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Pound Cake, now 24, is visiting the psychologist. Why is he there, and what stories does he have for the shrink?

Cover art by JBRID on deviantArt

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Of course, he's at the shrink's becuase he's actually an alien. It's always an alien.
((I'll be following this. I hope to see aliens.))

Word cannot describe how much I like this. More please?

Fantastic idea, and I can't wait to see where it goes!

A little bit of grammar-offness here and there, but I'm watching.

I started writing this WAY back when. Like, first week of membership. I sucked at writing then. This thing was pretty much:
"Herp da derp Pound Cake herp da derp death herp da derp sleep"
Took forever to fix. And it was 300 words short, too, had to lengthen it.

Tears of feels?
Tears of feels.
There could have been a lot more time spent on emotion and such, but for a short 1k chapter it's not bad. Definitely looking forward to more.

Tears of feels...?
Does it say that in there? :derpyderp2: I better go change it...

*eyes glued to screen*
MUST... READ... MORE! :flutterrage:
But seriously... Do you when when there will be more?
I am tracking it so I will be watching! :twilightsmile:


Probably fairly soon... Idk. I still have to figure out what happens next in the story. I have chapter 4 downpat... Just not chapters 3 & 5. :derpytongue2:

The description reminds me of Bones.

I'mma read this.

Now I feel dumb. I get your beans now.

Ahh. I see. :twilightsmile:
I love the Cake twins. :derpytongue2:
They're soo cute! xD
Like seriously...
You can't not D'AWWW at their faces! :3


It's interesting because there isn't many Baby Cakes fan-fics around and to actually see a fan-fic that's fresh out of the water with a tragic theme is pretty interesting.

...so you finish this chapter without telling us how Pumpkin died?
¿Por qué?

Oh, every chapter, he gets closer and closer to saying why...

And finally does on the last chapter.

Oh, Pound Cake! You emotionally scarred silly head!

I love this great story MOAR!

It could be written a tad better
but the story got me hooked

Yeah. Excellent idea, but...
Dat grammar.

785943 785952
Yeah, I have to admit, not my best work. I started writing it back when I first joined. It was MUCH worse than this. And it's hard to write reflective dialogue present tense.

Well, then, I'll have to check out your best work.
I have best work, too... I mean, if you're interested...

Hah. Your work. Good. Pft.

Anyway, Dashian, if you need me to tell you the whole shpiel on this fic again, tell me. I'll get around to posting an actual comment.

Dude. Really. I just deleted that. Stop being a jerk, or I'm reporting you. All he did was say he doesn't like your work. to be honest, a lot of people don't. That doesn't deserve an F-Bomb and a picture of an angry black guy.

The title sounds like this is a clopfic lol

I know, I couldn't think of anything else to call it, though. :derpytongue2:

785445 I don't d'aw at flutershy's squee so I fail to see the d'aw in the cake twins but I'm still gonna track this

I liked it and I didn't. It's got a good idea, however the lack of portrayal on emotions and anything the characters actually feel, somewhat flat dialogue added makes it hard to sympathize with anyone. I saw you said that this is something old you uploaded, so yah... But...

I'm gonna track for now and see where it goes, and I wonder maybe if you could try a rewrite, useing what you have, but then work on the characters and actual events/emotions/etc... Otherwise, a good start and idea. :raritywink:

786156 You have no soul. Get your sorry ass over to the soulless corner. :flutterrage:

I didn't daawwww either...

788280 :rainbowderp:
EVERYONE HAS NO SOUL <jumps out a conveniently placed window>

788280 thank you I now welcome you to the dark bronies (I just started this from what I can tell basically its anybrony who fails to d'aw like a normal brony and/or fails to uphold the love and tolerence policy) thankyou

788276 I know I have no soul I'm also a dark bronie deal with it

Just the mention of Pumpkin's developmental problems and Pound's obvious guilt issues is reminding me of the early chapters of Timothy Findley's The Wars. A lofty comparison for my mind to establish, but I'll be tracking to see where you'll take this.

Cheers mate!

Well, the whole ing about Pumpkin's problems is related directly to the fact that this fic is basically a pony adaptation of The Lottery Rose (Horrible book, don't read it.).

He's been on my last nerve for months. He's been hounding my stories, and telling everyone I'm a terrible author. He's literally - I mean - seriously. Fuck him. I genuinely hate him for all that he's worth (whig really isn't much). I didn't know there were trolls in this fandom.
'F-bomb'. Christ. My dirty, dirty mouth.

Am I the only one who finds it funny that you're calling him a terrible author when he was quite literally the only proofreader for a collab of over 50 people, whereas you're sitting here acting like his work sucks because he doesn't spend enough time on it? Well, honestly, if you had to edit over 50 individual chapters basically every week, I don't think you would have that much time to work on YOUR stories, either. And the only persons really trolling here is you. There's such thing as critique, and then there's fic bashing. Saying my grammar has issues is fine. Me replying by saying it is old, horrible work is ALSO fine. But then going to one of my OLDEST stories and doing the EXACT same thing is most certainly NOT fine. Part of critique is doing it RIGHT. It also gains you popularity in some cases, because people see how good you are at finding quality in work, and they think that your stories have quality ue to this. But just going and telling someone that they suck at writing, and then publicizing your OWN work without telling someone why THEIRS is bad is most definitely NOT how you proofread. And your own work reflects it. ::ajbemused::

I didn't even criticize his work! I said he said mine s - just read the fucking comment. Comment. Comprehension. Is required.
Past that, pretty much tl;dr.

Okay, first off, stop filling my story's comment thing up with cuss words.

Second of all, I did read his. He said he didn't like your work. He said an opinion. Did he then go ahead and try and publicize his work? NO. And maybe he finds flaws in your work, oh no!

Honestly, if you want ME to go to TBATS and find plotholes and faults in it, you'd have over 1,000 words in a critique comment. And I don't think you want that.

All cheese is saying is that your work isn't the greatest, and it doesn't necessarily deserve the craploads of positive feedback it gets. I share his opinion. Every single one of your fics has more plotholes than PROMETHEUS. And, therefore, he has every right to express an opinion. that is much different than "Oh, this sucks, can I read more and hate on it, then tell you to read my stuff?"


For everything that's been going on in my life, I don't need to hear anything from someone who can't bear to see the word 'fuck'.
Oh, whoops.
Now please block me, because I don't feel like taking the time to block you.

Oh, the stuff that's been going on in YOUR life?

How about this:
1 - My fiance broke up with me for no reason, then married some other guy in less than a month.
2 - My uncle died in a car wreck.
3 - My brother was diagnosed with Eosinaphilic Esoughagitis.
4 - My friend got knocked up by some jerk, then miscarriaged, and then he left her, and I had to help her through it.
5 - Six months later, my girlfriend, who I was going to propose to in a week, got knocked up by me supposed 'best' friend.
6 - I get hospitalized because she made me so ticked that I sliced my arm open on a wall and nearly died.
7 - I have to get yelled at by jerks like you because you're too ignorant to find fault in your own work.

Don't need to hear about it. I'm dying.

Just because you're dying doesn't mean you have to go and hate on other people's work...

What, you ENJOY yelling at people and telling them their fics suck?

No. Usually, that's not the response one gets when they break the news.

791504 Dude, that must suck. I'm sorry.

Not a bad story. Very imaginative.

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