her head at that, a bright smile on her face. “Well, yeah. I mean, we’re just going for a date right? Getting to know each other— though I already know a lot about you— and if we fit, we could take it to the next level.” She paused, looking contemplative for a moment. “Or at least, that’s what Maud and Father told me.”

Gotta love those sex jokes!

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