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A LoHaV story

There was a time, you know? When I would work on my essays, visiting the large library/museum, and just read.

I missed those times.

Now, I'm cursed into a statue by the power of rainbows. Granted, I was homicidal, killing Ponies, Minotaurs, Felines, Gryphons, and Diamond dogs (mostly diamond dogs) like flies, and mayhap giving Sombra and Luna a little push wasn't such a good idea (more of the latter than the former).

But hey, when you're the host of THE Darkness, you got to do what you had to do, right? And besides, homicidal tendencies are the normal quirks of Hosts, and sometimes, insanity as well.

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Did you make this, delete it, then put it back up? Because this beginning sounds really familiar yet this was just posted today.

5409414 Nah, just revoked it for a while and rewritten the first chapter. Gonna make a new direction with the new story

Guys, I want to ask, do you want a pure 1st POV or a mix of 3rd and 1st POV?

Interesting... I shall keep an eye on this. And yes, provided you use it right, combining 1st and 3rd POV can make for an interesting writing style.

Definitely a major improvement over your first version. Has better flow as far as wording and pace.

Comment posted by SoothingCoffee deleted Dec 22nd, 2014

Translation: i need more plz

So, I'm assuming his tongue grew back?

5423184 For convinient purpose, yes.

dam you can type fast do you have fingers that type at the speed of sound

5424014 Lol. I was about done when I replied your comment

Comment posted by Epic Brony 4 Life deleted Dec 28th, 2014

5428395 Okay then. Comment deleted. All is right with the Darkness Inside-verse again.

5433636 Eh. I don't mind, anyway.

5423212 Woah there, sport! I came here for violence, not suedo tetacle porn.

Best story ever I can't wait for the next chapter

Aye, will do my best, though it's going to be a bit long. Been hitting writer's block like a drug addict.

can i ask why you cancelled this story
it it good so far and it's a shame it's stopped

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